Top Art & Creative Tech Startups – East Asia & Pacific 2023

Hexgn Top Art Creative Tech Startups East Asia Pacific 2023

Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023 showcases the most innovative and promising companies making waves in the region’s art and creative tech scene. This carefully curated list highlights startups that are pushing boundaries, leveraging technology to revolutionize the way we experience art, entertainment, and creativity.

From virtual reality pioneers to augmented reality trailblazers, these startups are reshaping industries, fostering new forms of expression, and connecting people in ways never imagined before. Hexgn’s recognition not only celebrates the remarkable achievements of these startups but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of art and creative technology in East Asia & Pacific’s dynamic and evolving landscape.

BandLab (Singapore): Empowering Music Creation and Collaboration

BandLab Technologies, headquartered in Singapore with offices in London, Los Angeles, and Beijing, has emerged as a leading startup in the field of music creation and collaboration. With its free online cloud-based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), BandLab offers musicians a powerful platform to create, collaborate, and share music. Its innovative features and tools have made it a popular choice among musicians of all levels. In fact, Hexgn has recognized BandLab as one of the Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023.

BandLab’s multi-track recorder sets the stage for unlimited creativity. Musicians can record and edit multiple tracks of audio simultaneously, enabling the creation of complex and layered music compositions. This feature empowers artists to experiment with different sounds and arrangements, giving their music a professional touch.

The built-in synthesizer offered by BandLab opens up a world of electronic sounds. Musicians can customize and create their own unique sounds, adding depth and versatility to their compositions. This feature allows artists to explore new genres and experiment with various musical styles, making BandLab an essential tool for the modern music creator.

BandLab understands the importance of finding the right sounds to complement a musical vision. With its extensive library of royalty-free loops and samples, artists have access to a vast collection of high-quality sounds. Whether it’s drums, percussion, vocals, or instruments, musicians can easily browse and select the perfect sounds to elevate their compositions. This feature saves time and effort, providing endless inspiration for aspiring artists.

BandLab goes beyond being a mere DAW; it has created a vibrant social media platform for musicians. Users can connect with other musicians, share their work, and seek feedback. This thriving community fosters collaboration and networking opportunities, allowing artists to grow their skills and expand their musical horizons.

The ability to connect with like-minded individuals makes BandLab a valuable resource for musicians seeking artistic growth and exposure. One of the Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023, BandLab continues to empower artists, enabling them to express their creativity, collaborate with others, and share their musical journeys with the world.

Rario (Singapore): Revolutionizing Cricket Collectibles with NFTs

Rario, a Singapore-based startup, has disrupted the world of cricket collectibles by introducing a cricket-focused non-fungible token (NFT) platform. Founded in 2021 by Ankit Wadhwa, Gaurav Sethi, and Nikhil Shetty, Rario offers a unique digital marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade officially licensed digital cricket cards and moments. With its innovative approach and growing popularity, Rario has secured a spot on Hexgn’s prestigious list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023.

At the heart of Rario’s offerings are its digital cricket cards. Each card represents a significant moment in cricket history, making it a cherished collectible for cricket enthusiasts. Through Rario’s platform, users can explore and acquire these digital cards, adding them to their collections. The platform provides a secure and transparent marketplace for buyers and sellers to engage in seamless transactions.

Rario goes beyond static cards and also offers “moments” – short videos that encapsulate key cricketing highlights. These moments allow fans to relive their favorite cricketing memories and own a piece of history. From iconic innings to thrilling catches, Rario’s moments capture the essence of the sport and offer fans a unique and immersive experience.

To further engage users, Rario regularly releases NFT packs. These packs contain a randomized assortment of digital cricket cards and moments, creating an element of surprise and excitement for collectors. Users can purchase these packs using fiat currency or cryptocurrency, providing flexibility and accessibility to a wide range of cricket enthusiasts.

Rario has successfully secured over $10 million in funding from prominent investors such as Animoca Brands, Republic Capital, and CVC Capital Partners. This significant financial support underscores the confidence investors have in Rario’s vision and potential to become a major player in the cricket NFT space.

As a part of Hexgn’s prestigious list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023, Rario continues to redefine the cricket memorabilia landscape, offering a unique value proposition to cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Mighty Jaxx (Singapore): Unleashing Creative Magic with Designer Art Toys

In the world of designer toys, Mighty Jaxx has carved a niche for itself as a leading player. Founded in 2012 by David Ong and Wei Koh, this Singapore-based startup has gained international recognition for its innovative and captivating vinyl art toys.

With a dedicated team of over 50 employees, Mighty Jaxx has become a powerhouse in the industry, offering a unique blend of pop culture, streetwear, and urban art influences in their limited-edition creations.

At the heart of Mighty Jaxx’s offerings lies their ability to seamlessly blend art, technology, and imagination. Their signature product line, XXRAY toys, revolutionizes the art toy scene by providing transparent vinyl figures that reveal the inner workings of beloved characters. These meticulously crafted collectibles offer fans an exclusive glimpse into the anatomy and design elements of their favorite pop culture icons.

Kandy toys are another enchanting collection by Mighty Jaxx, featuring soft vinyl figures with a vibrant and candy-like appearance. These whimsical creations add a touch of sweetness to the art toy world, capturing the imagination of both toy enthusiasts and art connoisseurs alike. With their playful aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail, Kandy toys bring joy and nostalgia to collectors of all ages.

Mighty Jaxx takes art toys to another level with Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles. These meticulously crafted vinyl figures are dissected to reveal their inner workings, offering a unique perspective on the familiar. By showcasing the intricate details and unseen layers within each character, these collectibles inspire curiosity and appreciation for the art of deconstruction.

One of Mighty Jaxx’s most captivating offerings is the Mighty Allstars collection, which brings together beloved characters from popular franchises like Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars. With stunning attention to detail and a commitment to authenticity, these collectible figures capture the essence of the characters, allowing fans to showcase their favorite heroes and villains in an entirely new light.

Mighty Jaxx’s remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed. The startup has successfully raised over $10 million in funding from prominent investors such as FJ Labs, SIG Capital, and Golden Gate Ventures. This financial backing has enabled the company to expand its reach globally, with its products now available in over 50 countries. Moreover, Mighty Jaxx has received accolades from renowned publications including The New York Times, Forbes, and Wired, cementing its status as a trailblazer in the art toy industry.

Mighty Jaxx’s commitment to creating captivating and innovative vinyl art toys has earned them a well-deserved spot on Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023.

RECON Labs (South Korea): Redefining 3D Content Creation with AI-Powered Solutions

In the realm of 3D content creation and visualization, RECON Labs, a South Korean startup, has emerged as a trailblazer. Founded in 2019 by Chris Park, Yun Kyungwon, and Sohee Yoon, RECON Labs develops cutting-edge AI-powered solutions that empower users to create and visualize stunning 3D models. With a focus on innovation and accessibility, the company is revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses approach 3D content.

RECON Labs’ flagship product, 3Dpresso, is a web-based platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to transform photos and videos into high-quality 3D models. Users can simply upload their visual content to the platform, and 3Dpresso’s advanced algorithms will analyze the data, generating accurate and detailed 3D models. This intuitive and user-friendly solution opens up new possibilities for designers, architects, and creatives to bring their ideas to life in a tangible and immersive manner.

PlicAR, another remarkable offering from RECON Labs, is an augmented reality (AR) visualization software that enables users to view their 3D models in the real world. By leveraging AR technology, PlicAR allows users to overlay their digital creations onto the physical environment, providing a realistic and interactive experience. Whether it’s visualizing architectural designs in a real-world setting or showcasing product prototypes with precision, PlicAR enhances the way users interact with their 3D models, facilitating better decision-making and collaboration.

RECON Labs’ pursuit of innovation has attracted significant investment from prominent organizations. With over $62 million in funding from investors such as Kakao Ventures, Bluepoint Partners, and IITP, the startup has garnered recognition and support within the tech and investment communities. These financial resources have enabled RECON Labs to expand its operations and accelerate the development of its AI-powered solutions, solidifying its position as a leader in the 3D content creation domain.

At the heart of RECON Labs’ success is its visionary team of founders. Chris Park, Yun Kyungwon, and Sohee Yoon bring a wealth of expertise and passion to the company. Their combined experience in AI, computer vision, and 3D technologies drives the company’s mission to empower users with accessible and powerful tools for 3D content creation. With a dedicated team of 11-50 employees, RECON Labs is committed to pushing boundaries and shaping the future of 3D visualization.

RECON Labs’ exceptional contributions to AI-powered 3D content creation and visualization have earned it a well-deserved spot on Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023.

Copin Communications (South Korea): Connecting Emotions through Vibrant Digital Content

Copin Communications, also known as Terrapin, is a South Korean digital content company that has been making waves in the industry. Founded in 2012 by Young-Hae Yoo and Ju-Hyun Kim, Copin Communications is headquartered in Seoul and has established itself as a leader in producing captivating characters, emoticons, webtoons, web novels, and mobile games.

With a strong focus on conveying emotions through vibrant content, Copin Communications has garnered recognition for its innovative use of digital media. In 2018, Forbes named the company one of the “Top 100 Global Startups,” highlighting its influence and impact in the industry. Copin Communications has also been honored with prestigious awards such as the “Korea Content Awards” and the “Korea Creative Content Agency Awards.” It has also earned a well-deserved spot on Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023.

The company’s products span across various creative mediums, each contributing to its unique value proposition. Copin Communications has created a diverse range of characters, including its beloved mascot “Terrapin.” These characters come to life in captivating webtoons, engaging web novels, and immersive mobile games. By combining storytelling prowess with cutting-edge technology, Copin Communications captivates audiences and fosters a deep emotional connection.

Emoticons, another facet of Copin Communications’ offerings, play a significant role in modern communication. The company’s creative and expressive emoticons are designed for popular platforms such as KakaoTalk, LINE, and Facebook Messenger. These emoticons allow users to infuse their digital conversations with a wide array of emotions, adding an extra layer of personalization and fun.

Copin Communications has received substantial support from prominent investors, with over $52 million raised to fuel its growth and expansion. Investors such as SoftBank Ventures Korea, Naver, and Kakao have recognized the potential of Copin Communications and its ability to revolutionize the digital content landscape.

Looking to the future, Copin Communications continues to forge ahead with exciting projects. The company is currently developing a mobile game centered around its beloved character, “Terrapin,” further expanding its immersive universe. Additionally, Copin Communications is making strides in the global market, exemplified by the opening of an office in Los Angeles in 2019.

With its team of over 100 talented individuals and a clear vision of being a global content company that conveys emotions through vibrant content, Copin Communications is poised to shape the digital content industry.

UCOLLEX (Hong Kong SAR): Redefining the Digital Collectibles Marketplace

In the fast-growing world of digital collectibles, UCOLLEX stands out as a leading marketplace headquartered in Hong Kong. This innovative startup provides a platform for buying and selling digital collectibles, including NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and has gained recognition for its curated selection of digital art from artists worldwide. With a commitment to community, transparency, and innovation, UCOLLEX is redefining the way collectors and artists engage with digital art.

UCOLLEX offers a wide range of digital collectibles, providing collectors with access to unique and exclusive pieces from talented artists across the globe. The platform’s curated selection ensures a high-quality collection of digital art, allowing collectors to discover and acquire pieces that resonate with their individual tastes and preferences. UCOLLEX’s marketplace serves as a bridge between artists and collectors, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations within the digital art community.

UCOLLEX’s commitment to providing a curated marketplace, fostering a thriving community, and offering secure transactions has earned it a prominent spot on Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023

One of UCOLLEX’s key offerings is the ability to purchase digital collectibles using fiat currency, simplifying the process for collectors who may be new to cryptocurrency. This feature sets UCOLLEX apart, providing a user-friendly experience for those who prefer to use traditional payment methods.

Moreover, UCOLLEX ensures a secure and transparent marketplace, leveraging blockchain technology to authenticate and verify the ownership and provenance of digital collectibles. This instills confidence in collectors, knowing that their purchases are genuine and protected.

UCOLLEX is more than just a marketplace; it fosters a vibrant community of collectors and artists. By providing a platform for engagement and interaction, UCOLLEX encourages collaboration, inspiration, and the celebration of digital art.

UCOLLEX’s success can be attributed to its visionary founders and the support of notable investors. The startup was founded by three entrepreneurs: Ethan Lee, a seasoned CEO and co-founder; Bryant Lin, an experienced CTO specializing in blockchain technology; and Clarence Hui, a skilled COO with expertise in business development. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to UCOLLEX’s operations and growth strategies.

The startup has also raised over $10 million in funding from prominent investors such as Animoca Brands, HashKey Capital, and FBG Capital, validating its potential and vision.

Gemie (Singapore): Revolutionizing Fan Engagement in the Asian Entertainment Industry

Gemie, headquartered in Singapore with offices in Seoul, South Korea, and Taipei, Taiwan, is a metaverse platform and NFT marketplace specifically designed for the Asian entertainment industry. The startup offers a unique and immersive fan engagement experience, connecting fans with their favorite celebrities without physical boundaries.

At the heart of Gemie’s platform is its metaverse, a digital realm divided into different planets, each representing a different celebrity or group of celebrities. Fans can visit these planets to interact with each other, attend virtual events, and collect utility-focused NFTs. This innovative approach brings fans closer to their idols and creates an unprecedented level of interaction and engagement.

Gemie’s utility-focused NFTs are a key aspect of the platform. These NFTs provide access to exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes videos, unreleased music, and merchandise. Fans can use these NFTs to participate in virtual events like meet-and-greets and concerts, enhancing their connection and experience with their favorite celebrities. Additionally, Gemie’s NFTs offer rewards such as airdrops of new NFTs or exclusive discounts, providing incentives for fan engagement.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Gemie combines the power of the metaverse and NFTs to create a dynamic and immersive fan ecosystem. The platform has already attracted renowned celebrities like Jay Chou, Rain, and Super Junior, demonstrating its appeal and potential in the entertainment industry. With support from investors such as Animoca Brands, Republic Capital, and Ascensive Assets, Gemie is poised for growth and innovation.

