The Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

These top ten startup cities of 2020 from five countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, India, and Singapore, account for 58 percent of global funding, signifying its standing, you must follow these cities and Startups to keep a tab on the global Startup ecosystem and opportunities it creates.

Startups have proven to be capable of defining economies and have been pivotal in the development of cities and countries significantly in the recent years. Many of these cities, like San Francisco, London, Beijing, or Bengaluru, have become synonymous with startups and have inspired the creation of several other startup hubs.

HexGn studied the startup funding patterns in 2019 for startups across the world and has derived a list of the top startup cities. In the order of global ranking, they are, San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Beijing, London, Shanghai, Delhi NCR, Singapore, Los Angeles County, Hangzhou, and Bengaluru.

San Francisco Bay Area is at Number 1 in the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

This has been the reigning hub globally for years together and has maintained its position with $57 billion in funding in 2019. Home to an abundance of talent, capital, and some of the top tech startups in the world, this American hub has several small startups grow to become the most influential companies across sectors.  With a GDP of $535 billion and a population of 39 million people, the area is particularly fertile for software & SaaS startups, as is evident by the funding it received in 2019. The software & SaaS startups in the San Francisco Bay Area raised $10 billion in 2019. They were the highest-funded segment in the region last year, followed by the fintech segment, which secured $9.4 billion. Here are some of the top-funded startups from the San Francisco Bay Area that have created headlines with their funding activities in 2019.


Cruise is an automatic startup that aims to build the world’s most advanced self-driving vehicles. The idea is to do so safely and help connect people with the places, things, and experiences they care about with the best of automotive technology. It has secured over $5.3 Billion in funding to date.


Flexport is a tech-driven freighting solutions company. The venture is facilitating global trade through advanced logistics options with the help of its modern web application. It has raised over $1.3 Billion in funding to date.


This is the highest funded health and medtech startup from San Francisco Bay Area for 2019. It specializes in health data management – offering devices and tools to collect and organize the same. Verily has garnered over $1.8 Billion in funding to date.

New York is at Number 2 in the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

Startups from New York raised $30 billion in 2019 with the real estate startups marching forward with an almost fifty percent share in this amount. Real estate entrepreneurs should be heading to this city in the coming year to enjoy the company of disruptive proptech startups like Spruce, Reonomy, and Procore Technologies that have grown from this city. Other than real estate, this cosmopolitan in the USA also has a well-funded software & SaaS segment that raised $4.5 billion in 2019. The city has a GDP of $1.53 billion and is expected to surpass the GDP of Tokyo by 2035. Last year, the city had the highest population in the USA at 20 million; the city witnesses a sea of people moving into it each year to explore the entrepreneurial and educational opportunities here.  Here are some of the top startups from New York for 2019 that have shaken up the ecosystem with their high-value funding deals.


CommonBond is a startup that wants to meet the challenge head-on with bigger savings, better service, and easy online application. The financial technology company intends to provide students and graduates with affordable, transparent, and simple learning means options for higher education. It has raised over $1.6 Billion in funding to date.


This is a Robotic Process Automation and artificial intelligence startup that offers its dynamic software for helping enterprises automate various aspects of work to create a more productive workforce. It has raised over $1 Billion in funding to date.


Knock is a proptech startup creating ease in selling and buying homes. The venture offers a simple process through its online home selling platform, helping one avoid the hassles of the traditional home buying/selling process. It has raised over $435 Million in investments to date.

Beijing is at Number 3 in the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

As a startup ecosystem, Beijing has been in the spotlight for its funding activities more than ever since 2017. Last year, too, this startup hub had garnered all the attention for the $25 billion it has received in startup investments. The headquarters of the most innovative social media, gaming, and entertainment startups are here. The presence of the top-notch social media, gaming, and entertainment startups explains why the segment is one of the highest-funded in the city. Beijing’s startup scenario is characterized by a large consumer market, terrific networking opportunities, and ample government support. In 2019, the city recorded a population of a little over 20 million and had a GDP of about $327 billion. Startups in the data and cloud enablers space can also explore the city for opportunities as investors have shown keen interest in startups from this segment. Last year, ventures that dealt with data and cloud-enabling solutions raised $4.2 billion in investments. Here are some of the top Beijing-based startups of 2019.

Tenglong Holding Group

Tenglong Holding Group is a leading data enabler in the region, helping several tech businesses thrive. It specializes in offering in-depth customization services for globally distributed data centers. It has raised over $3.7 Billion in funding to date.

Kuishou Technology

This has been one of the highest funded startups from the social media, gaming, and entertainment category. Kuaishou Technology is a globally known platform for sharing short videos. The platform boasts of active user count of over 200 million. It has raised over $4.4 Billion in investments to date.


Chehaoduo offers an online vehicle marketplace platform. The startup provides online trading services, making it easier for people to buy or sell cars conveniently from their homes. It has raised over $3.4 Billion in investments to date.

London is at Number 4 in the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

The funding pattern for startups in London did not show a dipping pattern despite all the uncertainties around Brexit in 2019. Home to $10.3 million people, London, the capital city of the UK, is a melting pot of people from various cultures. The total investments in the city grew by 3 billion since 2018, capping at $13 billion. London is a global hub and especially ideal for fintech startups and entrepreneurs. Last year, startups from the fintech segment raised the highest funding – about $7 billion, more than half of the total investments received by the city as a whole. The second segment to have commanded attractive investments in the city was the e-tail segment, which got $1.3 billion in 2019.  The global nature of the city and the availability of talent (thanks to premium universities here), London proves to be a great city for entrepreneurs. Here are some of the top startups from London that shined in 2019 with their funding deals.

Greensill Capital

Greensill Capital is one of the highest funded startups from London for 2019. It is a leading fintech startup offering working capital to companies across the globe. It has raised over $1.7 Billion to date in investments.


Lendable allows people in need of financing to get access to a transparent lending structure to help borrowers get loans only after fully knowing the rates. It allows people to find loans directly from investors. It has raised over $1.3 Billion in funding to date.


Deliveroo is a leading player in the on-demand services segment and is involved in the food delivery business. The venture completed one round in 2019, which features among the top deals from London for 2019. It has raised over $1.5 Billion in Startup funding to date.

Shanghai is at Number 5 in the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

Despite an alarming decline of over 65 percent in funding this year%, Shanghai still manages to find itself among the top cities globally in 2019. Shanghai is an important city in China known for its large urban population; the total population of Shanghai in 2019 was 27 million. Popular for its excellent connectivity and cosmopolitan nature in the region, Shanghai is a promising city for startups in the transportation and logistics space. This segment was one of the highest-funded in 2019, with total investments of $1.7 billion. Shanghai got maximum investments in the Social media, gaming, and entertainment segment in 2019 with startups in raising $1.8 billion cumulatively.  Because Shanghai is an important cosmopolitan, the city also provides a conducive environment for lifestyle startups to thrive. Last year, the city had a GDP of $480 billion, thanks to the high concentration of economic activities in the city. Let us look at the top startups from Shanghai that closed notable funding rounds in 2019.


This venture is an umbrella organization that owns a series of content platforms through which people can connect. One of the most popular sub-platform of the company is the social video platform TikTok, which boasts of users from countries across the globe. It has raised over $4.6 Billion in funding to date.


Hozon is an automotive startup that provides a range of online and offline services. The venture specializes in electric vehicles and offers manufacturing, sales, and after-sale services for EVs. It has raised over $600 Million in funding to date.

WM Motor

With over $1.6 Billion in funding to date,  WM Motor is an electric car manufacturing company and is of the highest funded startups within its segment for 2019 in Shanghai. The startup currently offers two EV models that have been built to provide smart driving experiences.

