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The New world

Covid19 has brought the world to a grinding halt, the worst hit are the traditional industries that employed a large chunk of people. Globally, 305 million full-time jobs are estimated to go under the hammer. In US, it is estimated that 42% of Covid19-induced layoffs will result in permanent job loss.

Get ready for Innovation economy

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Our Solution

We believe cultivating future skills in students should be by exposing them to innovative ideas, inventions, and experienced entrepreneurs. Exposing students to innovation opens their eyes and helps them to understand the potential of innovation economy.

In Startup Explore Program, we enable and support students in realizing their projects’ ideas and initiatives as well. Doing so encourages them to aspire to leave their mark on the world.

Explore Innovation economy

The Startup Explore Program by HexGn is 24 week, action learning program that enables participants to understand high sectors, and develop critical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial mindset.

In our experience, the entrepreneurial mindset enable participants to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings.

Understand Industry

We will cover these modules in our program. Thereby giving you a holistic view of the innovation economy.

Startup Booster

Learn the entrepreneurial skills for innovation economy,  new startup ideas and skills needed to excel in the new world.

What will you gain

The Six Industries that you will learn about​

Artificial Intelligence

Emerging Sector

In recent years, the growing crops of startups that leverage artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies have ascended dramatically. As a result, the VC funding and investments in these startups are becoming historically strong year over year. Despite slow VC deals due to the COVID-19 crisis this year, the interest in AI funding is seeing a sustained momentum.


Emerging Sector

fintech describes any company using the internet, mobile devices, software technology or cloud services to perform or connect with financial services. Many fintech products are designed to connect consumers' finances with technology for ease of use, although the term is also applied to business-to-business (B2B) technologies as well.

E Commerce & Marketplaces

Emerging Sector

One of the most significant changes that we saw in consumer shopping habits in 2020 was the rapid growth in popularity of e-commerce. Just a few months back, online shopping was considered unreliable by most individuals over 65. Almost overnight, however, it has become an essential practice. And numbers testify the future growth of e-commerce.

Medtech sector icon


Emerging Sector

Medtech is driving rapid change in health care. Expect the greatest advances in Medtech to come from combinations of technologies such as biotech (genetics and stem cells), nanotech (atom-level surfacing and microbots), mobile connectivity and digital / cloud-based innovation.Major innovations will come from multidisciplinary teams


Emerging Sector

Cybersecurity is a burgeoning segment within the global startup ecosystem. The need for cybersecurity has been continuous and evolving as the data-based applications in personal and professionals lives evolve. From health details to banking details, almost everything is online, making the importance of cybersecurity ever-growing.

Social media entertainment gaming

Social, Entertainment & Gaming

Emerging Sector​

The sector which is at the forefront of the interface between technology and social behavior of humans is Social Media, Gaming & Entertainment. We live in a world where our need to stay in touch, have our identity and the need to express ourselves while feeling closer is being met by technology faster than ever before, creating new avenues.

We Help You Prepare for the 21st Century Economy

Six emerging industries

Get in depth information on six industries of the future, and what each of them offers to job seekers

Sectoral hotsopts globaly

Get to know about the cities where the future technologies and industries are taking shape

Top startups

Learn about the top startups in each industry and its sub sectors.

Startup Thinking

Learn how startup founders think and evaluate ideas, so that you can contribute more.

Frequently asked questions

We believe cultivating entrepreneurial & future skills in students should be by exposing them to innovative ideas, inventions, and experienced entrepreneurs. Exposing students to new ideas opens their eyes and helps them to understand the potential of the innovation economy.

Anyone who wants to work in a highly entrepreneurial organization/ high growth startup in the future. We do not have age restrictions nor require a university diploma. What we look for is the genuine and deeply entrenched motivation to achieve a clear goal: thinking like an entrepreneur.

This global program is designed to benefit people who are looking to equip themselves for future industries. This program will be immensely beneficial to students, who are about to start their career journey and working professionals who are feeling stuck in their job roles and want to hop on to high growth industries to increase their earnings.

You you have to pay US $ 300 for the future proof bundle.   The program fee includes  online lessons, startup readiness assessment and group mentoring sessions.

The program will give an insight into new and upcoming sectors, startup ideas and top  players in that sector. It will allow you to develop entrepreneurial thinking as well as equip you with the most important skills and tools to put your innovative ideas into practice – in a company as well as when starting your own business.

We may sound like a broken record, but we believe that the future of entrepreneurship lies in diversity. That is why we are looking for a mixed bunch of exciting individuals, who share the following:

Have a deep desire to, one day, become an entrepreneur

Have a proven track record of proactive problem solving (e.g. via previous initiatives, projects or movements that you have launched)

Can learn fast and remain humble and engaged while doing so
have an edge (expertise, skillset, knowledge) in something that sets them out from the crowd

Perseverance is their second name: HexGn program is demanding, just like the entrepreneurial world

Can commit to the full 3-month program 

And no, we do not require you to have a university degree.

If you are passionate about making the world a better place and helping people across countries find suitably paying career and jobs that they love, do drop us a line and we will take it forward. We are an impact business that aims to reduce the economic disparity among the working population

We want to build a better world, where people can live to their full potential irrespective of caste, creed, race, color, gender or orientation.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand the plethora of options our generation has and how we can leverage change for our benefit"
Lisa Doe
College Student

We work across 23 countries

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Working for a startup can be an excellent career move. You’ll be working on a new and exciting product or service, you’ll have the opportunity to grow with the company, and you may have the option to earn equity in the organization as well as a paycheck.