Gemie’s mission to connect entertainers and their communities without physical boundaries sets it apart in the industry. By providing fans with an immersive fan engagement experience, Gemie enables fans to celebrate and support Asian talent in a novel and exciting way. The platform’s vision to be the home for celebrating Asian talent underscores its commitment to creating a vibrant community and fostering deeper connections between fans and celebrities. For this reason, it has got a slot in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia and Pacific for 2023

ProtoPie (South Korea): Empowering Design Teams with High-Fidelity Prototyping

In the realm of design and prototyping, ProtoPie has emerged as a game-changer, providing design teams with a high-fidelity prototyping tool that enables the creation of realistic and interactive prototypes without code. Founded in 2015 by designers Yusuke Umeda and Yuta Saito, ProtoPie has garnered recognition for its user-friendly platform that empowers designers, engineers, and product managers to bring their ideas to life across various devices.

ProtoPie fills a critical gap in the design process by allowing teams to create interactive prototypes without the need for coding skills. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, the tool enables users to transform their static designs into dynamic and functional prototypes.

Whether it’s for mobile apps, desktop software, web interfaces, or IoT devices, ProtoPie’s versatility and ease of use make it a go-to solution for creating prototypes that closely resemble the final product.

ProtoPie’s impact in the design community is evident through its impressive customer base, which includes industry giants like Google, Sony, and Airbnb. By providing a powerful and efficient prototyping solution, ProtoPie has become a go-to choice for companies seeking to streamline their design processes and improve collaboration.

ProtoPie’s innovation and success have garnered attention from both industry experts and prestigious publications. The company’s achievements have been highlighted in renowned outlets such as The New York Times, Wired, and Fast Company.

With its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and a rapidly expanding global presence, ProtoPie is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for user-friendly and powerful prototyping solutions. ProtoPie’s commitment to empowering design teams with its high-fidelity prototyping tool has earned it a well-deserved spot on Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023.

HIKKY (Japan): Connecting Real and Virtual Worlds through Innovative VR Solutions

In the fast-paced world of virtual reality (VR) technology, HIKKY stands out as a leading startup based in Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. With a strong focus on creativity and innovation, HIKKY has carved a niche for itself by bridging the gap between the real world and the virtual world, offering a range of cutting-edge VR solutions that captivate both creators and users alike.

At the forefront of HIKKY’s offerings is Virtual Market, a groundbreaking VR event that has taken the industry by storm since its inception in 2018. Serving as a platform for creators to showcase their 3D content, Virtual Market has garnered immense popularity, attracting over 1 million visitors. In fact, it has even secured a coveted spot in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023. This massive VR event has also earned recognition in the form of a Guinness World Record for being the largest of its kind.

Another standout product from HIKKY is mokuriPJ, a versatile VR platform that allows creators worldwide to effortlessly create and share 3D content. As a free and open-source platform, mokuriPJ has gained traction within the creative community, empowering individuals to unleash their imagination and bring their ideas to life.

In addition to their flagship products, HIKKY provides an array of supplementary services, including VR consulting and production. Leveraging their team of experienced VR experts, the company assists businesses and organizations in developing and implementing VR projects tailored to their specific needs.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Yasuyuki Funakoshi, a VR industry pioneer with a decade-long involvement in the field, HIKKY is driving the evolution of VR technology. Funakoshi’s passion for utilizing VR to create new experiences and foster meaningful connections has been the driving force behind the company’s success. Assisting Funakoshi is COO Asako Nishida, a seasoned marketing expert, who spearheads HIKKY’s business development and marketing efforts. Together, they form a dynamic duo that ensures HIKKY remains at the forefront of the VR industry.

A key figure in HIKKY’s talented team is Phio, a VR artist and developer responsible for the development of mokuriPJ. With a deep-rooted passion for pushing the boundaries of VR, Phio brings his innovative ideas to life, captivating audiences with his remarkable creations.

FASSKER (South Korea): Revolutionizing the Digital Fashion Metaverse

FASSKER, a digital fashion metaverse platform founded by Choi Hyun Seok in South Korea in 2019, has been making waves in the fashion industry. Headquartered in Seoul with an additional office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, FASSKER offers a unique range of products and services that cater to fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

One of FASSKER’s notable offerings is COVER, a mobile fashion magazine that provides users with up-to-date fashion news, trends, interviews with influential fashion designers, and product reviews. COVER keeps fashion lovers informed and inspired, making it a go-to resource for staying on top of the latest industry developments.

Another exciting aspect of FASSKER is its fashion social media network called FLEX. This platform allows users to connect with like-minded fashion enthusiasts, share their personal style through photos and videos, follow other users, and engage in vibrant discussions about all things fashion. FLEX creates a community-driven space where individuals can express their fashion identities and find inspiration from others who share their interests.

FASSKER takes the fashion experience to another level with its virtual world, the FASSKER Metaverse. Within this virtual space, users can create personalized avatars, explore a myriad of fashion-themed environments, and interact with other users. The FASSKER Metaverse offers a truly immersive experience, allowing individuals to experiment with different styles, showcase their creativity, and connect with a global fashion community.

The success of FASSKER can be attributed to its innovative approach and strategic partnerships. With over $10 million in funding from prominent investors such as SoftBank Ventures Korea, Kakao Ventures, and Mirae Asset Venture Investment, the company has solid financial backing. Additionally, FASSKER has formed partnerships with renowned fashion brands including Fendi, Dior, and G-Cut, further establishing its credibility and expanding its reach in the industry.

Recognitions and accolades have also been showered upon FASSKER. In 2022, the company received the Grand Prize at the Startup:CON competition, hosted by the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Furthermore, FASSKER was honored as one of the “Top 100 Global Fashion Tech Companies” by Business of Fashion, cementing its position as a key player in the digital fashion metaverse space. In fact, it has even secured a coveted spot in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Art & Creative Tech Startups in East Asia & Pacific for 2023.

Hexgn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023

HexGn'sTop Agritech Startups South Asia Region 2023

Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023 showcases the most innovative and promising companies that are revolutionizing the agricultural landscape. These startups leverage cutting-edge technologies and novel approaches to address key challenges in the industry, ranging from enhancing farming practices and improving supply chain efficiency to promoting sustainability and reducing food waste. With their disruptive solutions, these agritech startups are transforming the way farmers operate, connecting them to valuable resources, empowering them with knowledge, and facilitating access to markets. Hexgn’s recognition of these startups highlights their immense potential and the positive impact they are making in shaping the future of agriculture in South Asia.

MoooFarm (India): Revolutionizing Dairy Farming

MoooFarm, an innovative startup headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India, is making a noteworthy impact in the realm of dairy farming. The brainchild of Aashna Agarwal and Abhishek Agarwal, MoooFarm was founded in 2018 and has since then transformed the traditional dairy farming practices with its digital-first approach.

The comprehensive suite of services offered by MoooFarm are revolutionizing the way dairy farmers manage their livestock and business operations. MoooFarm’s digital cattle registry, for instance, simplifies livestock management for farmers by allowing them to meticulously record and track the lifecycle of each cattle, including their health records, vaccinations, and breeding history. The unique feature Bahi Khaata takes this digitization a step further, enabling farmers to accurately monitor their revenues and expenses.

To facilitate ease of trading and procurement, MoooFarm has an integrated e-commerce platform. Here, farmers can conveniently buy and sell cattle, and procure essential dairy farming inputs such as feed, medicines, and equipment.

Another unique service provided by MoooFarm is access to financing. In collaboration with banks and financial institutions, the startup assists dairy farmers in securing loans and availing other financial products, which greatly supports their business growth.

MoooFarm’s platform also connects farmers with certified veterinarians for timely consultations and home visits, ensuring the health and wellbeing of the livestock. Furthermore, the startup takes an extra leap by offering educational resources such as e-learning videos, webinars, and panel discussions to empower farmers with necessary knowledge and skills.

At its core, MoooFarm’s mission is to uplift the productivity and profitability of dairy farmers through the strategic use of education and technology. This dynamic approach and consistent performance have led MoooFarm to be recognized in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023. It continues to garner significant financial backing, raising over $1 million from renowned investors such as Omnivore Partners and Accel Partners.

Aquaconnect (India): Empowering Aquaculture through Technology

Aquaconnect, a pioneering startup in the aquaculture industry, is revolutionizing the way farmers, traders, and buyers connect and operate in the global aquaculture value chain. Founded in 2018 by a team of aquaculture experts and technologists, Aquaconnect aims to democratize aquaculture by leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and satellite remote sensing.

At the core of Aquaconnect’s offerings is their full-stack tech platform, which seamlessly integrates data, analytics, market linkages, and financing services. By harnessing the power of AI and satellite remote sensing, Aquaconnect brings transparency and efficiency to the aquaculture sector, making it more sustainable and equitable for all stakeholders.

One of Aquaconnect’s key strengths lies in its robust data and analytics capabilities. The platform collects and analyzes vast amounts of data on aquaculture production, prices, and market conditions from diverse sources such as satellite imagery, weather data, and government statistics. This wealth of information provides farmers with valuable insights to make informed decisions about their operations, optimize productivity, and improve profitability.

In addition to data and analytics, Aquaconnect excels in facilitating market linkages. Through their platform, aquaculture farmers gain access to a wide network of buyers and traders, both domestically and internationally. This creates opportunities for farmers to secure the best prices for their products and enables buyers to source high-quality aquaculture products at competitive rates. By bridging the gap between producers and consumers, Aquaconnect fosters transparency and efficiency in the marketplace.

Furthermore, Aquaconnect understands the importance of financial support for the growth and development of aquaculture businesses. The startup collaborates with financial institutions to offer tailored financial products, including loans, to aquaculture farmers. This strategic partnership helps farmers access the necessary capital to expand their operations, adopt sustainable practices, and enhance their overall productivity.

The success of Aquaconnect is evident from its widespread adoption and global reach. Currently, the platform is utilized by aquaculture farmers and businesses in more than 20 countries, transforming the industry on a global scale. Aquaconnect’s commitment to innovation and impact has garnered significant attention and recognition, with the startup securing over $10 million in funding from reputable investors such as Aqua-Spark, BlueYard Capital, and 500 Startups.

Headquartered in India, Aquaconnect boasts a talented team of over 50 employees who are dedicated to driving positive change in the aquaculture sector. The company’s platform is designed to cater to a diverse audience, with multilingual support in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Notably, Aquaconnect’s groundbreaking work has gained considerable media coverage, with features in prestigious publications like The Economist, The Financial Times, and Forbes.

As a testament to its excellence, Aquaconnect proudly holds a place in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023. This recognition further underscores the profound impact Aquaconnect has made in reshaping the aquaculture landscape and its unwavering commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good.

In conclusion, Aquaconnect’s innovative approach and comprehensive platform have empowered aquaculture farmers, traders, and buyers worldwide. By leveraging AI, satellite remote sensing, and a deep understanding of the industry, Aquaconnect has paved the way for sustainable growth and increased efficiency in the aquaculture value chain. With their continued dedication and impact, Aquaconnect is set to shape the future of aquaculture, creating a more transparent, interconnected, and prosperous industry.

EGGOZ (India): Empowering Farmers and Delivering Freshness to Your Doorstep

EGGOZ, India’s premier online platform for farm-fresh eggs, is revolutionizing the way consumers access high-quality eggs while empowering rural egg farmers. Founded by IIT Kharagpur alumni Abhishek Negi, Uttam Kumar, and Aditya Singh, EGGOZ Nutrition is committed to bridging the gap between farmers and consumers, ensuring sustainable practices and delivering freshness directly to customers’ doorsteps.

At the heart of EGGOZ’s offerings is their collaboration with rural egg farmers. By providing these farmers with essential resources and knowledge, EGGOZ helps them produce eggs of superior quality. These eggs, carefully nurtured in healthy and humane conditions, are then delivered directly to customers, eliminating any intermediaries and ensuring maximum freshness.

The range of egg products available through EGGOZ is diverse, catering to the unique preferences of customers. From classic white eggs to nutrient-rich brown eggs, free-range eggs, and even nutra eggs, EGGOZ offers a comprehensive selection to satisfy all tastes and dietary requirements. To enhance convenience, EGGOZ also provides subscription plans, enabling customers to receive regular deliveries of fresh eggs, seamlessly integrating them into their daily lives.

EGGOZ goes beyond being a mere marketplace for eggs. Their commitment to education and engagement is evident through their informative blog and recipes section on their website. The blog features articles covering various topics such as egg nutrition, egg farming, and other relevant insights. Meanwhile, the recipes section offers a treasure trove of creative and delicious egg-based recipes, empowering customers to explore the versatility of this nutritious food source.

Sustainability lies at the core of EGGOZ’s philosophy. The company strives to make a positive environmental impact by employing packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable, reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint. By promoting sustainable practices and supporting rural egg farmers, EGGOZ ensures a holistic approach to egg production that benefits both the consumers and the environment.

It comes as no surprise that EGGOZ has earned a coveted spot in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023, solidifying their commitment to excellence and innovation. The recognition reflects the startup’s tireless efforts to revolutionize the egg market in India and provide consumers with the highest quality eggs while empowering farmers with the necessary resources and knowledge.

ReshaMandi (India): Digitizing India’s Natural Fiber Supply Chain

ReshaMandi, India’s pioneering B2B marketplace for yarn, fabric, apparel, home living, and accessories, is transforming the natural fiber supply chain through its cutting-edge digital ecosystem. Established in 2019 by Ankit Agarwal, Gaurav Agarwal, and Ankur Singla, ReshaMandi has emerged as India’s first and largest platform digitizing the entire natural fiber value chain, connecting buyers and sellers from across the country.

ReshaMandi’s mission is clear: to empower the natural fiber ecosystem by digitizing the supply chain, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and accessibility. Their all-encompassing super app, from FARM to RETAIL, provides a full-stack digital ecosystem that revolutionizes the way natural fibers are sourced, traded, and delivered.

At the core of ReshaMandi’s offerings lies a vast and diverse product portfolio, encompassing an extensive range of natural fibers, including cotton, silk, linen, wool, and much more. The platform connects buyers with trusted suppliers, ensuring access to high-quality products at competitive prices. By bringing together the entire natural fiber industry under one digital roof, ReshaMandi simplifies and streamlines the procurement process for businesses in search of premium materials.

ReshaMandi goes above and beyond by providing value-added services that optimize the natural fiber experience. From fabric grading to quality control and logistics, the platform offers comprehensive support to businesses, ensuring that each purchase is of the highest standard. This commitment to excellence sets ReshaMandi apart as a one-stop solution for all natural fiber needs, revolutionizing the way businesses source and utilize these essential materials.