Delhi NCR  is at Number 6 in the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

Delhi NCR has been one of the handfuls of startup cities to have recorded a growth in its startup investments in 2019. The city boasts being one of the top cities with the highest GDP($110 billion) in India and has a population of 28 million people. Delhi NCR ranks second in the world with the second-largest urban population and is in the running to become the most populated city by 2030. Investments in the region grew by 95% in 2019, amounting to $7.7 billion. Delhi NCR, for the first time, claimed a higher rank than India’s other startup capital Bengaluru in 2019, heralding a new era as a leading startup city in the country. If you are a fintech entrepreneur and are looking for a spot in India to set up, head straight to Delhi NCR, where the segment attracted close to $3 billion last year. The travel and tourism segment in Delhi NCR is also a flourishing space. It ranked second in terms of the total investments with total funding of $1.8 billion. Here are some other notable startups from the city:


Paytm with over $3.5 Billion from investors to date, has been at the forefront of creatiing digital economy in India. The startup offers online mobile payment and e-wallet solutions. One97 Communications owns the startup; PayTm has been a pioneer brand to offer mobile payment solutions in the country.


Delhivery is one of the fastest-growing Startup in the transportation and logistics segment. The services offered by the venture include express shipping services, fulfillment services, freighting solutions, and cross-border delivery services. It has raised over $935 Million in Startup funding to date.


Lenskart is a unique online optical store in India that has become popular for its budget-friendly prices and is a leading e-commerce brand from Delhi NCR region that is a leader in its segment in India. It has closed total funding of over $460 Million till date

Los Angeles County is at number 7 in the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

Los Angeles is a fast-growing startup hub in the USA, especially for tech-driven ventures. It was one of the top centers globally in 2019, raising $7.5 billion. The county has a large share of VC investors, which is what makes it an ideal place for startups. With a population of 10 million people and a GDP of  $710 billion, the Los Angeles Country is undoubtedly an important contributor to the US economy. Startups in the city’s transport and logistics segment have been rapidly growing and also attracting a large share of investments in the city. Last year, transport and logistics ventures raised $1.7 billion, topping the charts as the highest invested industry in the county. Startups within the health & medtech segment especially can explore a multitude of avenues to help them grow as the ventures within the segment attracted the second-highest funding last year. Here are some of the top startups that created a buzz in 2019 with their respective funding rounds.


This venture is a renowned space tech brand founded by Elon Musk. The startup is involved in designing, manufacturing, and launching of rockets and spacecraft.  It has raised over $3.2 billion in funding to date.


CloudKitchens is an innovative real estate company that is facilitating F&B entrepreneurs to open delivery-only food businesses. The startup specializes in providing smart kitchens to such delivery-only restaurants. It has secured over $400 Million in Startup funding till date


The bird is a fast-growing vehicle sharing platform from Los Angeles. The startup helps in facilitating information regarding pick-up and drop-off for available electric vehicles in their preferred locations and has raised over $623 Million in funding till date

Hangzhou is at number 8 in the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

Known as the innovation capital of China, Hangzhou raised $5.5 billion in 2019. However, Hangzhou, like its other counterparts, saw a decline of 70% in the investments in comparison to 2018. Home to e-commerce giant Alibaba, the city has a notable e-commerce segment, which raised about $3.5 billion in 2019. Hangzhou has also grown to become an essential transport and logistics hub in China, but over the years has diversified to create a nurturing environment for tech startups in all segments.  The investments in the transport & logistics space capped at $659 million last year. Hangzhou has a population of 7 million and is the capital of the Chinese province of Zhejiang. These are some of the top-funded startups from 2019.

Cainiao Logistics

This startup that operates a logistics information platform for the Alibaba Group. This transportation and logistics venture clocked a $3.3 billion funding round in 2019, making it one of the highest funded Startups in 2019, cumulatively, It has secured over $4.9 Billion in funding from investors.


Beidian is a fast-growing social e-commerce brand in China. The platform offers member-based services and helps buyers connect with the manufacturer directly to get attractive discounts. It has secured over $123 Million in funding to date.


This online information and design platform provides customers with information and reviews on businesses related to home decoration and furnishing.  It has secured over $235 Million in funding to date.

Singapore is at number 9 in the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

Singapore has proven to a highly fertile city for startups time and again. The city has a burgeoning e-commerce segment and is an excellent place for entrepreneurs from this segment to move to, considering how well the e-commerce ventures here have grown.  The transport and logistics segment has increased at an impressive rate in Singapore and was the only segment in the city to have gathered investments of more than a billion dollars. Startups from this segment raised $2.4 billion in 2019. The country has some of the most business-friendly policies and ample startup resources, attracting a growing number of entrepreneurs from around the world. The city recorded a population of 6 million in 2019 and a GDP of over $350 billion. Investors also showed a keen interest in the fintech segment in Singapore last year. Fintech ventures recorded total investments of $668 million in 2019. Let us have a look at some startups which closed some of the most notable rounds in 2019.


Grab operates a mobile technology platform that provides on-demand transportation, logistics, and financial services. Grab is one of the best-known startups from Singapore; it started in Malaysia and moved their headquarter to Singapore. It has raised over $9.1 Billion in funding to date.


Zilingo was formed with the vision to use technology for fair and efficient business solutions in the e-commerce space. The venture believes that the future of fashion belongs to everyone, and through their smart, technology-led solutions, the startup has tried to bridge the gap between creators and producers. It has secured over $308 Million in funding to date.


Deskera offers cloud-based software for effective business management. It provides a B2B platform that businesses can use to track finances, recruit, and manage employees and has raised over $180 Million in funds to date.

Bengaluru is at number 10 in the HexGn Top Ten Startup Cities To Watch Out in 2020

Known globally for the high concentration of IT companies and the ample availability of tech talent, Bengaluru climbed one position to join the top 10 startup hubs in 2019. Eight startups from the city joined the unicorn club in 2019. With a GDP of over $70 billion, Bengaluru is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. The funding patterns in Bengaluru in 2019 remained unwavering despite the volatile economic conditions in the country and globally. The city has a growing autonomous transport and e-mobility segment, which closed deals worth more than $309 million last year. The city is also home to some of the biggest edtech and e-commerce brands in India. These were some of the startups that closed headline-worthy deals last year.


Udaan is a B2B trade platform that is helping small and medium-sized ventures run their businesses smoothly. The startup has a user-friendly app that allows its users to connect, buy & sell, and grow with other users of the app. It has secured over $870 Million in funding to date.


Ola is a ride-hailing and sharing platform operating through a mobile technology platform. Customers can book cab and rickshaw rides through the ride-hailing app. It is one of the biggest Startup success stories from India, and it has raised over $3.8 Billion in funding to date.


BYJU’s has had a significant share in helping the Indian edtech segment reach its pinnacle. It offers online learning material for K-12 as well as test preparation materials for a range of competitive exams in India. It has secured over $1.2 Billion in Startup funding to date.

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Moving to Barcelona – A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Top startups 2019 moving to barcelona

If you are planning to find a stepping base for your startup in a sports-loving and business-friendly country, moving to Barcelona can do your entrepreneurship journey many favors. Spain’s economy has overcome the effects of the global recession and bounced back to its pre-recession size in recent years. The growing startup ecosystems in the country have played a significant role in helping Spain’s economy stabilize and start booming again.

Ranked as one of the top 25 countries by the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-18 for being a fertile country for businesses, Spain has a number of startup concentrated areas that are doing wonderfully. Barcelona has a growing startup ecosystem that is playing an essential role in shaping the economy of Spain and startup ecosystem players moving to Barcelona are finding an array of benefits to grow and help others develop as well.

The city has a GDP o $171 billion and is supported by a young and dynamic population of 5.4 million people. Home to more than 1000 startups and a wealthy community of investors, Barcelona?s startups are valued at an average $2.9 million.

What does Barcelona have in Store for Startups?

