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Convergence of Food & Beverage and E-commerce Sectors

Whether you are a working professional or a homemaker or a student, getting food delivered has never been easier, thanks to the convergence of the food & beverages and e-commerce sectors.? This convergence has brought in many revolutions changing the way people dine or order for food items considerably. The dedicated and new food delivery technology can be attributed to these leaps in the industry.

The online food and beverages industry grew at an average of 21.1% since 2013. This growth includes the purchase of all kinds of food items including groceries and farm produce. Consumer-driven food and beverages e-commerce businesses are among the top factors that are creating the most charting trends in the food supply chain logistics, according to research by the Berlin Technical University.

The industry’s growth is further fuelled by the increasing availability of marketing insight data. According to the 2017 RSM Food and Beverage Monitor Survey, close to 65% of the leading food and beverages company have dabbled in the e-commerce arena by developing new technologies of their own or by adopting existing ones to go online.

Let us look at some of the key players of the food and beverages e-commerce industry that are the top companies globally.


Zomato is a leading restaurant search app that was co-founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. The company entered the food delivery space in 2015 and has become a leading on-demand food delivery app in India and other countries where it operates. The food aggregator company offers it services across 23 countries as of date and provides other services like a POS system and table reservation facility among the others. The company’s addition of the delivery services has helped it transform from just being a restaurant discovery app to a successful food aggregator service provider.

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London based Deliveroo was co-founded by Greg Orlowski and William Shu in 2012. It is an innovative food and beverages e-commerce company that has developed a platform for making food ordering and delivery more efficient. Users of the platform get the best of experience, thanks to the most advanced technology integrated into each of its processes. Deliveroo has excellent POS order management terminals for achieving smooth food delivery and also equips its drivers with efficient software for optimising the logistics algorithm. The company has delved into newer areas within the food and beverages ecommerce arena and now offers its services in more than 200 cities across 13 countries.

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Gousto has leveraged AI to create a successful food and beverages e-commerce brand. It is a top London based online food and beverages company co-founded by James Carter and Timo Boldt in 2012. Gousto delivers groceries for an array of recipe choices to its customers making cooking and eating at home a relatively simpler process. The company aims to help its customers save time by skipping them trips to the grocery stores by providing all the required ingredients for a recipe which are all perfectly measured out. The company is among the front runners in the food and beverage e-commerce industry in the UK today.

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Berlin based startup Frubana is a leading online food technology company that is creating ease of selling farm produce without any middlemen. This innovative company is the brainchild of Fabian Gomez Gutierezz and a leading supplier of agro products to restaurants across Latin America.? Special attention is paid to the logistics aspect in the whole process to help ensure the delivery of the food products in the best state without losing out on the freshness. The role of the intermediary helps producers and buyers get barrier-less access to each other and also facilitates price transparency.

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The next company on our list of top startups is Postmates, whose disruptive services are shaping the food and beverage e-commerce segment in the US. Postmates’ platform is an on-demand logistics services for food, beverages and groceries.? Users can opt for the services through their app or from their web-based platform and get the items they want to be delivered within a short time frame. Postmates currently offers its services in 40 metros.? The company is a unicorn startup based in San Francisco and was co-founded by Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice, and Sam Street in 2011.

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Countries with a Soaring Food and Beverage E-commerce Industry

As per research from HexGn, there has been a good rate of growth globally for the food and beverage e-commerce sector in the years from 2014 to 2018. The investments increased by? 35.14% in the same period until 2018. While China recorded the highest growth in the e-tail and marketplace segment, India and the USA take the cake when it comes to growth of delivery services. The share of investments that came into the sector capped at 8.2% globally. Let us look at how well the food and beverages e-commerce industry has shaped in these countries in recent years.

United States of America as a market for Food and Beverage E-commerce Startups

According to a Harris poll in 2016, close to 31% of American customers opted for ordering their food online that year, and a majority of them were millennial’s. The growth can be attributed to the excellent internet penetration in the American customer base especially among those in the 18-25 age group. America has an abundance of both etail as well as delivery services in the food and beverages e-commerce segment. The revenue from the e-tail and marketplace segment amounted to $13.53 billion in 2017 and is expected to touch the $25 billion mark by 2022.

India as a market for Food and Beverage E-commerce Startups

India is seeing a spurt in the food and beverages e-commerce sector in recent years. This growth comes from the increase in online delivery and food aggregator services in the industry.? Some of the factors that can be attributed for this growth include rising urbanisation, the growing role of online food delivery in the travel and tourism sector, better income and consumption capacities,? and the rise in the number of grocery stores and restaurants adopting e-commerce. The online food and beverages industry in India is forecasted to be valued at $2.7 billion by 2019.

Food and Beverage E-commerce Trends for 2020

While most of the markets around the world have got a taste of the online food and beverages services, there is still a lot to be done to make the segment more organized. Some of the trends that are expected to take an important place in the industry are as follows:

An increase in services and offerings that cater to customers who are clean eaters. The increasing awareness about eating clean and the benefits associated with them have paved a path for online food and beverages companies that cater to such specific needs.

Procedures that bring in transparency are also expected to increase. This is in line with the growing awareness of food safety and making it an important aspect of the food and beverages e-commerce industry.

A lot of new mergers can be expected this year and the years to follow as a lot of small companies seek to partner with larger brands for increasing their customer reach and for introducing new services and products.

Food and beverage e-commerce is expected to thrive in the coming years and take on as a significant sub-sector in the global e-commerce industry. The increase in brands that are catering to specific needs like home cooking and clean eating and the growth in investments are good indicators of the scope of growth the sector offers for various niches.

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