The ReshaMandi platform offers a user-friendly and transparent interface, simplifying the sourcing process for buyers. Its reliable and efficient delivery network ensures fast and timely shipments, allowing businesses to meet their production timelines without hassle. By embracing technology and digitization, ReshaMandi enhances the efficiency and accessibility of the natural fiber supply chain, facilitating seamless transactions and fostering a vibrant marketplace.

ReshaMandi’s dedication to revolutionizing the industry has garnered significant recognition, earning them a well-deserved place in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023. This acknowledgment underscores ReshaMandi’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and its pivotal role in reshaping the natural fiber landscape in India.

With headquarters in Gurugram, India, and additional offices in Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Mumbai, ReshaMandi continues to push boundaries and drive transformation in the natural fiber industry. Their platform serves as a centralized hub for businesses seeking quality natural fibers, delivering value, efficiency, and convenience in equal measure.

Vegrow (India): Empowering Farmers and Transforming the Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Vegrow, an innovative tech platform, is revolutionizing the fresh produce industry by partnering with farmers to aggregate supply and connect them with organized demand. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Vegrow was founded in 2018 by a group of passionate IITians with extensive experience in agri-input and agri-output companies. With a mission to empower farmers and leverage technology to enhance the supply chain, Vegrow has quickly become a prominent player in the agtech sector.

At the core of Vegrow’s offerings is their platform that provides farmers with access to a broader market, better pricing, and efficient supply chain management. By partnering with Vegrow, farmers gain access to a vast network of customers, including supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses that require a consistent supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. This partnership enables farmers to expand their reach and secure fair prices for their produce, enhancing their profitability and sustainability.

Vegrow goes beyond the role of a traditional marketplace. Recognizing the importance of knowledge and best practices in farming, Vegrow offers training and support to farmers, enabling them to implement efficient and sustainable farming techniques. By sharing expertise and providing guidance, Vegrow empowers farmers to optimize their productivity and improve the overall quality of their produce.

One of Vegrow’s key objectives is to create an asset-light farming model. Through their platform, Vegrow helps farmers maximize their productivity and profitability without requiring heavy investments in assets such as land and equipment. By leveraging technology, Vegrow enables farmers to unlock their true potential and become key contributors to the fresh produce supply chain.

Vegrow’s commitment to innovation and impact has garnered significant attention and recognition, earning the company a well-deserved spot in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023. This accolade solidifies Vegrow’s position as a leading player in the agtech sector and highlights their dedication to transforming the agriculture industry.

Despite being a relatively young company, Vegrow has made remarkable strides in the Indian agriculture market. With partnerships established with over 10,000 farmers and catering to more than 1,000 customers, Vegrow is reshaping the way fresh fruits and vegetables are sourced and distributed. Moreover, Vegrow’s ambitious expansion plans include venturing into new markets such as Southeast Asia and Africa, further solidifying their position as a global agtech disruptor.

BigHaat (India): Empowering Farmers through an Online Agricultural Marketplace

BigHaat, a pioneering online agricultural marketplace, has been at the forefront of connecting farmers with suppliers of agricultural products and services since its establishment in 2012. Founded by Vaibhav Aggarwal and Pravin Agarwal, BigHaat is headquartered in Gurugram, India, and has become a leading force in the agritech industry.

At the core of BigHaat’s offerings is their comprehensive marketplace that provides farmers with a diverse range of agricultural products. From high-quality seeds and fertilizers to pesticides, agricultural machinery, and livestock feed, BigHaat ensures that farmers have access to essential resources to enhance their agricultural practices. Moreover, BigHaat goes beyond simply providing products. The platform also facilitates access to vital financial services, including crop loans and insurance, supporting farmers in managing their finances and mitigating risks.

In addition to the marketplace, BigHaat offers a host of valuable services to farmers. Farm advisory services provide farmers with expert guidance on crop cultivation techniques, pest management strategies, and other agricultural practices, empowering them with knowledge to optimize their yields. BigHaat further enhances farmers’ skills through training workshops and seminars, covering a variety of agricultural topics and promoting continuous learning and growth within the farming community.

Understanding the significance of market insights, BigHaat provides farmers with valuable market research data. This includes information on agricultural prices, demand trends, and supply dynamics, empowering farmers to make informed decisions about their crops and maximize their profitability. Additionally, BigHaat offers logistics services such as transportation and warehousing, ensuring a seamless supply chain for farmers and enhancing the efficiency of their operations.

With over 2 million registered farmers and more than 10,000 registered suppliers, BigHaat has established itself as a trusted and influential platform in the agricultural sector. Its dedication to providing farmers with essential resources and services has garnered significant recognition, including a coveted spot in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023.

BigHaat’s success is further amplified by its impressive financial backing. The company has raised over $200 million in funding from renowned investors such as Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global Management, and Accel Partners. This substantial investment attests to the confidence in BigHaat’s vision and its potential to transform the agricultural landscape.

Bijak (India): Transforming Agricultural Commodities Trading with Technology

Bijak, a pioneering B2B agricultural commodities trading marketplace, is revolutionizing the way suppliers and buyers across India’s agricultural value chain connect and trade. Founded in April 2019 by Jitender Bedwal, Nukul Upadhye, and Nikhil Tripathi, Bijak aims to bridge the information asymmetry and lack of accountability prevalent in agricultural commodity trading.

At the core of Bijak’s offerings is their comprehensive platform that provides users with access to the largest network of reliable and trustworthy agriculture buyers and suppliers. This expansive network ensures that farmers and traders can connect with potential buyers and suppliers, facilitating seamless and efficient transactions. By eliminating intermediaries and digitizing the trading process, Bijak enhances transparency, reduces costs, and empowers participants in the agricultural ecosystem.

Bijak’s platform boasts a variety of features designed to optimize the trading experience. Users can benefit from bookkeeping services that capture all transaction details and related documents directly on their mobile devices. This digital record-keeping simplifies accounting processes, enhances transparency, and ensures a streamlined approach to business operations. Additionally, Bijak offers quick and real-time disbursal of loans to buyers, enabling immediate payment to suppliers and supporting financial liquidity throughout the value chain.

The impact of Bijak’s innovative approach is undeniable. Since its launch, the company has raised over $25 million in funding from reputable investors such as Bertelsmann, RTP Global, Sequoia Capital India, Omidyar Network, and Omnivore Partners. This significant investment underscores the confidence in Bijak’s mission and its potential to transform the agricultural commodities trading landscape.

Furthermore, Bijak’s impressive growth is evident in its expansive reach. The platform has expanded its operations across 28 states, encompassing over 2,000 regions, and serving a user base of more than 30,000 participants. By leveraging technology and fostering trust, Bijak has successfully digitized and organized the agro procurement market, connecting buyers and sellers through a single platform.

Bijak’s commitment to empowering the agricultural community extends beyond trading. The company actively engages with industry stakeholders through its informative blog, which covers a wide range of topics such as market trends, news, and insights. Additionally, Bijak’s blog features interviews with industry experts and farmers, providing valuable perspectives and fostering knowledge sharing within the agricultural sector.

Moreover, Bijak has demonstrated its social responsibility through initiatives such as the TogetherAgainstCovid campaign. Launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign focuses on aiding organizations with the supply and logistics of essential commodities. With its prominent position in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023, Bijak continues to make a lasting impact on the industry, digitizing and organizing the agro procurement market for a more transparent, efficient, and prosperous future.

Intello Labs (India): Revolutionizing Produce Grading and Packing with AI

Intello Labs, a leading agritech startup, is transforming the fresh produce industry through the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision. With their innovative products, IntelloGrade and IntelloPack, the company automates the grading and sorting of fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and nuts, offering food businesses a game-changing solution to improve customer satisfaction and reduce food waste.

At the heart of Intello Labs’ offerings is IntelloGrade, an AI-powered grading machine that scans produce for various attributes such as size, color, shape, and texture. In just 2-3 minutes, IntelloGrade can accurately grade an entire lot of produce, surpassing the speed of manual grading processes. Moreover, IntelloGrade outperforms manual grading in terms of accuracy and is capable of grading produce that would be challenging or impossible to grade by hand, including items with blemishes or defects. By delivering precise and consistent grading results, IntelloGrade enhances quality control and streamlines operations for food businesses.

Complementing IntelloGrade is IntelloPack, an AI-driven packing machine designed to automate the packing process of fresh produce into cartons. With the ability to handle produce of different sizes, shapes, and even non-uniform items, IntelloPack revolutionizes packing operations, reducing labor costs, and improving overall efficiency for food businesses. By optimizing packing processes, IntelloPack enables businesses to meet customer demands swiftly and maintain high standards of packaging quality.

Intello Labs, founded in 2016 by Milan Sharma, Nishant Mishra, and Himani Shah, has swiftly gained prominence in the industry. The company, headquartered in Gurgaon, India, boasts a talented team of over 50 employees. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Intello Labs has secured over $3 million in funding from renowned investors, including Accel Partners, Blume Ventures, and Nexus Venture Partners.

The unique value that Intello Labs brings to its customers is multi-faceted. By leveraging AI and computer vision, their products significantly enhance the quality and consistency of produce grading and sorting, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Through automation, Intello Labs helps food businesses reduce food waste, a critical challenge in the industry, thus contributing to a more sustainable and efficient supply chain. Additionally, Intello Labs’ solutions increase operational efficiency, driving cost savings and boosting productivity for food businesses. Furthermore, their products enable enhanced traceability throughout the supply chain, ensuring food safety and quality control.

Intello Labs’ inclusion in Hexgn’s prestigious list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023 further cements their status as an industry leader. This recognition reflects their commitment to innovation, quality, and transformative impact within the agricultural sector.

Krishify (India): Empowering Farmers Through India’s First Agricultural Social Network

Krishify, India’s pioneering social network and commerce platform for farmers, is revolutionizing the way farmers connect, access information, and engage with the agricultural community. With a mission to improve the lives of the farming community, Krishify provides a comprehensive platform where farmers can connect with peers, experts, and businesses to gain relevant information, advice, and access to a marketplace for agricultural products and services.

With a community of over 10 million farmers, Krishify serves as a hub of knowledge and collaboration. One of the platform’s standout features is its extensive knowledge repository, comprising a vast collection of articles, videos, and infographics covering a wide range of agricultural topics. This repository equips farmers with valuable insights and resources to enhance their farming practices and stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

Krishify goes beyond information dissemination by offering direct access to a team of experts. Farmers can connect with agronomists, veterinarians, and other agricultural professionals who provide free advice tailored to their specific crops and livestock. This personalized guidance enables farmers to make informed decisions and overcome challenges, fostering improved productivity and profitability in their agricultural ventures.

Facilitating commerce within the farming community, Krishify’s marketplace empowers farmers to buy and sell agricultural products and services. This e-commerce platform offers convenience and a wide range of options, ensuring that farmers have access to the resources they need to support their agricultural activities. From seeds and fertilizers to tractors and farm equipment, farmers can find a diverse range of offerings that cater to their unique requirements.

The social networking aspect of Krishify further enhances the platform’s value. By connecting farmers with their peers, businesses, and experts, Krishify creates a vibrant community where knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking flourish. Farmers can exchange ideas, seek advice, and build valuable connections within their industry, fostering a sense of camaraderie and empowerment.

Krishify also provides farmers with essential tools to support their decision-making processes. Real-time mandi rates enable farmers to stay updated on the prices of agricultural products, helping them make informed selling decisions. Weather updates for their specific area assist farmers in planning and adapting their farming activities according to changing weather conditions. Additionally, Krishify serves as a valuable resource for information on government schemes and subsidies, ensuring that farmers stay informed about opportunities to maximize their agricultural endeavors.

Recognized as one of the Top 10 Agritech Startups in South Asia for 2023 by Hexgn, Krishify’s impact on the farming community is undeniable. The platform’s commitment to empowering farmers, providing access to information, expertise, and a marketplace, sets it apart as a valuable resource in the agricultural landscape.

Furthermore, Krishify’s success is reflected in its funding milestones and revenue model. In a Pre-Series A round led by prominent investors, Krishify raised $2.7 million in February 2021. The platform generates revenue through a commission-based model, wherein vendors pay a commission for transactions facilitated through the app. From cattle and tractors to farm input products such as seeds and fertilizers, Krishify’s marketplace enables seamless transactions and supports the growth of the agricultural ecosystem.

Hexgn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023

HexGn'sTop Agritech Startups Sub-Saharan Africa Region 2023

Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023 showcases the startups making significant strides in revolutionizing the agricultural sector. The listed companies, utilizing advanced technologies such as AI, blockchain, and IoT, are solving complex agricultural challenges, improving food security, and boosting local economies. Their innovative solutions range from smart farming systems, data-driven supply chain optimization to platforms that connect smallholder farmers with profitable markets. This prestigious list not only applauds the impact of these startups on agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa but also highlights their potential for future growth and contribution to global food systems.

Apollo Agriculture (Kenya): Empowering Small-scale Farmers

With roots firmly planted in Africa’s fertile agritech ecosystem, Apollo Agriculture stands tall as a beacon of innovation and progress. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, and founded in 2016 by a forward-thinking team of seasoned entrepreneurs and technologists, Apollo Agriculture has swiftly evolved into a formidable force in the field of agritech startups. Leveraging cutting-edge technology to empower small-scale farmers, Apollo Agriculture takes its rightful place in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023.

The value proposition of Apollo Agriculture lies in its triad of offerings: financing, inputs, and advisory services, uniquely designed to foster growth and prosperity in the small-scale farming sector. Apollo presents an avenue for farmers to access necessary financing for purchasing quality agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides. An online application process facilitated through their local agrodealer simplifies this financing procedure.

In the realm of inputs, Apollo takes a hands-on approach by sourcing only the best agricultural elements from trusted suppliers, hand-delivering them to the farmers. But their involvement does not end there. The company takes it a step further by imparting training on how to effectively utilize these inputs, ensuring that no resource goes to waste.

Advisory services constitute the third pillar of Apollo’s offerings. Their farmers benefit from advice on an array of subjects, from crop management to pest and disease control, and market access. It’s a holistic approach that ensures farmers are not just equipped but informed and ready to tackle their agricultural challenges head-on.

The innovative technology platform developed by Apollo Agriculture proves instrumental in scaling operations while optimizing the experience for farmers. An intuitive mobile app acts as a portal for farmers to apply for financing, keep track of their orders, and access valuable training materials.

