Startup Ready

3 month online startup accelerator program for startup founders with global ambitions

Without any doubt a fantastic program to do when you’re still at the idea stage of your startup. Extremely well-connected and experienced facilitators who give candid feedback. The structure of the program is great and our participants progressed very well, and some even pivoted at the end
Dr. Haitham Al Qahtani
Dean of Research, Bahrain Polytechnic

Increase your chances

startup accelerator Program
Startup Ready

Opportunity knocks

In a downturn, existing companies are slow to move to regroup and calibrate their future. Decisive and fast moving founders capture this opportunity to build a strong Startup.

The HexGn Startup Ready, Online Startup Acceleration Program is for anyone in the early stages of building a company with global ambitions. You should enroll for Startup Ready program, if you have launched a startup, you have an idea for a startup, you are working on a product and want to turn it into a global business, or if you’re just curious about what it would take to throw in the 9 to 5 and start a scalable business.

Our Solution

HexGn has developed a structured 3 months online startup accelerator program, Startup Ready. The program that has been proven to help pre-seed entrepreneurs get to traction, funding, or whatever the next steps are for their business. It was created using best startup practices and input from hundreds of successful startup entrepreneurs globally.

We have trained over 3000 entrepreneurs globally and our clients and graduates have raised more than $100 million in funding.

online startup accelerator Program Startup Ready

Set yourself for success

Twice a week in the program, participating Founders join a 2 hours “live online coaching session” and receive training, evaluation, and feedback. After each session, the founders then build their businesses for the rest of the week through a series of practical and challenging business building activities office Hours, and customer meetings.

The 3 month online startup accelerator program, Startup Ready comprises of 15 key modules to cover critical aspects of setting up a business.

Live sessions

No pre recorded lectures, as a group you work with your program director to fine tune your startup idea

  • Becoming Investment Ready
  • 3 months virtual program
  • 24 Live sessions
  • 2 Mentoring sessions
  • 12 Case Studies

Prepare for Launch

we won’t just tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear for the success of your business.

  • Online demo day & pitching
  • Startup Funding Updates
  • Access to global mentors
  • Personalised Feedback
  • Startup Ideas library

Startup Success

Most of the entrepreneurs fail, because they are in love with their “Proposed Solution.” A major reason why companies fail, is that they run into the problem of building a product without testing or validating it with customers.

A vast majority of startups fail to make dent, Founders who lack startup experience often make mistakes that costs them time and money.

Are you Ready?

Successful Startups are real businesses. Beyond any doubt, you need to establish and implement robust business principles and practices to improve your chances of success in the world, that is plagued with failure.

HexGn Increases your chances of success by learning what makes startups succeed. Follow a proven, practical framework and put your learnings into action in your own startup.

startup accelerator Program

For a one time fee of $1200 only, two members from a startup can join the three months online startup acceleration program. We have two classes of 1.5 hours every week.
We do not take any equity in participating entities, and you get access to live online sessions with our facilitators.

We push you to do the impossible

Discussion Boards

share your doubts and learn from others experience. This is moderated by subject-matter experts

Global Network

Leverage our network across 20 plus countries to sharpen your understanding

Mentoring sessions

Two to three mentoring sessions in every batch with experts to fast track your progress

Weekly Sessions

Weekly online sessions with resources and tools to refine your startup journey

Real-World Examples

We monitor over 100K startup ventures, learn from real world examples

Market Validation

Get direction to validate startup ideas and use a framework to test hypothesis

We work across 23 countries

FAQ's on
startup accelerator Program Startup Ready

Startup Ready Acceleration program is a 12 week online (pre) accelerator programme designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs and startups who are using technology to solve a problem.

Startup Ready program aims to help early-stage entrepreneurs and startups to turn their idea into a startup. Or help them advance their current early stage (pre-seed) startup to understand the mechanics’ of gaining traction, funding options and pitching. The 3-month online startup acceleration program covers critical elements of the early-stage entrepreneurial journey.

The Startup Ready, 3 month online startup acceleration program by HexGn provides the tools and resources to start their company. This course is to help and encourage participants to start successful technology-based Startups. The Startup Ready Program is full of inspiring stories of several startup companies that we have encountered over the years, we have trained thousands of entrepreneurs, and many of them have moved forward to raise funding.