Moving to Barcelona offers startups and entrepreneurs with the right mix of incentives and initiatives that can help them scale the resources and the different markets. The startup ecosystem has seen a growth in the number of exits (IPOs and acquisitions) like never before since 2012 with five to 21 exits annually.? Startups in Barcelona have witnessed at least one exit deal of $100 million each year since 2013. The company to add a feather to this cap in 2018 is STAT-DX, a patient testing solutions company that was acquired for $191 million by German QIAGEN. The Startup Heatmap 2017 puts the city as the third most attractive city for founders along with cities like Paris, Amsterdam, and London among the other cities in the top ten cities.

Entrepreneurs and startups with products and services that fall under the prominent startups’ niches in Barcelona should pick the city over the others to move to. The tech sector is the most important niche of the ecosystem that is driving the regional economy to a larger size.

Barcelona is a Wellspring of Wealthy Funders

Moving to Barcelona is undoubtedly worth the hype as the city has many funding sources that are on the lookout to be a part of disruptive business ventures. The angel investors’ community is made of more than 3000 active members and is an indispensable source of monetary capital for startups in Barcelona. There are a plethora of venture capital funding firms in this Spanish metro with some key players like Nauta Capital, La Caixa Capital Risk, and Ysios Capital among the others.

Startups in Barcelona have Access to the Right Guidance and Leadership

Barcelona already has a strong base of a thousand odd startups many of whose leaders are willing to guide others too with their experience and expertise. Startups in Barcelona can also grow immensely with the help of leading accelerator programs and incubators organizations within the city. These include both local and global names that are helping entrepreneurs launch their business idea successfully to create a high impact in the industry.

EADA, a leading business school in Europe, has set up a seed capital loan program in collaboration with an alumni startup, Bihoop. Budding entrepreneurs also get help in getting office space in Almogavers Business? Factory of Barcelona as a part of this program.

Move to Barcelona to Enjoy High Quality of Living and Working

Rent costs in Barcelona for commercial as well as residential properties do not even fall in the same range as other startup ecosystems like Paris or London as it is much lower.? Human resource talent is affordable, and there is an array of resources that can help lower operations cost for businesses. Startups moving to Barcelona to set base can attract professionals from outside the city and the country with the high quality of personal life it has to offer.

Be a part of the football frenzy and choose from many picturesque places to relax on your weekends. The city offers spectacular wining and dining locations and numerous outdoor activities to ensure a high quality of personal

Barcelona?s Government loves Entrepreneurs

Strong support from the government can help startups in Barcelona in an unparalleled way. Countries with large startup ecosystems like the U.S do not have many policies or visas that encourage international entrepreneurs to move to the country, Spain, on the other hand, has a lot of doors open for the same. Ley de Emprendedores ( Entrepreneurs? Law) is one of the key initiatives from the government. The program is aimed at helping international entrepreneurs and startups move to Barcelona by assisting them to attain visas and set up the legal base work.

The Rising Startups program is a one of a kind government initiative that offers 10,000 pounds in cash for international startups in Barcelona along with a host of other resources like workshops, mentoring sessions, and connections to key decision makers in important organizations.

Barcelona?s Rapidly Growing Tech and Healthcare Startup Sectors

The tech sector in Barcelona is helping the startup ecosystem grow at an unprecedented rate. Although the overall startup ecosystem may be in the infancy stage, the growth in the tech and healthcare sector makes it a promising tech and startup hub in the Catalan region.? The tech sector comprises of various smaller niches that are propelling its growth like agtech, ICT, gaming, life sciences, and the innovations brought about in response to the initiative of a smart city. The sub-sector strengths of the startup ecosystem are:

Health and Life Sciences Startups in Barcelona

The health and life sciences sub-sector finds its strength from the region’s innovations and involvement since eons. Health and life sciences companies in Barcelona brought in 15% of the total venture capital funding in the region between the years 2012 and 2017.? Biotech is also a key area within the health and life sciences sub-sector that is growing well. The niche is growing at a rate of 15-30% in the region and has a high concentration of Spanish biotech companies.? Pharmaceuticals are another key niche within health and life sciences with five of the largest pharmaceutical companies located in Barcelona.

Many support organizations in Barcelona have helped fuel the growth of the health and life sciences sub-sector. These include the many universities, science & technology parks,? over 100 research centers, and the various organizations that conduct events and activities related to biotech and pharma.

Gaming Startups in Barcelona

The growth of the gaming sub-sector in Barcelona?s startup ecosystems can be attributed to the seven universities in the region that offer courses and training in areas of visual effects, 3D games,? and video game creation.? Gaming startups in Barcelona shared 5.8% of the total regional venture capital funding from 2012 to 2017 and employ more than 2,500 people. Barcelona’s startup ecosystem comprises 125 gaming companies which include global gaming giants like Sony, Ubisoft, and Activision King.? Take-Two acquired? Social Point for $270 million in 2017? making it one of the crucial startups in Barcelona in the gaming niche. Students and professionals interested in gaming are moving to Barcelona in large numbers to make the most of the learning opportunities.

Smart City Startups in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the pioneer cities to adopt smart solutions for urban management. This has helped encourage innovation in the region and created business for several smart city startups.? The Catalan region is home to more than 250 smart city firms that bring in annual revenue of $8.2 billion to the area helping the overall Spanish economy grow smoothly. Companies in the smart city segment also create a sustainable job market and employ over 116,000 people. Events like the annual Smart City Expo World Congress help lead the way for smart city innovations bringing together various organizations offering technological solutions for urban issues.

Catalonia Trade & Investment, a Startup Genome Member, is helping the startup ecosystem in Barcelona by creating trade missions and assisting startups to connect to different local and international resources with ease.? Several other ecosystem partners are also playing an essential role in shaping a sharp and high impact startup culture in the region. These include Sabadell Ventures, Capital Cell,? Connector,? Delvy Law and Finance, and Inveready among the others.

Move to Barcelona and get the best of the Catalan metropolitan for your entrepreneurial dreams. From leading global accelerator programs to brilliant co-working spaces to a host of investors, startups in Barcelona do not have a shortage of any startup friendly resources. Barcelona’s startup ecosystem looks promising and has a government that supports and welcomes entrepreneurs wholeheartedly.

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Moving to New Zealand – A Guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Top Startups Moving To New Zealand 2019

Moving to New Zealand is a dream for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and startup job seekers alike. Immigrant-friendly and business-friendly policies, high quality of life, and a low crime rate are just the tip of the iceberg of advantages the country offers to those moving here. The country?s growing status as a startup hub has also brought international attention to the region.? Here is an informative guide for all those considering to move to New Zealand to be a part of the startup wave in the country.

New Zealand has a GDP of $179 billion and is a relatively smaller country with a population of 4.7 billion.? A leader in the export of honey, the prime industries in New Zealand include agriculture, horticulture, fishing, and mining. In terms of the startup sectors, the technology-based sector in the region is inspiring many to move to New Zealand. The charm and benefits of a startup hub that is still in its infancy are unmatched and New Zealand is one such ecosystem.

What Does New Zealand have in Store for Startups?

New Zealand has set a brilliant example by creating such a big startup scene with a population of fewer than 5 million people. The country’s ecosystem stands at an average valuation of $4.7 million and comprises of close to 600 startups.? Here is a look at all the characteristics of the country that contributes to its favorable business climate.

Startups Can Fast Track Growth with Top Accelerators and Incubators in New Zealand

Startups and entrepreneurs moving to New Zealand can rely on its network of incubators and accelerators to fast-track the launch of their business venture. These organizations and services play an important role in helping business ideas find the right resources and launch pad for offering their products and services in the market.? While some of these incubators and accelerators cater to startups within specific industries, there are several of them that are directed for the growth of startups across diverse industries.

Innovation agencies like Callaghan Innovation have multiple accelerator programs. Other top accelerators and incubators in New Zealand include Lightning Lab ( first digital accelerator program in the country),? Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator, and Creative HQ.