Furthermore, Apollo Agriculture underscores its commitment to making a social impact. A lofty mission to “unlock the potential of small-scale farmers” and “ensure food security for a growing global population” drives the company. By equipping farmers with the financial means, inputs, and advisory services, they believe in the power to enhance yields, bolster incomes, and build more sustainable businesses.

With backing from high-profile investors such as SoftBank Vision Fund 2, The Rise Fund, and Temasek, Apollo Agriculture has raised over $1 billion in funding. The company currently operates in Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda, serving over 1 million farmers and increasing their yields by an average of 30%. Moreover, Apollo Agriculture demonstrates a profound commitment to gender equality, evidenced by its female-led sales team.

Apollo Agriculture’s integration of financial services, agricultural inputs, and advisory services has positioned it as a top-tier provider for small-scale farmers in Africa. The company’s technology platform, coupled with its strong social impact focus, makes it a critical resource for farmers aiming to enhance yields, increase incomes, and build more sustainable businesses. Apollo Agriculture, indeed, sows seeds of growth and reaps success in Africa’s agritech landscape.

Hello Tractor (Kenya): Revolutionizing Farming with Technology

Breaking new ground in the realm of agritech, Hello Tractor has earned a noteworthy spot on Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023. This dynamic startup, with its unique business model, has innovatively harnessed technology to connect smallholder farmers and tractor owners, bringing mechanized farming within reach of those who need it most.

Established in 2014 by Jehiel Oliver, Folu Okunade, and Keith Bradach, Hello Tractor, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, has emerged as a trusted platform for booking tractors on-demand. Its service portfolio extends to the tracking of tractors, payment for services, and the provision of financing options for farmers requiring assistance in purchasing tractors. Its reach isn’t limited to Kenya alone, with offices strategically located in Nigeria and the United States.

Backed by impressive investors, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Omidyar Network, and TracInvest, Hello Tractor has raised over $50 million in funding. Driven by the mission to “democratize access to agricultural mechanization in sub-Saharan Africa”, the company is redefining the future of farming in a region where more than 60% of farms rely on human power and less than 20% on machinery.

Hello Tractor’s robust platform is a game-changer for over a million farmers across 10 countries, helping to create over 10,000 jobs in the agricultural sector. World Economic Forum and Clinton Global Initiative are among the numerous organizations that have lauded its significant contributions.

Hello Tractor’s suite of services is a blend of functionality and convenience. Farmers can effortlessly book tractors, keep tabs on their progress, and complete payments through diverse methods like cash, mobile money, and credit. The platform’s data analytics capabilities collect essential data on tractor usage and farmer demand, streamlining the process and boosting efficiency. Moreover, the company extends support to farmers and tractor owners through technical assistance, customer service, and training.

As an embodiment of technology-meets-agriculture, Hello Tractor has paved the way for smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to access affordable tractors, a previously elusive asset. In doing so, it stands to bolster food security and spur economic development in the region. Hello Tractor serves as a testament to the transformative power of innovation, illustrating how modern technology can elevate traditional sectors into more efficient and sustainable enterprises.

OKO Finance (Mali): Insuring Farmers’ Future

In the ever-evolving agritech landscape, OKO Finance emerges as a distinguished player that aims to protect the financial future of smallholder farmers in emerging markets. Featured in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023, OKO brings affordable crop insurance within reach of farmers, bolstering their resilience against unpredictable weather events.

Founded in 2018 by Simon Schwall and Nicolas Martin, OKO Finance leverages cutting-edge technology in its operations. The founders’ diverse experiences, with Schwall’s background in microfinance and risk management, and Martin’s proficiency in developing mobile applications, have shaped the company into a force to be reckoned with in the agritech sector. With headquarters in Bamako, Mali, OKO is already making waves in Mali, Uganda, and Côte d’Ivoire, with expansion plans on the horizon.

Backed by influential investors such as Allianz, Orange, and the GSMA, OKO has successfully raised over $2 million in funding. It has gained recognition from esteemed organizations like the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) and the Techstars accelerator program, testament to its innovative approach and impact.

OKO’s primary offering is crop insurance, meticulously designed to shield farmers from the financial impact of devastating weather events such as droughts and floods. The cornerstone of OKO’s uniqueness lies in its affordable and user-friendly approach. Farmers can effortlessly purchase insurance via OKO’s mobile app or through a network of partner agents.

Harnessing the power of satellite imagery and weather data, OKO has revolutionized claim management. This technology-led approach facilitates swift and efficient processing of claims, leading to lower insurance costs for farmers and timely payouts when needed.

Committed to battling poverty and food insecurity, OKO envisions crop insurance as a tool to uplift smallholder farmers in emerging markets. As a champion of affordable and accessible insurance, OKO Finance is changing the face of agricultural risk management, ensuring that farmers can sow their seeds today with confidence about tomorrow.

Victory Farms (Kenya): Nurturing Sustainable Aquaculture

Victory Farms is revolutionizing aquaculture in East Africa. As the largest producer of fish in the region, this Kenyan startup is on a mission to nourish two billion Africans over the next two decades. Recognized in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023, the company is a testament to the transformative power of sustainable practices in agriculture.

Founded in 2016 by Joe and Steve in the tranquil setting of rural Roo, Homa Bay, Kenya, Victory Farms began its journey with a handful of cages and the helping hands of the Homa Bay County community. The company now flourishes as a beacon of sustainable aquaculture, operating an environmentally-friendly model that seeks to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the lake.

Victory Farms employs cage aquaculture, a practice that mitigates overfishing and facilitates the lake’s natural recovery. Complementing this eco-conscious approach, the company is also on a mission to plant a million indigenous trees, further underlining its commitment to environmental preservation.

The company’s key product is fresh, Kenyan tilapia, a lean white meat that serves as a healthier alternative to red meat. Available at Victory Farms’ daily open branches, this locally produced tilapia provides an essential source of protein for communities across the region.

The impact of Victory Farms goes beyond the aquaculture sector. The company has raised more than 10 million tilapia fish, generated over 1,000 jobs, and fostered partnerships with over 100 local farmers. Moreover, Victory Farms has donated over a million meals to local communities, embodying the principles of social responsibility.

Victory Farms stands at the forefront of the sustainable aquaculture movement, showing how eco-friendly practices can help feed a growing population. With its dedication to sustainable growth and community welfare, Victory Farms is carving out a prosperous and sustainable future for Kenyan aquaculture.

Livestock Wealth (South Africa): Revolutionizing Farm Asset Investments

South African company Livestock Wealth is transforming how individuals invest in farm assets. Launched in 2015 by Ntuthuko Shezi, Livestock Wealth has redefined the investment landscape by providing opportunities for people to directly invest in tangible, profit-generating farm assets. Recognized in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023, Livestock Wealth offers a novel approach to supporting agricultural growth and wealth creation.

Serving as a bridge between farmers and investors, Livestock Wealth provides vital capital for farmers, while giving investors the opportunity to partake in the financial benefits of farming operations. With this unique model, the company has facilitated investments amounting to over R70 million from over 2,800 investors, resulting in payouts exceeding R10 million in profits.

Livestock Wealth’s investment portfolio is diverse and tangible. Investors can place their capital in individual animals or entire herds, choosing from a variety of livestock including cattle, pigs, chickens, and dairy cows. The investment process is flexible, starting from as low as R1,000 and allowing periods of 12, 24, or 36 months.

As a registered credit provider and a Financial Services Provider, Livestock Wealth operates under the regulatory guidance of the National Credit Regulator, the Financial Services Conduct Authority, and the Agriculture Producer Agents’ Council. Moreover, its status as an agricultural producer agent registered with SAMAC (Macadamias South Africa NPC) further substantiates its commitment to ethical and responsible investment practices.

With features in prominent media outlets like Carte Blanche, BBC, CNN, SABC, TEDx, and Times Live, Livestock Wealth’s innovative approach to investing in agriculture has earned global recognition.

In essence, Livestock Wealth is democratizing investment in farming assets, presenting an opportunity for individuals to directly contribute to and benefit from the growth of the agricultural sector. (South Africa): Revolutionizing Fresh Produce Trade, a burgeoning B2B e-commerce platform based in Centurion, South Africa, is making waves in the agribusiness sector. Founded in 2019 by a dynamic team of entrepreneurial visionaries, the platform is transforming how fresh produce farmers connect with commercial buyers across Africa. The firm, which has so far raised over $5 million in funding from investors such as Platform Investment Partners and Base Capital Partners, is prominently featured in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023.

The platform delivers a win-win solution for both parties in the trading process. For commercial buyers, it presents an opportunity to view live inventory, discover prevailing market prices, and place instant orders from multiple sellers across Africa. These transactions are made in a secure environment with the added advantage of quality verification services for products purchased.

Farmers, on the other hand, benefit from transparent pricing, improved cash flow, and elimination of intermediaries, increasing their profitability.

Key features of include direct trading between buyers and sellers, secure transaction handling, stringent quality verification processes, and a broad selection of fresh produce. Currently, is operational in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria, with plans to extend its reach to other countries. The platform’s product range, currently comprising fruits, vegetables, and grains, is also expected to expand over time.’s ongoing commitment to improving user experiences and expanding product offerings sets the platform apart. By providing a secure, efficient, and transparent platform for trading fresh produce, is setting the stage for a dynamic transformation of the agricultural sector in Africa.

If you are a buyer or farmer interested in a safer, more efficient trading process, consider Its unique value proposition provides distinct advantages for both parties, with an array of features like direct trading, secure transactions, quality verification, and a diverse product range.

Winich Farms (Nigeria): Empowering Smallholder Farmers

Winich Farms, a trailblazing Nigerian agritech startup headquartered in Lagos, is revolutionizing the African farming landscape. Founded in 2017 by the forward-thinking brothers, Temi and Tolulope Winich, the company is dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of their innovative solutions to the most fragmented parts of society. Their objective is to harness their strengths and resources to drive innovation in new product categories and customer segments, while providing simple solutions to complex supply chain problems. In recognition of their outstanding work, Winich Farms has been included in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023.

Winich Farms’ model is centered on bridging the gap between smallholder farmers and offtakers by bypassing the lengthy chain of middlemen. This is achieved through the company’s vast network of collection points spread across Nigeria, thereby ensuring a larger share of profit returns to the farmers. Additionally, they offer vital support services such as credit and insurance to their farmers, further strengthening their operations.

A range of services are offered by Winich Farms, including farmer aggregation, credit provision through industry partners, farmer insurance, logistics such as transportation and storage, and market research. The latter helps farmers identify the best crops to grow and find the most profitable markets for their produce.

Winich Farms operates as a technology-driven social enterprise, utilizing a mobile app to connect farmers with offtakers. The app enables farmers to monitor the journey of their produce from harvest to sale and allows access to credit and insurance services.

With their commitment to enhancing the lives of smallholder farmers, Winich Farms is playing a significant role in transforming the agricultural sector. The company is keen on simplifying farmers’ access to markets and resources and improving their overall livelihoods.

Homefarm (South Africa): Redefining Indoor Gardening

Homefarm, a South Africa-based company, is bringing the marvel of agritech into homes through its smart, indoor gardens. These self-sustaining ecosystems allow individuals to grow fresh, organic herbs and vegetables at home, transcending the boundaries of weather or time of year. Their advanced indoor gardens are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal maintenance, making them perfect even for individuals with no prior gardening experience. This commitment to innovation and sustainability has earned Homefarm a spot in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023.

A myriad of features makes Homefarm gardens an ideal choice for indoor horticulture enthusiasts. These include LED grow lights to provide optimal plant growth conditions, a self-refilling water reservoir, a built-in air circulation system to ward off mold and mildew, and a nutrient-rich soil mix designed to encourage plants to thrive.

Homefarm gardens come in a variety of sizes to fit any space. They also offer a broad range of herbs and vegetables to cultivate, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh produce. Using a Homefarm garden is straightforward: just add water and your chosen seeds or seedlings. The automated system takes over from there, watering and fertilizing plants as needed, and within a few weeks, you’ll be harvesting fresh, organic produce from your own home.

Homefarm was founded in 2020 by a pair of passionate gardening enthusiasts and has since raised over $1 million in funding. Its innovative approach to indoor gardening has caught the eye of prestigious publications like Forbes, The Guardian, and Wired.

Currently, Homefarm gardens are available in South Africa and Europe, with plans to expand into other regions in the future.

ePoultry.NG (Nigeria): Revolutionizing Poultry Investments

Transforming the dynamics of poultry farming in Africa, ePoultry.NG is a social enterprise that harnesses digital technology to create a symbiotic relationship between investors and smallholder farmers. As Africa’s first digital poultry investment platform, the startup provides farmers with input financing, access to profitable markets, and modern farming skills. It is no surprise that this pioneering initiative has secured a position in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023.

ePoultry.NG operates on a simple yet powerful model. Farm sponsors invest money into poultry farms via ePoultry.NG’s web and mobile app. This investment is utilized by smallholder farmers to purchase poultry inputs and manage their farms. Adding a layer of security, the farms are insured by the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC), guaranteeing farm sponsors a certain level of protection. Through this arrangement, farm sponsors can earn up to a lucrative 40% per year.

The vision of ePoultry.NG transcends mere profitability. The startup is committed to empowering smallholder farmers by providing them with the resources they need to scale their businesses. By bolstering the poultry industry, which stands as Nigeria’s cheapest and most abundant source of protein, ePoultry.NG plays a crucial role in enhancing food security in Africa.

Investment opportunities with ePoultry.NG start at an accessible ₦50,000 (~$125), making wealth creation through farm sponsorship attainable for many. Investments are secured via the NAIC, adding to investor confidence. The platform fosters transparency, enabling farm sponsors to monitor the progress of their investments conveniently through their web and mobile app.

ePoultry.NG presents a secure, transparent, and user-friendly avenue to manage investments. The startup is continually redefining the poultry investment landscape in Africa, promising a sustainable and profitable future for both investors and farmers.

iProcure (Kenya): Streamlining Farm Input Distribution

iProcure, an innovative agri-tech company, has embarked on a mission to revolutionize the agricultural industry in Africa. Leveraging data-driven optimization, iProcure improves the distribution of farm inputs across the continent. This standout startup has made a notable impression, earning a position in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2023.

Operating a widespread network of distribution centers across Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, iProcure employs its proprietary supply chain technology to expedite delivery, enhance accurate forecasting, and optimally position inventory. Currently, the company services over 1 million commercial smallholder farmers in East Africa through a network of numerous tech-enabled agro-dealers.

