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MedTech Time

Digital technology can transform unsustainable healthcare systems into sustainable ones. This will lead to  cheaper, faster, and more effective solutions for diseases.

Do You have an idea or solution for medical Industry?

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HexGn and NBC have joined hands to support youth from Bihar in their journey of future livelihood readiness. Young people are critical to future economic development. However with many young people unemployed in Bihar, this potential is not being realised.

Team NBC Lead by Aditya Shankar is supporting underserved young entrepreneurs from India to start, grow and sustain their businesses – enabling them to create jobs, support local communities and transform lives. Team NBC believes that young people equipped with entrepreneurship skills are better able to navigate the challenges of today’s rapidly changing job market

MedTech Time

COVID19 is just a pause; the human spirit is indomitable and cannot be put down. We want to fast track medical technologies and ideas for a better world.

MedTech Time

For MedTech entrepreneurs

A 6 month online pre-acceleration program to fast track the ideation and development of ideas and ventures catering to Health & Medical fields.

The HexGn MedTech Time program aims to help early-stage MedTech entrepreneurs to turn their idea into a startup, or help them advance their current early stage (pre- seed) startup to understand the mechanics of gaining traction, funding options, and pitching.

What are we looking for


Innovation, advances and technology that can support in preventing disease, injury or other conditions. With an aim to improve quality of life.


Advances in point of care diagnostic devices, technologies, platforms or algorithms that can aid in expediated detection of specific medical issues.


Innovation, and advances, to augment clinical interventions, treatment workflow, prognosis, or stop disease progression, to reduce recovery time.


Innovation and advances that support the patient and doctor in checking the status of a disease or a chronic condition in person or remotely, to improve outcomes.

Clinical Trials

Innovation, advances, platforms, or algorithms that can reduce clinical cycles, time, and risk With an aim to increase efficiency, efficacy, and safety of new interventions or drugs.


Innovation, technologies, platforms or algorithms that can reduce patient care variability and cost. With an aim to improve patient outcomes in clinical and non-clinical settings.

Digital Health

Leveraging Information and data generated by medical technologies to improve health outcomes and make health systems more efficient.

Alternative Therapy

Bringing age-old remedies to market by using the rigorous testing standards of modern medicines. Thereby bringing new and novel ways to market.

Yoga & Meditation

Services, products, platforms, tools and technologies to make Yoga and Meditation more accessible to people across the world.


The program will target teams of MSc, MDs, and Ph.D. students and/or postdocs, patients, informal caregivers, and professionals.

The teams through the program will be supported in designing and validating a business model.

The program will give the participants an understanding of the market potential, competition, and target customers for their innovations.

Each cohort will have 12 participants


  • Participants are fast-tracked to do more faster, with a year’s work done in 6months and a newly discovered pace of execution
  • Show clear proof of concept and the path to profitability
    Develop a clinical validation plan and start rolling it out
  • Define why your startup is unique and establish a solid fundraising strategy
  • Learn how to engage with corporate partners for pilot projects, market access, investment.
  • Polish the team structure

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