Startups in New Zealand Have Ample Funding Sources

The government of New Zealand has a series of grants and funding programs for small businesses. Startup moving to New Zealand, if eligible, can find initial monetary support through these programs.

Apart from these, the city is home to around 1,100 angel investors, a network as big as most emerging startup ecosystems. Startups in New Zealand can take advantage of this extensive network and can be assured of getting noticed by one or the other angel investor as long as they have a strong business proposition. The angel investments have increased 310% since 2006, creating angel networks ten times bigger than what it was in 2008.

There is also no dearth of venture capital in the country. Some of the prominent ones include? Movac Limited, New Zealand Venture Investment Fund Limited, and BioPacific Ventures. Associations like the New Zealand Private Equity & Venture Capital Associations are also essential catalysts to the growing venture capital dynamics in the country.

Move to New Zealand for its Co-Working Startup Community

New Zealand is home to several co-working communities that are characterized by not just shared workspaces but also by the several events that are held within these offices. GridAKL offers shared office spaces and innovation hubs in multiple locations across New Zealand and plays a vital role in nurturing the startup culture here. Other top co-working office space providers include Servcorp, BizDojo, Thinkspace and The Common.

Special Visa Provisions for International Entrepreneurs

The government has met the entrepreneurial community halfway in creating a high-impact ecosystem by offering a special visa for entrepreneurs. With sufficient funds and the right eligibility criteria, entrepreneurs wanting to set up their startups in New Zealand can enter the country with this visa. The visa permits entry for one year for setting up of the business and extends the validity to an additional 24 months if the business has been set up in the first year.

New Zealand?s Hot and Happening Tech Sector

Technology-based startups in New Zealand have found more luck than any other startup sector as the city has been endowed with reliable digital infrastructure for them to thrive. Most of the Kiwi startups that have gained recognition internationally are from the tech sector. The main sub-sectors that have outshone the others in the tech segment are agtech and new food,? health and life sciences, and govtech.

New Zealand Is Global Leader in Agtech and New Food Startups

New Zealand is a world leader for agro and horticulture export. A strong agricultural sector and the increased funds to the industry have created a fertile business environment for agtech and new food startups in New Zealand. Startups like Engender Technologies have strong venture capital support and raised $4.5 million recently. The startup is a pioneer company in the region to incorporate laser technology for improving artificial insemination in cattle.

A Thriving Health and Life Sciences Sub-Sector in New Zealand For startups

New Zealand is a wellspring of biotech talent and is rightly enough one of the top five countries in terms of biotech potential. The government is also leaving no stone unturned to nurture this goldmine of a sub-sector. The country boasts of the highest concentration of graduates and doctorate holders in life sciences in the world. Colleges and universities like the University of Auckland, Massey University, and the University of Otago has helped in creating the rich pool of talent we discussed about earlier.

A notable startup in New Zealand?s health and life sciences sector is UpsideBio which received $2.3 million in Series A round of funding and is a disruptive regenerative medicine company.

Entrepreneurs moving to New Zealand to be a part of the health and life sciences scenario get the best of legal and funding framework. The New Zealand government has created a fund of $40 million for increasing the biotech opportunities in the country paving the way for success.

Govtech Startup Sector in New Zealand

The govtech segment has been growing owing to several conducive factors and characteristics of the country. According to a report by the World Bank, New Zealand has been ranked the top country for offering unmatched ease of business and is one of the top 15 countries in terms of national competitiveness according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-18 conducted by the World Economic Forum. Provision of robust infrastructural facilities by the government for an excellent quality of personal and professional life for its residents is the main reason for startups to move to New Zealand. The country?s reputation for being the least corrupt country on the earth is another feather in its cap. These ideal qualities lay a strong foundation for govtech enterprises to grow and for kick-starting govtech programs like the Lab GovTech.

The NZ Angel Association has helped create an international community of angel investors to make it easier for them to interact and connect with each other and the startups in the country. The association is a prestigious Startup Genome member and has helped mould the entrepreneurial community in New Zealand with? partners like:

Angel HQ

Flying Kiwi Angels

New Zealand ?Trade and Enterprise

Sprout Accelerator





Snowball Effect


Lightning Lab

NZ Venture Investment Fund


Callaghan Innovation

Tin Network

New Zealand has topped the charts in areas of transparency, minimal red tape for entering the country, and business-friendly characteristics. The city is blessed with the most picturesque place and is a growing destination for several outdoor activities. Moving to New Zealand can be a rewarding deal for startups and startup job seekers looking for a country which offer the best life for families and individuals in every aspect.

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Moving to Atlanta – A Guide for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Top startups 2019 moving to atlanta

So you are moving to Atlanta and planning to set up a startup venture or find a new employer, here is a quick and definitive guide to help you in moving to Atlanta.

With a metropolitan GDP of $325 billion and Continue reading

Moving to Berlin – A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Startups

2019 Top Startups Moving To Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is growing to become the startup capital in Western Europe and sees a multitude of entrepreneurs and startup job seekers moving to Berlin to work in a dynamic startup ecosystem. If you are one of them, here is a comprehensive guide to help you understand Berlin’s startup scenario well to make the most of it.

Germany has been at the forefront in recent years as an important ecosystem, thanks to the high levels of technological readiness, excellent infrastructure, and extreme innovation capacity. With a GDP of $158 billion and a population of 6 million people, this German capital is a promising startup hub. Ranked fifth in the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-18, the country has a number of competitive advantages. Berlin is a leading location for several industries, namely, manufacturing, healthcare, transport, automobile, and energy & clean technologies.

According to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018, approximately 50,000 people move to Berlin. A good share of the crowd comprises of startups jobseekers, entrepreneurs wanting to set a startup, and startups moving to the city to explore the regional market.

What makes Berlin a Hotbed for Entrepreneurs?

New startups are founded every 20 minutes in Berlin according to Gr?nden, an advisory agency in Berlin. Startups in Berlin enjoy a favorable business environment that is highly conducive for them to grow and scale the regional market. Armed with the right frameworks culturally, legally, and economically, the capital city of Germany is proving to be an entrepreneurial giant in the country. The city is ideal for tech and health & life sciences based startups as these are two of the prominent startup segments in the startup ecosystem. ?Startups in Berlin brought an investment of $3.65 billion in 2017, leaving London behind when it comes to funding.

Move to Berlin to Enjoy Low Costs of Working and Living

A number of professionals prefer to take up startup jobs in Berlin over any other city in Germany owing to the affordability of real estate and other amenities. The affordability characteristic of Berlin is beneficial to companies also as it helps in reducing operational costs to a large extent. The idea of ending up with a little more money than expected in your bank is what makes the idea of moving to Berlin so popular.

Multilingual and Multicultural City with an International Workforce

An important aspect that many startups struggle with is to hire excellent talent for their team. Entrepreneurs setting up their startups in Berlin can build their team with the best of international talent. The city’s multi-lingual feature does away with any language barriers that may be present in other German cities. English is widely spoken which makes it easier for international students and professionals to move to Berlin. A human resource capital that is diverse in culture and background brings new perspectives to work making each team member a valuable asset. What’s even better is that the cost for human resource is around 40% lesser than other German cities.? So startups and entrepreneurs moving to Berlin do not just get access to a pool of talent that is vibrant and dynamic but also affordable.

Berlin?s Got a Thing for Innovative Startups

The last thing startups need when moving to a city is restrictions in the legal framework. The city of Berlin does away with that by offering laid-back visa and immigration processes. Many initiatives have been introduced specially for startups and entrepreneurs to have a smooth shift to this startup ecosystem. Two important state agencies that are helping entrepreneurs are Berlin Investment Bank and Berlin Partner. Berlin Investment Bank has dedicated funding programs for startups, and Berlin Partner offers guidance and assists entrepreneurs in a number of areas ranging from finding the right office to visas for employees/families. The municipal services for registering a business and other similar processes are made available in English in an attempt to simplify the process of setting up a startup for non-German speakers.