Founded in 2013 by Nicole Galletta and Stefano Carcoforo, iProcure has garnered over $16 million in funding from renowned investors such as Investisseurs & Partenaires, Novastar Ventures, and Accion Venture Lab. The company’s mission centers around lowering production costs for farmers and simplifying access to essential inputs. By bolstering the efficiency of the farm input distribution channel, iProcure aims to stimulate agricultural productivity and enhance food security in Africa.

iProcure’s supply chain technology boasts several impressive features:

  • Real-time inventory tracking: This technology ensures farmers have timely access to needed products by tracking farm input inventory in real time.
  • Demand forecasting: Through data analytics, iProcure predicts demand for farm inputs, preventing stockouts and guaranteeing a consistent supply of products for farmers.
  • Order management: The technology streamlines the order management process, reducing errors and improving efficiency.
  • Fleet management: Tracking the movement of delivery vehicles, iProcure’s technology assures on-time delivery in optimal condition.

Endorsed by both farmers and industry experts, iProcure’s technology is reshaping the way business is done in the farming industry. One farmer praised the platform for revolutionizing his operations, saving him both time and money by guaranteeing timely access to necessary inputs. Similarly, an industry expert termed iProcure’s technology as a “game-changer” for the African agricultural sector, stating that it holds immense potential to bolster the efficiency of farm input distribution and elevate agricultural productivity in Africa.

iProcure is an agri-tech trailblazer employing data-driven optimization to reform farm input distribution in Africa. With its potent technology, iProcure stands poised to bring substantial changes to the African agricultural sector and substantially improve food security across the continent.

HexGn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America | 2023

HexGn'sTop Agritech Startups North America Region 2023

HexGn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America for 2023 showcases the most innovative companies that are revolutionizing the agricultural industry. These startups are leveraging technology to drive sustainable practices, enhance crop yields, reduce food waste, and improve overall efficiency. Let’s explore each of these startups in detail and discover the unique value they bring to their clients.

BeeHero (USA): Maximizing Crop Yields and Pollinator Health

BeeHero is at the forefront of enhancing pollination in agriculture. Their platform combines advanced machine learning algorithms and low-cost sensors to optimize pollination in real-time, helping beekeepers and growers maximize crop yields and pollinator health. BeeHero’s database of bees and pollination is the largest in the world, allowing them to offer valuable insights to commercial growers.

One of BeeHero’s standout features is their SmartHive sensors, which collect hive health, temperature, humidity, and other data. This information, combined with their algorithms, enables precise pollination tracking and problem identification. Additionally, BeeHero offers a subscription-based service that provides real-time insights into beehives and pollination data, allowing growers to optimize their pollination strategies and improve crop yields. That’s one of the reasons it has secured a spot on Hexgn’s esteemed list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America for 2023.

BeeHero’s commitment to bee health research sets them apart. They collaborate with scientists and researchers to conduct studies that advance their platform and promote better understanding of the challenges facing bees and pollinators. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, BeeHero empowers beekeepers and growers to maximize crop yields while prioritizing pollinator health.

Freight Farms (USA): Year-Round Fresh Food Production

Based in Boston, Freight Farms manufactures and sells “container farms” that enable year-round, hydroponic farming in various settings. Their innovative solution repurposes intermodal freight containers, transforming them into climate-controlled, LED-lit farms that use aeroponics to grow plants without soil.

Freight Farms’ container farms have been sold to customers in over 30 countries, including schools, businesses, restaurants, and non-profit organizations. Their self-contained farming systems provide fresh, locally grown food regardless of the external environment, reducing the need for long-distance transportation and ensuring a sustainable food supply. This is why it has earned its place among Hexgn’s carefully curated Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America for 2023.

The farms are equipped with LED lighting, climate control, and water recycling systems, optimizing resource efficiency. Freight Farms has also partnered with prestigious organizations like NASA and the United Nations to develop sustainable food production solutions, demonstrating their commitment to driving positive change in the agricultural industry.

Full Harvest (USA): Minimizing Food Waste and Connecting Farmers with Buyers

Full Harvest operates as a B2B marketplace that connects farmers with businesses in need of produce, reducing food waste by ensuring the sale of surplus and imperfect produce. Their mission is to create a more sustainable and efficient food system by offering a range of features and services.

Through their nationwide network of buyers and sellers, Full Harvest enables farmers to sell their entire harvest. Their 24/7 online marketplace streamlines the process, while dedicated account managers provide personalized support. The platform also features document management, a metrics dashboard, and end-to-end logistics solutions.

Since its founding in 2016, Full Harvest has helped rescue over 10 million pounds of produce, positively impacting the environment and supporting sustainable farming practices. Their platform not only reduces food waste but also enables farmers to optimize their resources and connect with businesses that value sustainable sourcing. It is for this reason that it has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America by Hexgn for 2023.

Regrow Ag (USA): Scaling Resilient Agricultural Practices

Regrow Ag empowers farmers to adopt and scale resilient agricultural practices by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Their platform integrates satellite imagery, crop and soil models, and farm management data to provide farmers with valuable insights into their land, enhancing yields, reducing environmental impact, and increasing profitability.

Utilizing satellite imagery, Regrow Ag tracks crop health, soil moisture, and other environmental factors, enabling early identification of risks like drought or pest infestations. Their crop and soil models simulate the impact of various agricultural practices on yields, soil health, and water use, assisting farmers in making informed decisions tailored to their specific conditions. This is precisely why it has made the cut as one of Hexgn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America for 2023.

Regrow Ag’s platform also integrates with farm management software to collect and analyze data on inputs, outputs, and farm operations. This data-driven approach helps track the performance of different practices and identifies areas for improvement, ultimately driving more sustainable and efficient farming.

The company’s partnerships with global food companies and government agencies underscore their impact on the industry, and their commitment to making resilient agriculture ubiquitous. With their vision to restore environmental balance, nourish the population, and promote equity, Regrow Ag’s platform is revolutionizing agriculture for a sustainable future.

Aquabyte (USA): Enhancing Fish Farming with Machine Learning

Aquabyte, a Norwegian company with offices in the United States and Chile, pioneers machine learning applications in aquaculture. They develop and provide software and hardware solutions that improve fish farming efficiency, welfare, and sustainability.

Aquabyte’s camera-based system automatically counts and tracks the number of lice on salmon, ensuring the health of fish and preventing lice infestations. Using computer vision, they assess fish health and welfare, enabling the identification of sick or stressed fish for prompt action. Their software platform collects and analyzes data from these systems, optimizing fish production decisions. It is due to this reason that it has garnered a place among the elite selection of Hexgn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America for 2023.

With a team of experts and over 100 million salmon monitored, Aquabyte has become a leader in aquaculture technology. Their solutions assist fish farmers in improving welfare, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental impact. Backed by notable investors and a strong international patent portfolio, Aquabyte is poised to drive sustainable growth in the aquaculture industry.

SESO Labor (USA): Simplifying H-2A Visa Process for Agricultural Employers

SESO Labor provides comprehensive labor solutions for agricultural employers, focusing on the H-2A visa program that allows U.S. agricultural employers to hire foreign workers for temporary labor needs. Their services cover the entire H-2A process, ensuring a seamless experience for employers.

SESO Labor’s services include assisting with H-2A visa applications, farmworker recruitment, compliance with H-2A regulations, and digital worker onboarding. They simplify the complex visa application process, helping employers gather necessary documents and file applications. With a global network of recruiters, SESO Labor connects employers with foreign farmworkers.

As a certified H-2A employer with over 10,000 H-2A workers brought to the United States, SESO Labor has a track record of delivering exceptional service. They prioritize compliance with regulations, ensuring employers stay informed and meet all requirements. Their digital worker onboarding streamlines the process, providing workers with essential resources and training materials. That is one factor contributing to its recognition as one of Hexgn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America for 2023.

Mori (USA): Extending Shelf Life and Reducing Food Waste

Mori addresses the pressing issue of food waste by utilizing silk protein to create a natural, edible coating that slows down the spoiling process of fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. This coating preserves the freshness of perishable foods, reducing waste and increasing accessibility to healthier options.

Founded in 2015 by a team from MIT and Harvard, Mori extracts silk protein from silkworms and applies it as a tasteless, odorless coating on food. The coating is transparent and does not alter the appearance or texture of the food. With a strong international patent portfolio and significant funding, Mori aims to revolutionize food preservation.

By combating food waste, Mori contributes to a more sustainable food system. Their innovative solution extends shelf life, allowing retailers and consumers to enjoy fresh, nutritious food for longer periods. Mori’s impact extends beyond reducing waste; it opens doors to more affordable and accessible healthy food choices. This is what led to its inclusion in Hexgn’s prestigious list of the Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America for 2023.

FarmWise (USA): Autonomous Weeding Robots for Efficient Farming

FarmWise develops and sells autonomous weeding robots that leverage computer vision and machine learning to identify and remove weeds without harming crops. These robots save farmers time and money on labor costs while reducing environmental impact.

The FarmWise robot, named Vulcan, is a self-driving vehicle mounted on a tractor. Equipped with cameras and sensors, it navigates fields, identifies weeds, and removes them. The robot operates in various lighting conditions and can even work in wet fields.

FarmWise’s robots are currently available for pre-order, with deliveries scheduled for late 2023. The company offers comprehensive support, including remote live performance monitoring and a team of mobile mechanics to ensure optimal performance.

By integrating autonomous technology into farming practices, FarmWise empowers farmers to optimize weed control and improve efficiency. With substantial funding and partnerships with leading agricultural companies, FarmWise is poised to transform the industry.

Pattern Ag (USA): Data-Driven Predictive Analytics for Precision Agriculture

Pattern Ag utilizes predictive analytics to assist farmers in making informed input decisions, including crop protection, seed selection, and fertility needs. Their technology harnesses metagenomic DNA sequencing to map the unique microbial community present in a farmer’s field, predicting key agronomic outcomes with 90% confidence.

With Pattern Ag’s platform, farmers gain insights into the risk of pests and diseases, nutrient availability, and potential yield loss. This data-driven approach helps farmers optimize their decision-making and adopt precise microbiome engineering, resulting in improved farm productivity and sustainability. It is owing to this reason that it has achieved a position on Hexgn’s distinguished list of the Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America for 2023.

Pattern Ag’s technology is currently available to farmers in the Midwest United States, providing them with actionable insights for optimized crop management. Their platform offers flexible pricing options, making it accessible to a wide range of farmers.

By merging data analytics with agriculture, Pattern Ag equips farmers with the tools to maximize productivity while minimizing environmental impact. Their commitment to precision microbiome engineering positions them at the forefront of the future of agriculture.

Sabanto (USA): Enabling Autonomy for Tractors

Sabanto develops aftermarket autonomy systems for tractors, offering their Sabanto Autonomy Kit that can be retrofitted to major tractor brands. By enabling autonomous operation, Sabanto aims to make farming more productive, sustainable, and efficient.

The Sabanto Autonomy Kit combines sensors, software, and hardware, allowing tractors to operate autonomously in various field conditions. Whether day or night, rain or shine, the system offers easy control from mobile devices or computers. It can perform tasks such as planting, harvesting, and spraying. Currently available in the United States and Canada, Sabanto plans to expand its reach in the future. Their innovative solution offers farmers the benefits of autonomy without the need to invest in entirely new machinery. That’s why it has been acknowledged as one of the leading Agritech Startups in North America by Hexgn for 2023.

With a mission to enhance farming efficiency and sustainability, Sabanto positions itself as a pioneer in autonomous farming technology. With substantial funding and strategic partnerships, they have the resources to drive the adoption of autonomy in the agricultural sector.

Hexgn’s esteemed list of the Top 10 Agritech Startups in North America for 2023 showcases the remarkable innovation and impact these companies are making in the agricultural industry. From enhancing pollination to reducing food waste, and from autonomous farming to data-driven decision-making, these startups are driving sustainable practices, increasing productivity, and improving the overall efficiency of the agricultural sector. By leveraging technology and cutting-edge solutions, these startups are at the forefront of transforming agriculture for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

HexGn’s Top Agritech Startups in Middle East & North Africa | 2023

HexGn'sTop Agritech Startups Middle East and North Africa Region 2023

Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023 showcases a diverse array of innovation and sustainable practices within the sector. These include Equinom’s plant-based nutritional solutions, Remilk’s animal-free dairy products, and Pure Harvest Smart Farms’ controlled-environment agriculture technology.

The list further highlights Clarifruit’s quality control solution, Agritask’s agricultural data management, and Advanta Seeds’ sustainable seed products. SupPlant’s water conservation technology, Rightfarm’s streamlined food supply chain, Produze’s international distribution support, and Groundwork BioAg’s mycorrhizal fungi for crop enhancement are also recognized for their significant contributions to the industry.

Each of these startups is transforming traditional agricultural practices, driving sustainability, efficiency, and profitability in the sector.

Equinom, Israel: Redefining Plant-Based Nutrition

Topping Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023 is the Israeli startup, Equinom. This forward-thinking company is transforming the plant-based food industry by developing non-GMO varieties of novel grains through a proprietary technology platform, Manna™. With this technology, Equinom is able to create high-quality, high-yield, non-GMO ingredients designed to suit nature’s design.

Notably, Equinom is empowering the plant-based food revolution with products like high-protein sesame seeds and yellow peas, high-fiber quinoa, high-yielding wheat, and disease-resistant legumes. Its products are making waves globally, with many food and ingredient companies utilizing them to create delicious, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based foods. With a mission to address the increasing demand for plant-based food, Equinom’s offerings are charting a path towards a healthier, more sustainable food system, thereby securing its place in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023.

Remilk, Israel: Revolutionizing Dairy Through Technology

The Israeli-based food tech startup, Remilk, stands second on Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023. Remilk is fundamentally changing the way we view dairy production by leveraging precision fermentation to produce animal-free dairy products. These products boast the same taste, texture, and nutritional value as traditional dairy products, creating a seismic shift in the industry.

Using a single-celled yeast that produces milk proteins, Remilk’s products are more sustainable, ethical, and have received regulatory approval from the Israeli Food Safety Authority. As they scale production and expand into new markets, Remilk’s mission to offer a healthy, ethical, and tasty alternative to traditional dairy resonates strongly with consumers, thus landing it on Hexgn’s esteemed list for 2023.

