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HexGn, through its global research, industry events, and online programs equips individuals and businesses to tap into new opportunities and futureproof themselves.

Global Reach & Local Expertise

We Cover 23 Plus countries

Some of our past programs and events

My Startup Bootcamp For Startups From Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Release of e-commerce investment Trends Report 2019

Athens, Greece

International Deep Tech Bootcamp For Researchers & Inventors

Manama, Bahrain

Session on Future Readiness for Thai SME's

Bangkok, Thailand

My Startup Bootcamp for Chulalongkorn University

Bangkok, Thailand

Research Commercialization Program for Thai Scientists

Bangkok, Thailand

My Startup Bootcamp For Oil & Gas Startups

Manama, Baharin

My Startup Bootcamp for National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Manama, Baharin

Silver Economy Research Unveiling at Thai Technology Conference

Bangkok, Thailand

Startup Ideas session with College Students

Zurich, Switzerland

My Startup Bootcamp for Turkish & Central Asian Startups

Istanbul, Turkey

My startup Bootcamp for Startups From Middle East & Europe

Manama, Bahrain

The Sky's The Limit

Discover new opportunities by tapping into trends

HexGn works with numerous governments and private entities across the world to prepare people for the dawn of a new age, the age of Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Space travel.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

We are a team of industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs who are committed to creating better opportunities for all; we have fast-tracked over 3000 entrepreneurs and students across 20 countries. Collectively our clients have raised more than $100 million in investments.

Government Institutions

Our start-up ecosystem development research and programs helps Governments and public institutions in building a start-up ecosystem, that is essential for any regional economy looking to stay relevant in the 21st century. Our team have assisted national, regional and local governments with ecosystems of various maturity levels and population.

Private Institutions

Our intrapreneur programs aid in building the entrepreneurial way of thinking in organizations. Our tools and services enable corporate innovation teams and Startups to accelerate their business ideas in a successful and sustainable way. We help the corporates understand, embrace, and harness disruptive change to build future readiness in their business model.

For Students

There are a wide variety of tech careers available for people to pursue after high school, however certain areas will be in greater demand. In this 40 week online master class, they will learn about the emerging industries and technologies and how they can leverage them to fast track and build a better future. After our program, the students feel confident to explore resources to develop readiness for future industries and jobs.

For Entrepreneurs

The Startup Ready program helps future-focused entrepreneurs transform radical ideas into investable business, it is a rigorous course with 12 key modules that cover key aspects of venture creation and validation. It’s a structured, immersive online program with live sessions, offering focused modules. The weekly live calls and sessions with our Program Director and Startup advocates, will help you learn the nuances of business creation.

Training Faculty Members & Research Scientists on Commercialization

UTP Campus, Malaysia

Training Faculty Members & Research Scientists on Commercialization

UTP Campus, Malaysia

Technology Commercialization Program for Researchers

University Technology Petronas

We stop at nothing

Obstacles are meant to be overcome, we love big probelms to solve

We Love To Explore​

We listen understand, then listen and thereafter explore all options before finallinz one

We Take It Step-By-Step

Failing to plan means planning to fail, we work through a series of steps to get the best

We Keep It Simple

Albert Einstein said; “If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

In a rapidly changing world, those who fail to innovate will be left behind. Through deep insights generated by our research, we have an eye on what entrepreneurs and innovative corporations are doing globally, which helps us bring best practices to Startups, Governments and Corporations to shape Startup ecosystems.

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