Move to Berlin to be a Part of a Vibrant Startup Culture

The rate at which startups in Berlin are growing is unmatched as compared to any other startup ecosystems in Germany. The unfathomable growth of the startup ecosystem has led to the rise of a number of venture capital funding firms, incubator and accelerators in Berlin. Not just that, new co-working office spaces in the city are waiting to be explored by startups and entrepreneurs looking for exciting and affordable workspaces. Co-working office space brands like WeWork, Kaos Berlin, CRCLR, and other have stunning office spaces ideal for entrepreneurs from different fields.

Move to Berlin and be a part of some of the best startup events and activities held throughout the year. These events pose an excellent opportunity for networking and finding various resources.

Berlin?s Soaring Startup Sectors

Berlin’s startup ecosystem has grown from an infancy phase with only early-stage companies to a promising hub with success stories of companies that put the city at par with startup ecosystems like London or New York City. One of the companies that have brought about this transition is Auto 1, an online car dealer, which got an investment of $566 from Softbank. American seed accelerator, TechStars, has recognized the potential of the startup ecosystem in Berlin and has already invested in the city more than any other ecosystem. TechStars entered Berlin?s startup scene in 2015 and has invested in 60 companies so far.

The strength of the ecosystem in Berlin are the three sub-sectors of IoT, health and life sciences, and Fintech.? Entrepreneurs whose ideas fall in these niches are bound to excel more as compared to other areas in Berlin. The same goes for professionals seeking startup jobs.

Health and Life Sciences Startups in Berlin

Berlin offers the perfect productive setting for health and life sciences company to grow. These companies have built a strong foundation in the segment and are fuelled by three world-renowned universities. Berlin is home to healthcare accelerator and lab programs by world leaders in the niche like Bayer and Pfizer.? The growth of Ada Health qualifies in every way as a success story in the segment. The company got a funding of $70 and is creating a medical app by leveraging AI. The well-established fields of data science and software engineering in Berlin also go hand in hand with the health and life sciences sub-sector giving it a boost in areas of research and testing.

Fintech Startups in Berlin

The fintech sub-sector got 10% of the total regional venture capital funding since 2012 and is estimated to create 40,000 jobs in the coming decade. This sustainable jobs market is projected to be a result of scale-ups in the fintech industry in Berlin. The city is the heart of fintech activities in Germany and entrepreneurs moving to Berlin can find lucrative opportunities to work and grow with the best of the players. N26 and SolarisBank have earned the spotlight in the fintech sector with their funding and innovative products and services.? N26 is a consumer banking startup that raised $212 million so far with a customer base of 500,000 and SolarisBank , a two-year-old B2B banking platform, has already got a funding of $95 million.

Internet of Things (IoT) Startups in Berlin

Internet of Things (IoT) sector had seen a boom since 2012, which is also when half of the IoT organizations were set up. These include startups in various stages and a number of renowned knowledge and research centers. The IoT potential of the region is getting international attention as more and more people, and companies are moving to Berlin to be a part of it. Bosch, for example, has started an IoT institution with an aim to connect the soaring innovation system in Berlin. The campus is one of a kind with a staff strength of 250. IOTA is one of the companies that have earned the spotlight in the industry with its innovative idea. The company is a trailblazer that has created an out-of-the-box decentral transaction layer for inter-machine interactions.

The role of the many ecosystem partners in the city cannot go unnoticed. These partners help in diverse ways to fuel the startup ecosystem in Berlin. These partners include:

Senate Department for Economics


Energy and Public Enterprises

Microsoft Ventures

Berliner Startup Stipendium

Hasso Plattner Ventures



NKF Media

Get Started Bitkom


Rocket Internet

Move to Berlin to enjoy the best of personal and professional life, the city is a goldmine of historically significant architectural pieces and has a hip nightlife.? Berlin is located in the heart of Germany and is a gateway to the market in the country. Enjoy an excellent infrastructure, a positive business climate, and rich sources of funding right in this capital city of Berlin.

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Moving to Melbourne – A Guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Top Startups moving to melbourne 2019

The high quality of living and its steady economy has attracted several entrepreneurs, startup job seekers and start-ups to move to Melbourne.? Australia’s startup scene has been touted to have all the potential to contribute revenues that is close to 5% of its GDP. The country has a fast-evolving space sector and is preparing for its first commercial space launch by 2020

The capital of the ?startup state? of Victoria, Melbourne is a boiling pot of tech professionals from diverse tech niches. The growing prowess of the tech sector and international recognition of the local startups is making entrepreneurs from around the world move to Melbourne for finding the right launch pad.

Melbourne’s GDP of $235 billion is mostly contributed by prime industries like financial services, information and communication technology, retail trade, biotech,? and healthcare among the other sectors. The city has a young population of 4.7 million people which comprises of people from various countries. Australia?s people friendly government policies and high quality of living have attracted thousands from around the world to move to Melbourne and the other Australian cities.

Melbourne – the Prime Startup Hub of Australia

The country down under is seeing rapid growth of startup hubs like Melbourne. According to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018, the number of accelerators in the city has increased by six times and has 170 co-working spaces indicating a 900% growth in recent years. Moving to Melbourne does not guarantee much in terms of a large market, but the city has several unmatched advantages as a startup hub. There are over 1,100 startups in the city with some of them growing internationally like Rome2Rio, Culture Amp, and 99Designs that are creating a good name both domestically and globally.

Accessible and Innovation Friendly Spaces for Startups & Entrepreneurs in Melbourne

Let?s throw light on the collaborative spaces you get to access when you move to Melbourne. The scale of growth and presence of co-working brands and accelerators has already been mentioned above which gives a fair idea of how well the startup segment in the city has grown.

If you are planning on moving to Melbourne and are looking to collaborate with incubators and accelerators to fast-track the growth of your startup, there are an array of industry-specific and general ones you can choose from. Some of the popular ones include the Melbourne Accelerator Program, Muru-D, BlueChilli, and the Translating Research at Melbourne.

Be a part of an exciting virtual accelerator program from wherever you are with YoStartups. It is a zero-equity-demanding accelerator program which comprises high-value modules and one-to-one sessions with the cr?me de la cr?me of diverse industries and entrepreneurial communities. The accelerator program has helped multiple startups across continents to find the right footing to thrive in fast-growing ecosystems.

Presence of global co-working office space brands like WeWork shows how well the startups in Melbourne are growing. Inspire9, Hub Australia, and York Butter Factory are some of the other favorite spaces.? A co-working space that should not be missed out in the list of high impact shared workspaces is One Roof, a brand encouraging entrepreneurship by offering work areas exclusively for businesses led by women.

Another important resource is the innovation labs which encourages to tech-based innovation through their various events and assisting programs.

Move to Melbourne for the Exciting Startup Community

The startup community in Melbourne is one of the healthy sources of support for startups and entrepreneurs moving to Melbourne. The several startup events held in Melbourne has given rise to an active community of startups, entrepreneurs, investors, startup job seekers, and other startup ecosystem players. Melbourne Silicon Beach and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub hold some of the largest meetups in Victoria.

There are several smaller niche or specialization specific communities within the larger community of startups in Melbourne and in the state of Victoria. Code Like a Girl, GirledWorld, and the League of Extraordinary Women are some of the women-centric groups that are helping in closing any gender gaps in the ecosystem.

Startups in Melbourne Enjoy Versatile Funding Resources

While initially, Australia saw a slow pace in the growth of investments, the ecosystems in the country seem to have caught up in recent years. Investors within the country and outside are now moving to Melbourne to invest in the ?VC worthy startups in the city and other startup ecosystems in the country. $300 million of venture capital investments were made in the country in 2015. The angel investors’ network is also quite robust with close to 1600 angel investors.