Pure Harvest Smart Farms, UAE: Sustainable Agriculture for a Greener Future

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Pure Harvest Smart Farms is a leading tech-enabled agribusiness recognized in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023. Its innovative controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) technology enables the year-round production of premium-quality fruits and vegetables, regardless of weather conditions.

Pure Harvest operates two farms using aeroponics, a sustainable farming method that reduces the use of water, land, and harmful pesticides. Committed to sustainability, they also utilize recycled water and solar energy. Available online and in various outlets across the UAE, Pure Harvest’s high-quality produce is setting new standards in agricultural practices.

Clarifruit, Israel: Optimizing Fresh Produce Quality Control

With its innovative automated Quality Control as a Service (QCaaS) solution, Clarifruit has earned a coveted spot on Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023. Using computer vision and machine learning, Clarifruit’s software analyzes images of fruits and vegetables to detect defects, measure size and color, and assess overall quality.

Used by key industry players like Driscoll’s, Del Monte, and Walmart, this Israeli company provides valuable data-driven insights to improve production processes and business decisions. With its cloud-based platform allowing easy collaboration and data sharing, Clarifruit is revolutionizing the fresh produce industry’s quality control measures.

Agritask, Israel: Empowering Resilient Food Chains

Selected in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023, Agritask is a trailblazer in the agritech sector. Based in Israel, it has revolutionized agricultural intelligence through its comprehensive software platform, designed to fortify sustainable and resilient food supply chains. This is accomplished by transforming complex agricultural data into actionable insights, empowering better decision-making for farmers, and insurers alike.

The platform, with its range of features like agronomic intelligence, smart planning tools, and collaboration features, has become a one-stop-shop for all agricultural data management needs. Moreover, its integration capabilities with other farm systems make it a versatile tool adaptable to a range of farming operations. Their approach to agricultural insurance, providing plot-based solutions, makes them a unique player in the market, strengthening their value proposition.

An essential facet of Agritask’s success has been its accessibility. With a mobile application available on both major app stores, this platform opens the door for every farmer to harness the power of data, irrespective of their location. This commitment to making advanced agricultural technology accessible is a testament to Agritask’s vision and earned them a deserved spot on Hexgn’s esteemed list.

Advanta Seeds, UAE: Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

Positioned in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023, Advanta Seeds is a game-changer in the global seed industry. The UAE-based company, devoted to promoting sustainable agriculture, provides a vast array of seed products like vegetable seeds, sunflower seeds, corn seeds, and more.

Advanta Seeds’ commitment to improving the lives of farmers and consumers through innovative and high-quality seed products is central to their operations. This dedication extends beyond their core product offerings as they passionately work towards advancing the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Their seed products are customized to meet specific local needs, thereby supporting regional agricultural ecosystems.

The company’s innovative seed varieties like ACTIVATE for silage resistance and hybrid canola seeds demonstrate their relentless pursuit of innovation. By supporting food security and sustainable lifestyle practices, Advanta Seeds is undoubtedly sowing the seeds for a more sustainable future in agriculture.

SupPlant, Israel: Harnessing Tech for Sustainable Agriculture

As one of the companies in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023, SupPlant is taking major strides towards transforming farming through technology. Based in Israel, the company develops wireless sensing equipment to aid farmers in water conservation while boosting productivity and yields.

SupPlant’s unique technology analyses real-time data from plants, soil, and meteorological sensors, and then translates these into practical irrigation recommendations and agronomical insights. This comprehensive approach enhances the efficiency of water use, a critical resource in agriculture, and makes farming more sustainable.

Through their technology, SupPlant provides a viable solution for one of the most pressing challenges in agriculture today – sustainable water usage. In doing so, the company is not just improving farming practices but also making a positive impact on the environment.

Rightfarm, UAE: Revolutionizing the Agri-Supply Chain

Rightfarm, selected for Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023, is modernizing the food supply chain. As a B2B eCommerce platform, it provides a transparent, direct channel for foodservice businesses to procure fresh produce from farms.

The company’s mission to digitize the agri-supply chain has translated into a system that eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, ensuring transparency and fair prices for both buyers and sellers. This streamlined approach not only simplifies procurement for food businesses but also empowers farmers by providing them with direct access to the market.

Through their innovative platform, Rightfarm is helping to foster a simpler, smarter, and more sustainable food supply chain, reinforcing their position as a leader in the agritech industry.

Produze, UAE: Building Profitable Global Distribution

Recognized in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023, Produze is an impressive platform designed to aid producers in establishing profitable distribution in international markets.

The UAE-based startup offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services, including product discovery, order management, sales analytics, market research, and logistics support. By providing access to a global marketplace of buyers, Produze is enabling producers to not just identify potential buyers but also manage their operations more effectively.

Backed by some of the most influential venture capital firms and entrepreneurs, Produze stands at the forefront of the agritech industry. Their holistic approach in aiding producers to conquer the international market demonstrates their vision and commitment to empowering the agricultural community.

Groundwork BioAg, Israel: Harnessing Mycorrhizal Power for Agriculture

Featured in Hexgn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Middle East and North Africa for 2023, Groundwork BioAg is a frontrunner in bioagriculture. The Israel-based company utilizes mycorrhizal fungi to enhance commercial agriculture’s productivity, sustainability, and profitability, while championing regenerative agriculture practices.

The startup was formed by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs sharing the vision of utilizing mycorrhizal fungi to assist farmers in cultivating healthier crops and building more resilient soils. Their products, made from a proprietary blend of mycorrhizal fungi, have proven effective in enhancing crop yields and drought tolerance, underscoring their contribution to sustainable agriculture. With representatives across North America, Europe, and Asia, Groundwork BioAg is committed to providing farmers with the tools they need for more sustainable and profitable crops.

HexGn’s Top Agritech Startups in Latin and Caribbean | 2023

HexGn'sTop Agritech Startups Latin and Caribbean 2023

Unveiling Hexgn’s Prestigious Selection of the Top Agritech Startups in Latin America and the Caribbean for 2023. The agricultural technology industry continues to thrive, thanks in large part to revolutionary enterprises that are continually redefining the sector’s parameters.

Hexgn, a globally recognized consulting firm, has recently published its authoritative list of the Top Agritech Startups for 2023 in Latin America and the Caribbean. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into an in-depth analysis of these distinguished startups, each of which has brought unique innovations to the table and made significant strides in advancing the agricultural sector within this region.

Seedz – Revolutionizing agribusiness, Brazil.

Seedz is a Brazilian agritech startup founded in 2016 that has earned its place in Hexgn’s Top Agritech Startups in Latin America and Caribbean for 2023. The company has developed a robust digital platform that provides a wide array of services to agribusinesses and agricultural producers, making Seedz a game-changer in the industry.

The Seedz platform offers features like sales incentive programs, loyalty programs, marketing tools, and analytics that aid businesses in making data-driven decisions. Moreover, its mobile app provides easy access to these features, ensuring seamless integration of their services into the daily activities of farmers and agribusiness companies.

Seedz’s innovative solutions have been leveraged by leading agribusiness companies in Brazil, such as Monsanto, Bayer, and John Deere. Additionally, the platform has been utilized by over a million agricultural producers in Brazil, underscoring its wide reach and acceptance. This innovative application of digital solutions to agribusiness challenges exemplifies the potential of technology in advancing agriculture and enhancing farmer welfare.

Atarraya – Sustainable shrimp farming, Mexico.

Mexican agritech startup Atarraya has been recognized in Hexgn’s Top Agritech Startups in Latin America and Caribbean for 2023 for its exceptional contribution to ethical and sustainable shrimp farming.

The core innovation that Atarraya brings to the table is the Shrimpbox, a modular, indoor shrimp farm. The Shrimpbox leverages advanced technologies like biotechnology, software, and automation to enable antibiotic-free shrimp farming. This significantly reduces the use of harmful waste products and promotes sustainable seafood production.

Atarraya’s Shrimpbox presents a paradigm shift in shrimp farming. Its innovative approach contributes significantly to the seafood industry’s sustainability goals by offering a viable alternative to traditional shrimp farming practices, which often involve extensive use of antibiotics and lead to environmental degradation.

Rúmina – Tech-based livestock welfare, Brazil.

Rúmina, a Brazilian startup launched in 2019, features on Hexgn’s Top Agritech Startups in Latin America and Caribbean for 2023. The company has dedicated its efforts to provide digital solutions for livestock farming, addressing aspects like animal welfare, farm management, logistics, and farming credit.

Rúmina is at the forefront of simplifying technology adoption in the livestock market. The company’s suite of tools and solutions is designed to optimize farm management processes and reduce environmental footprints. The benefits extend from ensuring animal welfare to driving operational efficiency, creating a win-win situation for farmers and the environment.

The Green Coffee Company – Traceable, sustainable coffee, Colombia.

The Green Coffee Company (GCC), Colombia’s largest coffee producer, is another shining name on Hexgn’s Top Agritech Startups in Latin America and Caribbean for 2023. GCC’s unique proposition lies in its commitment to sustainability and traceability.

GCC’s vertically integrated business model enables the company to oversee its product from seed to cup, ensuring the quality of the coffee at every stage. They use blockchain technology to provide full transparency in the process. This degree of transparency allows consumers to track the journey of their coffee, promoting confidence in the brand and the integrity of its products.

Willow Industries – Cannabis decontamination services, Mexico.

Willow Industries, a Mexican company, has made a mark in the agritech sector by offering unique cannabis decontamination solutions. This innovative approach has earned them a place in Hexgn’s Top Agritech Startups in Latin America and Caribbean for 2023.

The company’s WillowPure systems use ozone to kill bacteria and mold in cannabis products, ensuring the production of clean and safe products. Willow Industries’ offerings are particularly relevant in the burgeoning cannabis industry, where maintaining product safety and quality are paramount.

BioHeuris – Gene-edited crops for sustainability, Argentina.

BioHeuris, an Argentine gene-editing company, has been recognized in Hexgn’s Top Agritech Startups in Latin America and Caribbean for 2023 for its significant contributions to precision agriculture. The company uses CRISPR technology to develop genetically modified seeds, enhancing crop resilience and yield.

BioHeuris’ genetic solutions are leading the way in precision agriculture, promising significant improvements in global food security. The company’s innovative use of gene-editing technologies is paving the way for the future of sustainable agriculture, demonstrating the power of science to tackle global challenges.

AgroUrbana: Revolutionizing Urban Farming in Quilicura, Chile

Featured in Hexgn’s Top Agritech Startups in Latin America and Caribbean for 2023, AgroUrbana is a standout Chilean startup pushing the boundaries of traditional agriculture through its cutting-edge approach to urban farming.

Founded in 2019, AgroUrbana has developed an indoor vertical farming solution that allows the production of fresh vegetables in urban settings, irrespective of weather conditions and without the use of pesticides. The company leverages hydroponic technology and artificial intelligence to control and optimize crop growth conditions, such as light, humidity, and nutrients, resulting in high-quality and nutritious produce year-round.

AgroUrbana’s vision is to revolutionize food production by bringing farms closer to the consumer, reducing food miles and enhancing food security in urban areas. Their model represents a sustainable alternative to traditional farming, saving water, reducing land use, and diminishing carbon emissions associated with long-distance transport.

Instacrops: Driving Farming Efficiency with IoT Solutions

Instacrops, a prominent Chilean startup, has been recognized in Hexgn’s Top Agritech Startups in Latin America and Caribbean for 2023 for its commitment to aiding farmers with digital solutions.

Instacrops offers an IoT-based platform that integrates weather information, satellite imagery, and crop data to provide real-time crop analytics and predictions. Farmers can access these insights through a mobile app, enabling them to make informed decisions about irrigation, pest control, and other critical farming activities.

With the help of Instacrops, farmers can achieve higher yields, lower costs, and reduced environmental impact, thus strengthening their competitiveness in the market. The company’s innovative blend of agriculture and technology is transforming the traditional farming landscape in Chile, leading the way towards a more efficient and sustainable future for agriculture.

The agriculture industry in the Latin American and Caribbean region is undergoing a significant transformation thanks to the rise of agritech startups. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, biotechnology, blockchain, and gene-editing tools, these startups are redefining traditional farming practices and addressing a wide range of agricultural challenges.

Agritech startups are focusing on developing innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of agricultural practices, improve crop yields, promote sustainability, and ensure food security. For instance, startups like Brazil’s Seedz and Rúmina are offering digital platforms for farm management and marketing tools, while Argentina’s BioHeuris is using CRISPR technology for creating genetically modified seeds to enhance crop resilience.

Mexico’s Atarraya and Willow Industries are revolutionizing shrimp farming and cannabis decontamination, respectively. Similarly, The Green Coffee Company in Colombia is using blockchain for coffee traceability, demonstrating commitment to sustainability.

Such innovations underscore the dynamic nature of the agritech sector in the region, which is set to play a crucial role in the future of global agriculture. The increased recognition and investment in these startups indicate a bright future for agritech in Latin America and the Caribbean.

HexGn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups In Europe and Central Asia | 2023

HexGn'sTop 10 Agritech Startups Europe and Central Asia Region 2023

Here is the list of HexGn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups In Europe and Central Asia for 2023, that are revolutionizing the agricultural industry. These innovative Agritech Startups are leveraging technology and innovation to address the unique challenges faced by farmers in the region.

From farm management software and livestock trading platforms to DNA-based biodiversity monitoring services, these startups are driving positive change in the agricultural landscape. They are streamlining operations, improving financial returns, reducing environmental impact, and promoting sustainability.

With a focus on precision agriculture, sustainable farming practices, and data-driven decision-making, these startups are empowering farmers to optimize productivity, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. Additionally, they are tackling key issues such as the aging farming population, climate variations, access to finance, and efficient supply chains.

Breedr (The United Kingdom): Streamlining Farming Operations and Livestock Trading

In the world of agriculture, efficiency is key. Farmers are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations, increase profitability, and reduce their environmental impact. This is where Breedr comes in. Breedr is a farm management software and livestock trading platform that is revolutionizing the way farmers in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States run their businesses.

At the heart of Breedr is its flagship product, a mobile app that allows farmers to track the individual performance of their livestock, manage their breeding programs, and market their animals to other farmers. By providing farmers with real-time data on the health, growth, and genetics of their livestock, Breedr enables them to make informed decisions about their breeding programs and identify potential buyers for their animals. This not only saves time and money but also ensures that farmers are maximizing the value of their livestock.

