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As a visionary startup founder, you aspire to make a positive impact in the world. However, traditional accelerators often leave many deserving startups unsupported, accepting only a small percentage of applicants. We believe in leveling the playing field.

Our online accelerator program offers an inclusive approach, ensuring that all startups, regardless of their background or resources, have the opportunity to thrive. With an affordable membership, we provide the support and resources you need to unlock your startup’s full potential and turn your dreams into reality.

Supercharge your startup’s growth and impact today. Join us and gain access to invaluable mentorship, expert guidance, and a wealth of resources designed to propel your startup forward.

Fine Tune your startup idea

Startup Ready Acceleration program is a 12 week online (pre) accelerator programme designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs and startups who are using technology to solve a problem.

Startup Ready program aims to help early-stage entrepreneurs and startups to turn their idea into a startup. Or help them advance their current early stage (pre-seed) startup to understand the mechanics’ of gaining traction, funding options and pitching. The 3-month online startup acceleration program covers critical elements of the early-stage entrepreneurial journey.

The Startup Ready, 3 month online startup acceleration program by HexGn provides the tools and resources to start their company. This course is to help and encourage participants to start successful technology-based Startups. The Startup Ready Program is full of inspiring stories of several startup companies that we have encountered over the years, we have trained thousands of entrepreneurs, and many of them have moved forward to raise funding.

If someone has the desire to become an entrepreneur using new technology, or if they frequently identify problems in present-day life which can be solved with technology, or if they are interested to see new opportunities to put a new technology to use, this course is a great choice for them.

The Startup Ready program from HexGn, will empower you to understand the process of entrepreneurship from a technology-oriented background. Having prior business experience before they start the program is not necessary.

This is 3 month program and you have to pay US $ 2000 for the whole program. There will be two live sessions of 90 mins minutes every week for twelve weeks.

Through our 3 month online startup acceleration program, Startup Ready, we aim to inspire you to explore an entrepreneurial path and  learn tools that will help you overcome the initial challenges of building a technology-led business.

You will explore how entrepreneurs match promising technology with customer needs to launch technology businesses. Using real-world examples, you will apply critical thinking to find the best way to translate and commercialize lab research & technologies.

The Startup Ready Program from HexGn follows our successful approach to entrepreneurship that has been tested with participants from over 20 plus countries.

Yes, you can really attend from anywhere, as long as you have a high speed broadband line that is capable of video streaming. The program runs on multiple time zones on weekend.

The six months Startup Ready program is delivered in weekly sessions, every week the participants need to take out two hours to attend the online program, after the weekly sessions, they will need additional hours to complete the activities.

Depending upon the velocity of your startup, they will be putting in the requisite hours. To attend the online sessions, that have videos, live sessions, and online discussions, you would need a stable broadband connection capable of video conferencing.

We extensively utilize video conferencing technology, Slack and other tools to help you meet with mentors, build peer relationships, and learn the skills the best founders need to run their business.

Each session is different, but you should expect to have mentor meetings, workshops, investor sessions, guest speakers, peer meetups, and sessions with our MD and Program Director throughout the program.

You will receive guidance to get started on your startup journey or advance your early-stage venture, through these topics

Sure, here’s the list of the modules:

  • 1. Identifying and Validating a Problem
    2. Building Your Startup Team
    3. Ideation, Creativity, and Innovation
    4. Understanding and Segmenting Customer Markets
    5. Crafting a Value Proposition and Validating the Problem-Solution Fit
    6. Building and Testing Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    7. Mapping Customer Experience and Journey
    8. Marketing, Digital Strategies, and Customer Engagement
    9. Business Models, Revenue Streams, and Competitive Differentiation
    10. Branding, Growth Hacking, and Storytelling
    11. Startup Financing, Investor Relations, and Pitching
    12. Legal Considerations and Intellectual Property (IP) Protection
    13. Business Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Practices
    14. Networking, Partnerships, and Relationship Management
    15. Risk Management and Mitigation
    16. Mental Health and Resilience in Entrepreneurship
    17. Case Studies and Real-world Application
Unlike most startup accelerators, we do not take equity. Instead, you just pay the simple program fee. We’re interested in your success, not taking your equity.

Let’s be honest. Many accelerator programs are just facilitating networks, guidance and events. We know that most startups, however, struggle to define a scalable business model and have a limited runway and need to identify before their money runs out.

We go beyond this, we apply specific tools and use our collective experience, corporate partners and brainpower to help you in defining the appropriate business model.

Nope. If you have already registered a company that’s perfectly fine but we would recommend only doing so after validating your ideas, which is what this program will help you do

No, there is no age limit for participating.

The flat fee includes a weekly live session with facilitators, three one to one sessions, coaching sessions and access to our online learning library.

The members of the HexGn startup acceleration program, subject to approval can get the following from Zoho for a one year period.

Without any doubt a fantastic program to do when you’re still at the idea stage of your startup. Extremely well-connected and experienced facilitators who give candid feedback. The structure of the program is great and our participants progressed very well, and some even pivoted at the end
Dr. Haitham Al Qahtani
Vice President, University of Technology Bahrain

online startup accelerator - Startup Ready

Empower Your Startup Journey: Startup Ready Online Accelerator

Embark on a transformative three-month online accelerator program, Startup Ready, designed to equip participating founders with the essential tools for startup success. Through this program, founders attend 90-minute “live online coaching sessions” once a week, where they receive comprehensive training, evaluation, and invaluable feedback from industry experts.

Following each coaching session, founders dedicate the remainder of the week to hands-on business building activities. Engaging in practical and challenging exercises like office hours and customer meetings, founders actively apply their learnings to foster tangible progress in their ventures.

The Startup Ready program comprises 17 key modules, meticulously curated to cover critical aspects of starting and scaling a business. From market analysis to financial planning, marketing strategies to team development, each module provides crucial insights and actionable techniques to drive your startup’s growth.

Live sessions

No pre recorded lectures, as a group you work with your program director to fine tune your startup idea

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