A vital funding resource for startups in Melbourne is the Small Business Grant Program that is open to any startup or established business in Melbourne city.? 370 and more companies in the city have found this grant helpful which has funded a total amount of $8.3 billion so far.

Melbourne Has a Strong Network of Ecosystem Partners for Startups & Entrepreneurs

All the principal players of the startup ecosystem culminate into a larger community of ecosystem partners with some whose contribution stands out from the rest. While the support of LaunchVic which is also a Startup Genome Member has been in the spotlight, there are a few other partners who are pushing the startup culture in Melbourne to its glory. These include:


BioMelbourne Network

Startup Bootcamp


York Butter Factory

Startup Victoria

Runway Geelong


A Startup Ecosystem Defined by its Growing Tech Sector

Most of the startups and startup job seekers moving to Melbourne come here for its booming tech sector. With four software companies bringing in exit deals worth over $100 million and eight companies in the life science segment got public in recent years, there has been a lot of funding and exit activity in the tech-based startups in Melbourne. Aconex?s acquisition by Oracle for $1.2 billion in 2016 has been one of the recent high-value acquisitions in the Melbourne ecosystem. Here are some of the crucial sub-sectors that are worth moving to Melbourne for.

A High Output Biotech and Life Sciences Segment

Some of the startups in this sector have gained recognition worldwide for their innovative product offerings. These include Hatchtech?s commercialization deal with Dr Reddy of $280 million, licensing agreements of Starpharma and AstraZeneca of up to? $450 million, and Novartis? acquisition of Spinifex Pharma for $200 million.

There are close to 180 biotech startups in Melbourne, and a majority of the publicly listed life sciences companies of Australia are from this city. The growth of the biotech and life sciences sub-sector in Melbourne is further fuelled by the presence of one of the top ten educational institutions in the world for? medicine and health – the University of Melbourne.

An Exciting Health Segment for Startups & Entrepreneurs in Melbourne

Melbourne has been touted as the Ultimate Sports City since the past decade owing to the high interest of its communities in sports activities.? This has helped lay a strong foundation for the sports health based startups in Melbourne to thrive. Close to 6% of all the startups in the ecosystem are sports tech-based startups with a significant chunk of them dealing with sports-related health issues.

Moving to Melbourne can especially be rewarding for startup job seekers in the health sector as the segment single-handedly creates a quarter of the jobs in the ecosystem in Melbourne. The contribution to a sustainable jobs market in the region is also attributed to the top-notch clinical medicine and pharmacy educational institution – the Monash University. A lot of innovative startups have been borne out of this reputable institution.

A Boisterous Adtech Sub-Sector for Startups & Entrepreneurs in Melbourne

The adtech sub-sector in Melbourne is a relatively new one but equally fierce as its other tech-based counterparts. There were close to 25 adtech startups in Melbourne as of 2017 which have attracted investments that are worth millions of dollars. Melbourne’s tryst with adtech startups began in 2012 when it hosted the inaugural adtech conference and is now a leading adtech startup sector in the country.? Startup giants in the segment have given the community the best leaders who are now focused on helping other adtech startups in the city rise higher with support in the form of investments and mentorship.

Moving to Australia can undoubtedly be an enriching experience for your entrepreneurial journey. Whether it is the business-friendly tax system or the beautiful landscape of the city, Melbourne is an excellent city to move to on both the professionals and personal front.? The tech sector in the city has grown at an unfathomable rate which has also contributed to a dynamic jobs market making it a good city for entrepreneurs, startups, and startup job seekers equally.

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Moving to Chicago – A guide for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Moving to Chicago

Whether you are an entrepreneur eager to set up your startup or a professional who wants to work in one, moving to Chicago can give you all the push you need in the right direction.Continue reading

Moving to Amsterdam – A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Startups moving to Amsterdam

Entrepreneurs and startup job seekers are moving to Amsterdam to make the best of the fertile business environment it has to offer. If you are one of them, here is a guide for everything you need to know about the fast evolving startup ecosystem in Europe to make the most of it.

Europe is one of the fast-growing regions in the startup world with an increasing number of European cities joining the global startup ecosystem. It is steadily overcoming the effects of the worldwide recession and evolving as an important region for startups. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is one of the stepping stones for Europe?s success and growth as a prominent player in the global startup ecosystem.

According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-18, Netherlands was ranked fourth in Europe for its advanced tech readiness levels and at the sixth position globally. Moving to Amsterdam for startups can be a game changer in many ways. The latest collective effort in the region to help startups grow in the Netherlands region is the Amsterdam-Startup Delta program. It is a collaboration between the important innovation hubs, the startup community, and various economic, social and cultural government agencies to provide a conducive base for startups.

The city has a flourishing tourism sector which shares a significant chunk in the city’s GDP of $321 billion. More than 7 million people are residing here, and a vast share of this population consists of entrepreneurs and tech professionals. Programs like StartupDelta have helped entrepreneurs and investors re-evaluate the startup scene in Amsterdam and make it a fast-growing startup ecosystem with lots of potentials.

Why are Startups and Entrepreneurs Moving to Amsterdam?

The Amsterdam-Startup Delta belt has created massive changes to the city’s startup ecosystem. This collaborative effort is defined by more than ten tech clusters that are upping the tech game in Amsterdam. The collective is dedicated to making the region a global leader in startup ecosystems and has the best of resources to do so. The region is already receiving laurels for being home to startups with immense success like Takeaway, a food delivery company that went public in 2016 with a valuation of $1.1 billion and Priceline-acquired that has become a global travel brand.

Amsterdam Knows What to Do with Its Intellectual Strength

If there has to be only one argument for investors and entrepreneurs to move to Amsterdam, it has to be the intellectual property in the region. The Netherlands is gaining worldwide popularity for its many collectives that are aimed for nurturing the intellectual property. Colleges and universities are joining hands with large organizations like Phillips and TNO to ensure that the innovative ideas produced through their institutions do not go dormant. Brilliant ideas are given the required platforms for them to get noticed by the right agencies that can help them grow into successful ventures. Students moving to Amsterdam with entrepreneurial dreams definitely have a good chance of getting their innovations noticed.

Amsterdam is Expat Friendly!

Amsterdam, unlike several other European cities, has hardly any language barrier. The city is largely bi-lingual, and that is why expats here have no issues living and working in Amsterdam even if they don?t speak Dutch. ?This easy-to-blend in feature of the city has attracted several students and professionals; startups in Amsterdam have access to a rich pool of international talent owing to this characteristic. The bi-lingual aspect also helps entrepreneurs and startups from non-European countries move to Amsterdam to sell their products and services without the hassle of learning the regional language to understand their consumer base.

Startups in Amsterdam Get Exceptional Government Support

Amsterdam and Netherlands as a whole are welcoming to both domestic and international entrepreneurs. The bureaucratic structure and its systems are simple and straightforward to ensure that entrepreneurs do not have to face any hassles to set up their businesses. The city offers versatile business structures to cater to startups in various stages.

The government has an Ambitious Entrepreneurship Action Plan that helps startups moving to Amsterdam get better access to all the resources conveniently. It aims to help businesses connect to the right capital, knowledge, and consumer market. The government of Netherland is facilitating migration to Amsterdam for international entrepreneurs by providing startup schemes and policies that help the candidates in all areas right from the visa application to the setting up of the business. The capital city is especially ideal for international professionals as they are eligible for a 30% tax cut.

Move to Amsterdam for a Great Work-Life Balance

Entrepreneurs looking for a city that offers a great work-life balance need not think twice before shifting base to Amsterdam. Netherlands was ranked number one for work-life balance in the world, according to the 2018 OECD Better Life Index.? The city?s cycling culture paired with an array of natural and architectural assets make for a high quality of personal life. The cost of living in Amsterdam is also lower than its American counterparts like Silicon Valley or Los Angeles.