One of the standout features of Breedr is its online livestock market. Unlike traditional livestock trading methods that involve middlemen and auctions, Breedr connects farmers directly with each other. This eliminates the need for intermediaries, reduces transaction costs, and provides farmers with more control over the trading process. By cutting out the middlemen, farmers can secure better prices for their animals and improve their financial returns.

In addition to its software products, Breedr offers a livestock funding service called Breedr Cashflow. This innovative service allows farmers to unlock cash from their animals as they grow. By leveraging the value of their livestock, farmers can access much-needed capital to finance their businesses or cover unexpected expenses. This feature is particularly beneficial for small-scale farmers who often struggle with limited access to finance.

Breedr is also committed to sustainability and helping farmers reduce their carbon footprint. The company’s software enables farmers to track the carbon emissions from their farming operations. By monitoring their environmental impact, farmers can identify areas where they can make changes to reduce emissions and implement more sustainable practices. Breedr’s focus on sustainability aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly agricultural practices and allows farmers to contribute to a greener future.

Founded in 2017 by farmers Richard Thomas and Ben Woods, Breedr has quickly gained traction in the agricultural industry. That’s one of the reasons it has secured a spot on Hexgn’s esteemed list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in Europe and Central Asia Region for 2023.

With its user-friendly mobile app, online livestock market, and innovative funding service, Breedr is empowering farmers to optimize their operations, increase their financial returns, and minimize their environmental impact. Headquartered in London, England, with additional offices in Australia and the United States, Breedr is well-positioned to continue its growth and make a lasting impact on the agricultural sector.

Basecamp Research (The United Kingdom): Unleashing the Power of Nature’s Proteins

The field of biotechnology holds tremendous potential for addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Basecamp Research, a biotechnology company based in London, is harnessing the power of nature to discover and design new proteins that can be used to solve a wide range of problems.

Basecamp Research is building the largest, most sophisticated graph database of natural biodiversity in existence. Their database is entirely ethically sampled, meaning that they collect samples from locations where they have the permission of the local community and government. This commitment to ethical sampling ensures that their research is conducted responsibly and without causing harm to ecosystems or local communities.

The technology behind Basecamp Research’s work involves a combination of metagenomic sequencing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Metagenomic sequencing allows the company to identify and sequence all of the DNA in a sample, even from unknown or unculturable organisms. By analyzing the sequences of these new proteins using machine learning algorithms, Basecamp Research can predict their function and identify their potential applications.

The potential uses for these new proteins are vast. They can be applied in fields such as food, pharmaceuticals, and bioremediation. For example, Basecamp Research’s proteins could be used to develop more sustainable and efficient methods of food production, create new drugs to treat diseases, or help clean up environmental pollution.

In addition to their protein discovery and design work, Basecamp Research is also partnering with industry and academia to develop applications for their proteins. These partnerships allow them to translate their scientific discoveries into real-world solutions that can benefit society.

Basecamp Research’s dedication to ethical sampling, cutting-edge technology, and collaboration with industry and academia sets them apart in the field of biotechnology, this is why it has earned its place among Hexgn’s carefully curated Top 10 Agritech Startups in Europe and Central Asia Region for 2023. By unlocking the power of nature’s proteins, Basecamp Research is paving the way for innovative solutions to global challenges and making a positive impact on the world.

Agriconomie (France): Empowering Farmers with Agtech E-commerce Solutions

In today’s digital age, the agricultural industry is embracing technology to improve efficiency and productivity. Agriconomie, an online agtech e-commerce company based in France, is at the forefront of this digital revolution, providing farmers with a wide range of tools and services to enhance their operations.

One of the key offerings from Agriconomie is its purchasing support service. Through their online platform, farmers have access to a vast selection of agricultural products and supplies at competitive prices. From seeds and fertilizers to machinery and equipment, Agriconomie simplifies the procurement process, making it easier for farmers to find the right products for their specific needs. Moreover, the company provides expert advice and support, ensuring that farmers make informed decisions about their purchases.

Personalized advice is another crucial component of Agriconomie’s services. Their team of experts offers guidance on various agricultural topics, including crop planning, pest control, and soil health. By leveraging their deep knowledge and experience, Agriconomie empowers farmers to optimize their farming practices and achieve better outcomes.

Agriconomie’s platform also serves as a hub for information sharing among farmers. Through their online community, farmers can connect with one another, exchange knowledge and experiences, and stay up-to-date with the latest agricultural news and trends. This collaborative environment fosters learning and innovation, enabling farmers to continuously improve their practices and adapt to changing market conditions.

Furthermore, Agriconomie extends its services to input suppliers through its Supplier Services division. This includes data services, advertising opportunities, and software solutions that enable suppliers to reach a wider customer base and enhance their operations.

With its comprehensive range of tools and services, Agriconomie is empowering farmers to thrive in the digital era. By streamlining the procurement process, providing personalized advice, facilitating information sharing, and supporting input suppliers, Agriconomie is driving the digitization of the agricultural industry and helping farmers achieve sustainable growth. It is for this reason that it has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Agritech Startups in Europe and Central Asia Region by Hexgn for 2023.

xFarm (Switzerland): Digital Solutions for the Agri-Food Sector

In the modern agri-food sector, digital solutions are transforming the way farmers manage their operations and make decisions. xFarm, a technology company based in Zurich, Switzerland, is at the forefront of this digital revolution, providing farmers with a suite of innovative products and services.

At the heart of xFarm’s offerings is the xFarm Platform, a cloud-based software platform that helps farmers manage their businesses more efficiently. The platform provides access to a range of tools and resources, including crop planning and scheduling, field scouting and monitoring, irrigation management, pest and disease control, and financial management. By centralizing these critical functions in one user-friendly interface, xFarm enables farmers to streamline their operations and make data-driven decisions.

To collect essential data for decision-making, xFarm offers a range of connected sensors called xFarm Sensors. These sensors collect data on soil conditions, weather patterns, and crop health. The data collected by the sensors is seamlessly integrated into the xFarm Platform, where it can be visualized and analyzed to gain valuable insights into crop performance. This real-time information empowers farmers to optimize their farming practices, improve resource allocation, and mitigate risks. That is the very reason it has been included in Hexgn’s prestigious ranking of the Top 10 Agritech Startups in Europe and Central Asia Region for 2023.

xFarm also recognizes the importance of knowledge transfer and continuous learning in the agri-food sector. To this end, they have developed xFarm Academy, a training program for farmers and other agriculture professionals. The academy offers courses on various topics, such as digital farming, data analysis, precision agriculture, and sustainable farming practices. By equipping farmers with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage digital technologies effectively, xFarm Academy supports their professional development and helps them stay at the forefront of the industry.

With over 130,000 customers in more than 100 countries, xFarm has established itself as a leading provider of digital solutions for the agri-food sector. By empowering farmers with user-friendly software, cutting-edge sensors, and valuable training programs, xFarm is driving the digital transformation of agriculture and enabling farmers to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape.

NatureMetrics (The United Kingdom): DNA-Based Biodiversity Monitoring

Preserving biodiversity is crucial for the health and sustainability of our planet. NatureMetrics, a UK-based company, is using innovative DNA-based biodiversity monitoring services to help businesses, conservation organizations, and researchers track and protect the natural world.

NatureMetrics specializes in environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis, which involves collecting and analyzing DNA samples from the environment to identify and quantify different species present in a particular ecosystem. This non-invasive approach allows them to survey a wide range of species, including those that are difficult to see or track using traditional methods.

One of NatureMetrics’ primary services is environmental impact assessments. By analyzing eDNA samples, they can assess the impact of development projects on biodiversity, providing valuable data to inform decision-making and ensure sustainable practices. This helps businesses minimize their ecological footprint and contribute to biodiversity conservation.

NatureMetrics is also renowned for its expertise in specific areas of biodiversity monitoring. For example, they offer Great Crested Newt eDNA surveys, which accurately determine the presence or absence of this protected species. By providing reliable data on the distribution and abundance of Great Crested Newts, NatureMetrics helps guide conservation efforts and facilitates responsible land use planning.

Furthermore, NatureMetrics supports rewilding initiatives by providing monitoring solutions. They use eDNA analysis to track the progress of rewilding projects, allowing organizations to assess the restoration of biodiversity and measure the success of their conservation efforts. This data helps shape rewilding strategies and contributes to the recovery of natural habitats and ecosystems.

NatureMetrics actively engages the public through citizen science projects. By involving volunteers in biodiversity monitoring, they raise awareness, promote scientific literacy, and foster a sense of ownership and responsibility for the environment. Citizen science initiatives enable individuals to contribute to scientific research and conservation efforts, making biodiversity monitoring a collaborative endeavor.

In collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), NatureMetrics is also developing the eBioAtlas, a global database of eDNA data. This database serves as a valuable resource for researchers, policymakers, and conservationists, facilitating evidence-based decision-making and providing insights into the status of freshwater biodiversity worldwide. This is precisely why it has made the cut as one of Hexgn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in Europe and Central Asia Region for 2023.

With their innovative eDNA technology and commitment to ethical sampling, NatureMetrics is playing a crucial role in biodiversity monitoring and conservation. By leveraging the power of DNA analysis, they enable businesses and organizations to make informed decisions, protect threatened species, and preserve the delicate balance of ecosystems.

Nofence (Norway): Revolutionizing Livestock Management with Digital Fencing

Traditional physical fencing has long been used to confine and protect livestock. However, Nofence, a Norwegian agritech startup, is challenging this conventional approach by offering a digital fence system that provides a safe and effective alternative for livestock management.

Nofence’s digital fence system utilizes a collar worn by the animal and an accompanying app that allows farmers to define a virtual fence. When the animal approaches the virtual boundary, it receives an audio warning. If the animal continues to approach the fence, the collar administers a mild electric shock, effectively deterring it from crossing the boundary. This technology ensures that livestock remains safely within the designated area without the need for physical barriers.

The Nofence system is currently available in multiple countries, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain. This widespread adoption demonstrates the system’s effectiveness and the value it brings to farmers worldwide.

The virtual fence offered by Nofence provides several notable advantages over traditional physical fencing. Firstly, it offers flexibility in defining boundaries, allowing farmers to easily adjust the grazing areas according to their specific needs and land conditions. This flexibility enables farmers to optimize land usage, prevent overgrazing, and promote healthier pastures.

Real-time location tracking is another valuable feature of the Nofence system. Farmers can monitor the whereabouts of their animals in real time, ensuring their safety and promptly addressing any issues that arise. This capability is particularly useful in remote or expansive grazing areas, as it simplifies the process of locating animals and enhances overall herd management.

The Nofence app provides notifications to farmers if their animals approach the virtual fence or stray outside the designated area. These timely alerts enable farmers to quickly respond and ensure the well-being and security of their livestock. The app also provides valuable insights and analytics, allowing farmers to track animal behavior, monitor grazing patterns, and make informed decisions regarding herd management.

The Nofence collar boasts a long battery life of up to 30 days and can be easily recharged using a standard USB charger. This ensures that the system remains operational without significant downtime, providing continuous protection for livestock. It is due to this reason that it has garnered a place among the elite selection of Hexgn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in Europe and Central Asia Region for 2023.

With its innovative digital fence system, Nofence is transforming livestock management practices. By replacing physical barriers with virtual boundaries, Nofence offers farmers a safer, more flexible, and cost-effective solution for confining and protecting their livestock. The system’s ease of use, real-time tracking, and enhanced herd management capabilities make it an appealing choice for farmers seeking modern and efficient livestock management solutions.

Better Origin (The United Kingdom): Insect Farming for Sustainable Protein Production

As the global population continues to grow, the demand for sustainable protein sources is increasing. Better Origin, a UK-based agritech company, is addressing this challenge through its innovative insect farming technology. By converting food waste into insect biomass, Better Origin is providing a sustainable and efficient solution for protein production.

Better Origin’s flagship product, the Better Origin X1, is an AI-powered insect farm designed to convert food waste into insect biomass. The X1 utilizes automated processes and artificial intelligence to create optimal conditions for insect growth and reproduction. This technology enables the X1 to process up to 300 tonnes of food waste per year, turning it into high-quality insect biomass.

The use of insects as a protein source offers numerous environmental benefits. Firstly, the X1 reduces food waste by diverting it from landfills. Food waste in landfills generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. By repurposing food waste as insect biomass, Better Origin helps mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to a circular economy.

The Better Origin X1 operates with zero emissions, making it an environmentally friendly protein production method. Unlike traditional livestock farming, which is associated with significant carbon emissions and land use, insect farming has a considerably lower environmental footprint. Insects require less water, land, and feed compared to traditional livestock, making them a more sustainable protein source.

Furthermore, the Better Origin X1 contributes to forest conservation efforts. Traditionally, the production of animal feed, such as soy, has led to deforestation, particularly in regions with high biodiversity. By utilizing insects as a protein source, Better Origin reduces the demand for soy and its associated environmental impacts, protecting valuable forest ecosystems.

Insects are highly nutritious and can serve as an alternative protein source for animal feed and human consumption. In addition to being protein-rich, insects offer beneficial nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids. By incorporating insect biomass into animal feed, Better Origin supports sustainable livestock production and reduces reliance on resource-intensive protein sources like soy or fishmeal.

Better Origin’s innovative technology and commitment to sustainability position them as a leader in the emerging field of insect farming. By converting food waste into valuable insect biomass, Better Origin is addressing the global challenges of food waste, emissions, and deforestation while providing a sustainable protein source for a growing population. That is one factor contributing to its recognition as one of Hexgn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in Europe and Central Asia Region for 2023.

PlanetWatchers (The United Kingdom): Satellite Imagery for Crop Insurance

Crop insurance plays a vital role in mitigating risks for farmers, ensuring their financial stability in the face of unpredictable weather events and other challenges. PlanetWatchers, a UK-based company, is leveraging satellite imagery and cutting-edge technologies to provide accurate and efficient crop insurance services.

One of the key services offered by PlanetWatchers is acreage reporting. Traditionally, farmers manually report the area of their crops for insurance purposes. This process is time-consuming, prone to errors, and often relies on subjective estimation. PlanetWatchers utilizes satellite imagery and remote sensing techniques to provide accurate and objective acreage reporting. By leveraging high-resolution images and advanced analytics, they offer forecasted acreage reporting ahead of time, automate the collection of acreage data, and validate manually reported acreage. This streamlines the insurance process, reduces overheads, and improves customer service.

