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As of 2018, humans account for about 71% of the total work hours done by humans and machines. But by 2022, that’s expected to decline to 58%. And by 2025, the WEF report predicts that humans will do just 48% of the hours of work done by humans or machines. 

Source: Mckinsey Report 2018

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The fourth industrial revolution is here. The first moved the world move from rural societies to industrial urban centers; the second heralded mass production; and the third gave us the digital revolution. The fourth is transforming how we integrate technology into our lives, thanks to advances such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and nanotechnology . We at HexGn make you future ready.

In 20 countries, that we cover, we have taken the time to listen to our clients and understand their needs, while developing local market expertise. We have the capabilities to create better insights that help more and more people achieve better future and, ultimately, experience financial well-being.

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HexGn, through its global research, industry events, and online programs equips individuals and businesses to tap into new opportunities and futureproof themselves. HexGn works with numerous governments and private entities across the world.

We are a team of industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs who are committed to creating better opportunities for all; we have fast-tracked over 3000 entrepreneurs and students across 20 countries. Collectively our clients have raised more than $100 million in investments.

We bring the world together

Past events

17 Sep 2019 - Manama, Bahrain

GCC PropTech Time

The report for the Global PropTech Time Survey 2019, conducted by HexGn was unveiled at the GCC PropTech Time event on 17 September 2019, in Bahrain. The HexGn Global PropTech Time Survey 2019 was conducted across 40 countries. 406 respondents from different segments of the real estate life cycle participated in the survey. International Delegates from 25 plus countries attended the summit to share their perspectives on how technology can be leveraged to make their real estate business more efficient and effective in the MENA Region.

18 July 2019 - Bangkok, Thailand

Technology Investment Summit

HexGn conducted a global 360-degree survey with participants from 16 countries to find out how well the senior care population is absorbing the currently available product and service offerings. The findings of the first phase of the survey from 20 countries was shared at the Technology Investment Conference 2019 – “Smart Ageing” hosted by NSTDA, a Thai Government agency in Bangkok on 18 July 2019. The Conference witnessed leading government officials and delegates from 20 plus countries attending the program.

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Get Startup Ready

Startup Ready is an intensive and interactive virtual pre acceleration program designed to test your endurance and jumpstart the adventure.

The google and facebook’s of the world, got started the exact same way: as an idea within someone’s head. While the idea itself is a necessary pre condition for success, it was rather what these individuals did with it that enabled them to become the success that they are today. You can learn to think and act on the lines of these entrepreneurs too.