What’s best about moving to Amsterdam is that you get to be a part of a city that is a perfect blend of modern world-class city life and the simplicity of country life.

Amsterdam has the Right Infrastructure and Resources for Startups

The digital infrastructure in Amsterdam is world class. Home to one of the largest data transport hubs, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, the city has the highest concentration for broadband in the world.

The presence of numerous accelerators and incubator programs also has attracted several entrepreneurs here. Apart from these, the city?s real estate is also booming due to the entry of more than 50 co-working office space brands like WeWork, BounceSpace Amsterdam, and Hackers & Founders which are an important resource for startups.

The city?s transport infrastructure is another important advantage. The city is well connected via air, road, and the sea and is located at a convenient location to be the gateway to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam: A Booming Startup Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs Worldwide

While new entrepreneurs are moving to Amsterdam, a lot of startups within EU as well as outside it are expanding their base to the capital city because it offers everything from the right infrastructure to a talented pool of human resource capital to low costs of living.? The Amsterdam- Startup Delta collaboration has especially helped drive the sales of the many tech startups in the region. The main sub-sectors of the ecosystem that are doing exceptionally well are Agtech & Food, Health & Life Sciences, and Fintech.

Fintech Startups in Amsterdam

The Dutch Financial industry has been soaring in recent years and offers an opportunity of at least $112 billion to the startup sector. Even the market cap of seven of the largest Fortune 2000 financial corporations is only a seventh of this amount. Payments, digital identity, and security are some of the key areas of the niche that are excelling. A notable startup in this sub-sector is Adyen, a multichannel payment services company, which became the first unicorn company in fintech in the Netherlands. Startups in Amsterdam’s fintech sector took in 8% of the total venture capital funding in the ecosystem between the years 2012 and 2017.

Agtech and New Food Startups in Amsterdam

Entrepreneurs whose business ideas are based in the agtech and new food sub-sector may find moving to Amsterdam rewarding. Wageningen University & Research Center and Startlife are important partners that are catalyzing the growth of this niche. The university is a world leader in agricultural research, and the latter is an adtech incubator and accelerator organization. Notable stories of the agtech and new food sector are of Picnic, a food delivery startup, that raised $120 million in Series B funding and Protix, an insect farming startup, which raised $50 million in Series B as well.

Health and Life Sciences Startups in Amsterdam

Acerta Pharma and DezimaPharma – two healthcare brands have brought the limelight to the regional healthcare sector with their exit deals. Amgen acquired DezimaPharma for $1.7 billion, and AstraZeneca acquired Acerta Pharma for $4.9 billion. The healthcare companies in Amsterdam have been responsible for bringing in 10% of the total regional venture capital funding since 2012 and has several ecosystem partners to fuel its growth. There are more than 2500 health and life sciences companies in the Amsterdam-Delta Startup region that are propelling forward with the help of the 12 research universities, 85 hospitals and many other research organizations in the region.

With the help of Startup Genome members like Startup Delta and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy along with other ecosystem partners like Holland Fintech, StartLife, and Health Holland, Amsterdam is poised to become the top startup hub in Europe. Moving to Amsterdam offers an array of advantages for entrepreneurs on the professional front and on the personal front with the biggest one of them being the exceptional work-life balance.

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Moving to Manila – A Guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Top Startups moving to manila 2019

2018 seems to the perfect time to move to Manila for start-ups, entrepreneurs and startup job seekers. Here is a precise guide for those looking forward to moving to this startup ecosystem to translate their entrepreneurial dreams to reality. Manila is the capital of the Philippines and has been an innovation-friendly city from the beginning. The Philippines was ranked 57th in the world in the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-18, and its business environment is getting revived faster than ever with an increasing number of foreign startups and investors moving to Manila.

The Philippines has found itself as one of the top countries for being one of the fast-growing economies. The economy in Manila is growing at a rate of more than 6% as of 2017.? Manila has more than 500 startups which are growing with the support of the local government agencies, a rich network of investors, and other ecosystem partners. The economy in Manila is characterized by its primary industries like retail, technology, tourism, and real estate which together with the other sectors contribute to its GDP of $108 billion.

Manila?s population of 13.5 million comprises of the locals as well as a growing proportion of foreign nationals are moving to Manila for getting their hands on some of the best business resources in the region. The city?s frameworks are developing continuously to become more adaptable to modern business needs.

What Sets Manila?s Startup Ecosystem Apart?

Manila has made it to the list of top startup ecosystems in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 and is getting international recognition for its entrepreneurial culture. According to the report, Manila’s ecosystem is valued at $120 million. The tech sector in this ecosystem is especially growing at an impressive rate. Moving to Manila can be more beneficial for tech-based startups as compared to those based in the other sectors.

70% of the jobs created in Manila are in the micro, small, and medium enterprises. This is one of the many reasons why the startup ecosystem in the city is vital to the regional and national economy.

Affordable Labor Costs in Manila

There is no doubt that cheap labor can help businesses lower operation costs to a large extent. Entrepreneurs looking forward to starting a business in a city with affordable labor do not even need to think twice before moving to Manila. The labor costs are the lowest in the region but at par with other regional ecosystems in areas of quality and hard work.

Manila has Minimal to Zero Language Barrier

A factor that keeps startups, entrepreneurs, and startup job seekers from moving into a new country is the language barrier. Manila does not pose this problem as most of its population is English speaking which makes it very easy for expats moving to Manila to adapt themselves to the place. The frequent use of English is a significant advantage that facilitates the smooth running of the business by international entrepreneurs.

Startups in Manila Love to Co-Work

The best way to beat the skyrocketing real estate prices and at the same time find brilliant networking opportunities is to share your workspace with other professionals. Just like most top ecosystems around the world, startups in Manila too have their own share of co-working spaces which are designed to ensure maximum productivity while at the same time creating an active community of entrepreneurs. ASPACE, Bullish, PenBrothers, and the Office Project are some of the forerunners in providing co-working offices in Manila. Startups in Manila jumping on the bandwagon of co-working offices get more than just a space to run their business.? The co-working spaces offer everything from concierge services to phone and internet connections to even incubator and accelerator programs.

Get the best start for your entrepreneurial journey with mentorship from industry leaders and experts. Find this guidance and more with YoStartups, an equity free accelerator brand that has an intense and high impact online acceleration program. Schedule a free consultation with the YoStartups? team to get to know how and why this course is what you need.

A Government that is Welcoming to Investors

The absence of any particular policies or funding programs from the government may sound like a deal breaker for startups planning to move to Manila. However, the fact that the government encourages the movement of foreign investors makes up for it. The Special Investor’s Resident Visa has been rolled out to attract international investors. Investors entering the country with this visa can reside in the Philippines for an indefinite period as long as all the eligibility criteria are met.

Manila?s Growing Tech Prowess

?The advancement in the tech sector has given rise to multiple startups belonging to different niches. The tech sector in Manila got its first unicorn company when Revolution Precrafted raised an undisclosed amount of more than $1 billion in its Series B round of funding. It is a real estate based startup has already created ripples with its plans of developing designer homes that are pre-fabricated. 400-450 technology-based startups are already present in Manila, and the numbers are increasing with the surge in international investments in the tech startup scene.

The sub-sector strengths of Manila in the tech niche include:

A Springing Fintech Sub-Sector for Startups & Entrepreneurs in Manila

The fintech segment in Manila may be still waddling in diapers, but it is touted to grow with the increasing awareness of banking among the people in Manila. The fact that only close to 30% of the residents of Manila have a bank account is a boon for the fintech startups in Manila. B2C startups dealing with services that are credit and investment based have a vast unexplored consumer base in the Philippino capital.