If someone has the desire to become an entrepreneur using new technology, or if they frequently identify problems in present-day life which can be solved with technology, or if they are interested to see new opportunities to put a new technology to use, this course is a great choice for them.

The Startup Ready program from HexGn, will empower you to understand the process of entrepreneurship from a technology-oriented background. Having prior business experience before they start the program is not necessary.

This is 3 month program and you have to pay US $ 1200 for the whole program. There will be two live sessions of 90~120 minutes every week for twelve weeks.

Through our 3 month online startup acceleration program, Startup Ready, we aim to inspire you to explore an entrepreneurial path and  learn tools that will help you overcome the initial challenges of building a technology-led business.

You will explore how entrepreneurs match promising technology with customer needs to launch technology businesses. Using real-world examples, you will apply critical thinking to find the best way to translate and commercialize lab research & technologies.

The Startup Ready Program from HexGn follows our successful approach to entrepreneurship that has been tested with participants from over 20 plus countries. Here are some of the learning objectives.

  • Learn what it takes to become a technology entrepreneur
  • Understand different tools and techniques to identify opportunities
  • Acquire the knowledge to spot, define and articulate a problem worth solving
  • Defining various solutions for the problem you are solving and testing hypothesis
  • Develop a viable business proposition
  • Understanding new venture development and team building
  • Introduce and pitch your business plan to other stakeholders like investors, customers, and partners

The entire experience will culminate in a virtual Demo Day, where investors, startup advocates, collaborators, business experts will hear from you and connect you with the right next steps. This can also serve as your first step in creating a meaningful relationship with a potential investors.

Investment in your startup is at the sole discretion of investors and corporate who support our program.

We are not a fund raising agency or investment broker, in case you feel that you ready to raise funds and your product is all set for the market, we will not be the right program for you.

Yes, you can really attend from anywhere, as long as you have a high speed broadband line that is capable of video streaming. The program runs on multiple time zones on weekend.

The six months Startup Ready program is delivered in weekly sessions, every week the participants need to take out two hours to attend the online program, after the weekly sessions, they will need additional hours to complete the activities.

Depending upon the velocity of your startup, they will be putting in the requisite hours. To attend the online sessions, that have videos, live sessions, and online discussions, you would need a stable broadband connection capable of video conferencing.

We extensively utilize video conferencing technology, Slack and other tools to help you meet with mentors, build peer relationships, and learn the skills the best founders need to run their business.

Each session is different, but you should expect to have mentor meetings, workshops, investor sessions, guest speakers, peer meetups, and sessions with our MD and Program Director throughout the program.

Without any doubt, there are group meetings and regular events online where founders will form deep relationships with each other. The global peer relationships you form in the Startup Ready program are a key part of the experience.

Not like you’re thinking,  our demo day is online and targeted at investors.

The Startup Ready Virtual Demo Day creates a point in time that the program unites around. You’ll work on your pitch, build your investor pipeline, develop your investor docs, and we’ll be there to help expose you to the right people you need to talk to to advance your business.

You will receive guidance to get started on your startup journey or advance your early-stage venture, through these topics

  1. Introduction to The Virtual Pre Acceleration Program
  2. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  3. How to Identify a Problem
  4. Problem Validation
  5. Building Your Startup Team
  6. Ideation & Generating Solutions
  7. Customer Segments
  8. Building A Compelling Value Proposition
  9. Validating The Problem Solution Fit & Introduction to MVP
  10. What Is MVP and How to Design It?
  11. Mapping The Customer Experience Life Cycle
  12. Channels and Pathways to and from Customer
  13. Revenue Streams and Business Models for Differentiation
  14. Branding, Marketing & Growth Hacking Strategies
  15. Startup Funding, Understanding Finance and Legal

If you are passionate about making the world a better place and helping people across countries find suitably paying career and jobs that they love, do drop us a line and we will take it forward. We are an impact business that aims to reduce the economic disparity among the working population

We want to build a better world, where people can live to their full potential irrespective of caste, creed, race, color, gender or orientation.

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HexGn Startup Ready is a 12-week program for startup founders who are early in their startup journey, including those who currently have a day job and want to make the transition from employee to startup founder.