The fintech sub-sector witnessed total transactions valued at a $5.5 million in 2017 which is a clear indicator of how much more scope of growth there is.

An Established Enterprise Solutions Sector for Startups & Entrepreneurs in Manila

Enterprise solutions related startups make up for the maximum successful companies in Manila’s ecosystem. The sub-sector’s impressive exit deals and funding rounds that have attracted foreign investors are a testament to its growth. Since 2013, startups from the Philippines have been claimed winners of Seedstars World, the globally popular startup competition, twice with the startup Serve Happy Jobs representing the country this year. This competition is for startups in the emerging markets and offers attractive prizes of funding and other forms of support to winners. Qwikwire Billing stole the spotlight in the sub-sector with its announcement of expanding overseas owing to a recent undisclosed investment received. The billing and invoicing startup had already raised half a million through JFDI.Asia and 500 Startups before this announcement was made.

A Rapidly Growing AI & Machine Learning Sub-Sector for Startups & Entrepreneurs in Manila

The national government of the Philippines has taken a special interest in developing this sub-sector. The Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 laid out in this direction seeks to increase collaborative research and development initiatives to ensure that the country’s technological readiness and frameworks are up to date. Manufacturing, agriculture, and health are three main areas that are prioritized in the emerging technologies’ module of the plan. As for artificial intelligence, the government plans to increase the efficiency of its manufacturing industries by introducing AI in some of its processes. AI and machine learning based applications are also growing in the private sectors primarily in the financial industry through banks and brokerage firms.

The ecosystem?s debut in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 can be attributed to the efforts of the various ecosystem partners like 1000 Angels, Department of Trade and Industry, QBO, and Brainsparks. The Department of Trade and Industry is a Startup Genome Member and offers support to the local startup ecosystem through its various services and the Startup Ecosystem Development Program.

Several elements of Manila’s startup ecosystem are still evolving with the help of private and government agencies. Moving to Manila is ideal for tech entrepreneurs who want to grow and learn in an entrepreneurial set up whose potential is still raw. The city’s offerings in terms of growth is exciting and something undoubtedly worth exploring by joining the community of startups in Manila.

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Moving to Montreal – A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Startups


Are you considering moving to Montreal for setting up your entrepreneurial venture? Here is a guide with all the highlights of the city’s startup ecosystem and all the advantages of moving to Montreal. This guide can help you make up your mind about your decision of moving into this developing startup hub.

Montreal has a GDP of $156 billion and a population of 4.1 million people. The people in the city are from diverse cultural backgrounds, and a significant share of the population consists of skilled workers. There are more than 90,000 skilled ICT workers in Montreal alone.

Montreal is home to more than 2000 companies with an average valuation of $4.1 million. The city is a booming startup ecosystem which is attracting the right amount of venture capital funding. For job seekers in the startup ecosystem, the steady job market of the city is one of the main reasons for them to consider moving to Montreal.

Why are more and more Startups moving to Montreal?

Montreal at one point was one of the least preferred cities for businesses, but the city built itself as one of the top startup ecosystems in the world over time, and now it is rapidly growing each day. Move to Montreal for high impact and high growth startup culture. The startups in Montreal create ample jobs from time to time and are the best places for professionals to get some hands-on experience of working in a startup.

Montreal’s Talent Pool is Brilliant and By Moving To Montreal You Can Leverage It

A good team of workers is the backbone of any firm. If you are an entrepreneur who intends to set up a startup in Montreal, you will be pleasantly surprised at the strength of the human resource capital the city has to offer. The University of Waterloo is one of Canada’s top colleges and attracts recruiters like Apple, Google, and Facebook. Thanks to the growing startup ecosystem in Montreal, more and more students are now moving to study and grab an entrepreneurial opportunity after graduating.

Montreal also has a very diverse pool of talent as the city is home to immigrants from different parts of the world. The continuous flow of immigrants, students, and professionals keep replenishing the talent pool offering a versatile human resource capital to the companies in and around Montreal.

One of the significant advantages of moving to Montreal for setting a startup in the city is that the talent here is cheaper than other American hotbeds. As the Canadian dollar is lower than USD, you can get the best of skilled workers for a more reasonable cost as compared to the American counterparts. Not just that with Canada’s universal health care system, you can even save up on the cost of getting insurance for your employees.

The Government of Montreal is Startup Friendly!

A city with a government that is startup friendly is probably one of the most attractive ones in the world and Montreal is one of them. The Montreal government is boosting the startup ecosystem by offering many initiatives. A range of federal and state funding programs are available for startups to help them launch successful ventures without much hassle. These grants are easily accessible and are just an application away for the startups that need it.

The government has also introduced initiatives that offer a lot of benefits to venture capital investors in a bid to increase the venture capital funding in its startup ecosystems.

Do you have a startup idea that can revolutionize the industry?

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Move to Montreal and Join an Awesome Startup Community

Irrespective of the niche you are building a business in or working in, the startup community in Montreal is extremely supportive. There are several business accelerators programs, business incubators, and similar organizations in the city that are helping brilliant ideas turn into soaring businesses. A number of startup events aimed at bringing together the various startups, investors, entrepreneurs, and academia are held in the city by the startup community. This allows startups to interact with each other and also helps in building the right connections that may be useful in the long run.

Rapidly Growing Tech Startup Ecosystem in Montreal

A lot of tech entrepreneurial leaders who are nationally acclaimed had their beginnings in Montreal. The city’s tech startup system is starting to get noticed by internationally. Some of the subsectors that are creating an impact in the broader tech niche are:

Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics Startups In Montreal

The subsector of advanced manufacturing and robotics has played an essential role in shaping the regional economy. There are more than 3200 companies in this sector which are responsible for creating over 120,000 jobs in Montreal. Some of the critical areas in this niche that are seeing a growth spurt include additive manufacturing, collaborative robotics, smart manufacturing, and smart textiles and advanced materials. The sector has managed to investors from across the country. The government of Quebec invested close to $400 million for three years to help develop this rapidly growing sub-sector.

AI, Big Data & Analytics Startups In Montreal

This subsector’s exponential growth does not come as a surprise as the city has the largest number of AI scientists. Not just that, Montreal boasts of a prestigious group of Deep Learning researchers at the Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms which is not only the best but also the largest group in the world.? The AI ecosystem in Montreal is a top global AI hub and was responsible for generating 19% of the foreign direct investment in 2016.

A notable success story is that of Element AI that raised $102 million in Series A funding in 2017. This is the largest an AI company has raised globally in this round. Tech honchos like Facebook, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft have tapped into the potential of the AI ecosystem in Montreal by investing in the local startups in this sub-sector.

Gaming Startups In Montreal

The gaming industry in Montreal is a lucrative one and is the center of the Canadian gaming sector. If you plan to move to Montreal to be a part of its booming gaming sector, you get to be a part of its pool of 10,000 odd gaming professionals. The favorable tax credit for multimedia labor that allows a refund of up to 37.5% for the eligible candidates is one of many conducive factors for the gaming ecosystem. The city is home to gaming publishing honchos like Warner Brothers, Ubisoft, Game Loft and Electronic Arts. The indie game sector of Montreal is also notable for the world’s biggest cooperative of indie studio and gaming startups.

Three Startup Genome members are playing a significant role in bringing unconventional startups to the forefront. These members are Real Investment Management, Centech, and the City of Montreal. Some of the ecosystem partners fuelling the startup culture in Montreal are as follows:

District 3

Quartier de l’innovation

Arche Innovation



Capital Intelligent

Reseau Capital

Montreal Inc

Startup Fest

Montreal is a gold mine of entrepreneurial opportunities and benefits which can be leveraged to set up and run a successful venture. The dynamic startup ecosystem also provides a great job market for those wanting to work in it. Montreal is a mix of all the right elements needed for a startup ecosystem and moving to Montreal is worth it, thanks to all the favorable factors.

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