Claims validation is another critical aspect of crop insurance, ensuring that farmers receive fair compensation for losses. PlanetWatchers employs satellite imagery to validate crop insurance claims. By comparing pre- and post-loss images, they can accurately assess the extent of damage and verify the validity of claims. This technology enables insurance companies to efficiently process claims, reduce fraud, and provide farmers with timely support during difficult times.

In addition to acreage reporting and claims validation, PlanetWatchers offers crop monitoring services. They utilize satellite imagery to track crop growth, health, and phenology. This data helps farmers make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, ultimately improving yields and reducing the risk of crop failure. By providing real-time and historical information on crop conditions, PlanetWatchers empowers farmers to optimize their practices and maximize their productivity.

PlanetWatchers has built a strong reputation in the crop insurance industry by leveraging their expertise in satellite imagery and remote sensing. Their advanced technologies enable accurate and reliable data collection, streamlining insurance processes, and ensuring fair compensation for farmers. By harnessing the power of satellite imagery, PlanetWatchers is making a significant impact on the crop insurance sector and helping farmers manage risks more effectively. It’s the rationale behind its inclusion in Hexgn’s esteemed Top 10 Agritech Startups in Europe and Central Asia Region.

eAgronom (Estonia): Empowering Farmers with Cloud-Based Farm Management

Efficient farm management is essential for maximizing productivity, reducing costs, and promoting sustainability. eAgronom, a cloud-based farm management software from Estonia, is empowering farmers in Central and Eastern Europe with a comprehensive suite of tools and services to optimize their operations.

At the core of eAgronom’s offerings is data collection. The software allows farmers to collect and manage data on various aspects of their farms, including crops, livestock, and finances. By centralizing this data in one place, eAgronom provides farmers with a holistic view of their operations, enabling them to track yields, costs, and performance indicators effectively.

Farm management is another critical feature of eAgronom. The software provides tools for crop planning and scheduling, inventory management, and financial tracking. With eAgronom, farmers can streamline their workflows, plan their planting and harvesting schedules, manage their resources efficiently, and make informed decisions based on real-time data. This enhances overall operational efficiency and helps farmers achieve better outcomes.

Sustainability is a key focus for eAgronom. The software offers tools to help farmers track their carbon footprint, implement sustainable farming practices, and earn carbon credits. By monitoring and reducing their environmental impact, farmers can contribute to a more sustainable future while potentially benefiting financially from carbon credit markets.

eAgronom’s user-friendly interface and multilingual support make it accessible to farmers in Central and Eastern Europe. Available in languages such as English, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian, the software caters to the diverse agricultural community in the region. Farmers can access eAgronom from any device with an internet connection, providing flexibility and convenience in managing their farms.

By using eAgronom, farmers can enjoy several benefits. Improved productivity is one of the key advantages, as the software enables farmers to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. This leads to optimized resource allocation, reduced waste, and increased efficiency.

Reduced costs are another significant benefit of eAgronom. The software helps farmers track their expenses, identify areas where they can save money, and negotiate better prices with suppliers. By optimizing their input usage and reducing unnecessary expenses, farmers can improve their bottom line and financial sustainability.

Increased profitability is closely tied to improved productivity and cost reduction. With eAgronom, farmers can track their revenues, identify areas where they can generate more income, and make informed marketing decisions. By optimizing their operations and implementing data-driven strategies, farmers can enhance their profitability and achieve long-term success.

Moreover, eAgronom’s emphasis on sustainability allows farmers to contribute to environmental stewardship. By tracking their carbon footprint, implementing sustainable practices, and potentially earning carbon credits, farmers can align their operations with the growing demand for eco-friendly agricultural practices. This is what led to its inclusion in Hexgn’s prestigious list of the Top 10 Agritech Startups in Europe and Central Asia Region for 2023.

With its cloud-based farm management software, eAgronom is empowering farmers in Central and Eastern Europe to collect data, streamline their operations, and improve sustainability. By providing comprehensive tools and services, eAgronom supports farmers in their quest for productivity, profitability, and environmental responsibility.

Sencrop (France): Precision Agriculture through Weather Monitoring

Weather conditions play a significant role in agricultural productivity and the success of crop cultivation. Sencrop, a precision agriculture company based in France, leverages weather stations and a collaborative weather application to help farmers detect risks to their crops and make informed decisions at the right time.

Sencrop’s weather stations are equipped with sensors that measure various weather parameters, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind speed. These stations provide accurate and real-time data that is sent to the Sencrop app, where farmers can access and analyze the information.

One of the primary benefits of Sencrop’s weather monitoring system is early detection of risks. By setting alerts for specific weather conditions, such as frost, high winds, or heavy rainfall, farmers receive notifications when these conditions are met. This early warning system allows farmers to take proactive measures to protect their crops, such as implementing frost protection methods, adjusting irrigation schedules, or securing their fields.

Sencrop’s data and analytics capabilities also contribute to improved decision-making in agriculture. Farmers can use the weather data provided by Sencrop to determine the optimal timing for various agronomic activities, such as irrigation, fertilization, and pest control. By aligning their practices with the prevailing weather conditions, farmers can optimize resource allocation, reduce waste, and maximize crop yields.

Increased yields are a direct outcome of Sencrop’s weather monitoring services. By leveraging accurate weather data, farmers can make data-driven decisions regarding crop management and respond promptly to potential risks. This proactive approach minimizes yield losses due to adverse weather conditions, ensuring higher productivity and profitability.

Sencrop’s collaborative weather application fosters knowledge sharing among farmers. The app allows farmers to connect with each other, share weather data and insights, and collaborate on strategies for managing weather-related risks. This community-driven approach to weather monitoring creates a supportive network where farmers can learn from one another and collectively improve their practices.

Sencrop’s weather stations have a user-friendly design and can be easily installed in fields. The stations are wireless, battery-powered, and require minimal maintenance, making them accessible and hassle-free for farmers. It is owing to this reason that it has achieved a position on Hexgn’s distinguished list of the Top 10 Agritech Startups in Europe and Central Asia Region for 2023.

By providing accurate weather data, early risk detection, and a collaborative platform, Sencrop empowers farmers to make informed decisions and mitigate the impact of adverse weather events. With their precision agriculture solutions, Sencrop contributes to sustainable farming practices and supports farmers in optimizing their yields and overall operational efficiency.

The agritech industry in Europe and Central Asia is witnessing a surge of innovative startups that are revolutionizing various aspects of agriculture. Breedr streamlines farm management and livestock trading, Basecamp Research discovers and designs new proteins for solving global challenges, Agriconomie provides e-commerce solutions for farmers, xFarm offers digital solutions for agri-food businesses, NatureMetrics employs DNA-based biodiversity monitoring, Nofence revolutionizes livestock management with digital fencing, Better Origin utilizes insect farming for sustainable protein production, PlanetWatchers leverages satellite imagery for crop insurance, eAgronom empowers farmers with cloud-based farm management, and Sencrop enables precision agriculture through weather monitoring.

These agritech startups are driving positive change in the agricultural industry, enhancing productivity, sustainability, and profitability while addressing key challenges and contributing to a more sustainable future.

HexGn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia & Pacific | 2023

HexGn'sTop 10 Agritech Startups East Asia and Pacific Region 2023

Here is the list of HexGn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023. The East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region encompasses a diverse set of countries with significant Agritech potential. This region includes countries such as China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, and several Pacific Island nations.

The EAP region offers immense opportunities for the use of technology and startups in Agritech. With its large population and growing demand for food, there is a pressing need for innovative solutions to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability. The application of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and data analytics can revolutionize farming practices and optimize resource usage.

The agriculture and food tech industry in the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region is experiencing a remarkable transformation fueled by technological advancements and sustainability initiatives. Companies operating in this region are leveraging innovative solutions to revolutionize traditional farming practices, boost productivity, and promote sustainability.

Aruna (Indonesia): Connecting Fishermen, Empowering Communities

Aruna is a pioneering integrated fisheries commerce startup in Indonesia, connecting small-scale fishermen to the global market through technology. By leveraging their platform, Aruna empowers fishermen with better prices, faster payments, and reliable logistics. With a commitment to sustainability, Aruna also trains fishermen on responsible fishing practices and collaborates with retailers to reduce food waste. Aruna’s remarkable impact has earned them recognition as one of HexGn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023.

AgriAku (Indonesia): Sustainable Agribusiness Solutions at Your Fingertips

AgriAku is an Indonesian technology-based local agribusiness company that empowers partners through sustainable and inclusive business models. Their services cater to the agricultural production needs of farmers and businesses, offering a wide range of saprotan (agricultural production facilities) that can be conveniently ordered through their user-friendly application. AgriAku’s extensive network of over 23,390 partners and availability in more than 500 cities and regencies in Indonesia showcases their significant impact on the agriculture sector. With a mission to promote sustainability and profitability, AgriAku has secured funding from prominent investors and has become a leading player in the agritech industry. Their inclusion in HexGn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023 highlights their commitment to transforming the agricultural landscape in the region.

All G Foods (Australia): Cultivating Sustainable Food for a Better Future

All G Foods is an Australian food technology company that specializes in the production of cultured dairy proteins through precision fermentation. Their mission is to deliver these sustainable and ethical proteins to consumers worldwide. By partnering with dairy, food, and beverage companies, All G Foods aims to revolutionize the industry and launch their own consumer brands. With a significant funding raise, this young company has already made a mark in the agritech sector. Their cutting-edge approach to dairy protein production and commitment to sustainability have secured their position in HexGn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023.

Pitik (Indonesia): Revolutionizing the Poultry Supply Chain with Smart Technology

Pitik, an agritech startup based in Jakarta, Indonesia, is on a mission to modernize the poultry supply chain in the country. Through their innovative technology, including smart IoT devices and AI-powered farm algorithms, Pitik empowers Indonesian chicken farmers to improve farm management, enhance efficiency, and connect with end-buyers to sell their products at better prices. The company’s platform provides comprehensive tools for monitoring chicken health, optimizing feed consumption, and predicting growth. Pitik’s efforts to empower local farmers and promote sustainability have garnered recognition and support from notable investors. Their groundbreaking contributions to the poultry industry have earned them a spot in HexGn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023.

PasarNow (Indonesia): Fresh Groceries, Delivered Fast, Supporting Local Farmers

PasarNow is a multi-channel online grocery platform operating in Jakarta, Indonesia. With a wide variety of fresh groceries and farm products available for online ordering and doorstep delivery within 24 hours, PasarNow has become a go-to choice for customers seeking convenience and quality. Additionally, PasarNow supports local farmers and businesses by sourcing products from within Indonesia. The company’s commitment to providing fresh, affordable groceries to Jakarta residents, along with its partnership with local vendors, has positioned them as a leading player in the agritech industry. Recognition as one of HexGn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023 further underscores their impact and success.

GoKomodo (Indonesia): Digital Solutions Powering Agribusiness Efficiency

GoKomodo is a prominent B2B company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, offering digital solutions for the agribusiness supply chain. Their platform, encompassing eProcurement, Corporate Commerce, and Distribution services, aims to streamline and optimize agricultural operations. By leveraging technology, GoKomodo helps businesses source products and services more efficiently, enhancing transparency and scalability. With a strong focus on building a robust digital ecosystem for the agriculture and commodity industry, GoKomodo has gained recognition for its commitment to saving time, reducing costs, and making better procurement decisions. Their inclusion in HexGn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023 validates their contribution to transforming the agribusiness landscape.

Umitron (Singapore/Japan): Data-Driven Aquaculture Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Umitron is a deeptech company with headquarters in Singapore and Japan, dedicated to addressing global food and environmental challenges in aquaculture. By utilizing IoT, satellite remote sensing, and AI, Umitron develops user-friendly data platforms for aquaculture, enabling farmers to enhance farm efficiency, manage environmental risks, and boost revenues. Their comprehensive approach empowers farmers with real-time insights and predictive models for improved decision-making. Umitron’s commitment to sustainable aquaculture aligns with their belief in utilizing technology to protect the environment while ensuring efficient food production. As a pioneer in the industry, Umitron’s technology has already made a significant impact, and their inclusion in HexGn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023 acknowledges their dedication to driving positive change in aquaculture.

AI Force Tech (China): Transforming Agriculture with Intelligent Robotics

AI Force Tech, based in Beijing, China, is a cutting-edge company specializing in agricultural robotics. They leverage artificial intelligence and advanced technology to manufacture unmanned agricultural machinery, including unmanned pure electric tractors and various electric-powered agricultural robots. With a focus on promoting efficiency and sustainability, AI Force Tech’s innovative solutions have gained recognition and funding from notable investors, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Creation Ventures. Their technology has the potential to revolutionize the agricultural sector, making farming processes more automated, precise, and environmentally friendly. Being listed as one of HexGn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023 highlights AI Force Tech’s significant contributions to the advancement of agricultural robotics.

IoCrops (South Korea): Empowering Farmers with Data-Driven Crop Management

IoCrops, a South Korean agricultural technology company, is dedicated to providing data-driven crop management solutions. Their flagship product, ioFarm, is an autonomous greenhouse management system that harnesses sensors, robots, and AI to automate crop production. By collecting and analyzing data on environmental conditions, plant growth, and irrigation needs, ioFarm empowers farmers to make informed decisions, leading to enhanced productivity, reduced labor costs, and increased sustainability. IoCrops’ commitment to transforming the agricultural landscape from experience-based to data-based management has earned them recognition and support from investors such as SoftBank Ventures Korea and SK Planet. Inclusion in HexGn’s list of Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023 solidifies their position as a leader in data-driven crop management solutions.

HeveaConnect (Singapore): Unlocking the Potential of Sustainable Natural Rubber

HeveaConnect, headquartered in Singapore, is a digital marketplace that focuses on sustainably processed natural rubber. Their mission is to digitalize the entire natural rubber supply chain, creating a data-enriched, technology-powered ecosystem connecting farmers, producers, consumers, and facilitators. By leveraging their platform, buyers and sellers can trade natural rubber efficiently, supported by value-added services like traceability, risk assessment, and financing. HeveaConnect’s commitment to transparency, sustainability, and technological innovation has garnered significant funding and recognition. Their recent acquisition by Agridence Group, a Singapore-based digital solutions provider for the agri-food industry, further strengthens their position in the market. As one of HexGn’s Top 10 Agritech Startups in East Asia and Pacific Region for 2023, HeveaConnect exemplifies the transformative power of technology in revolutionizing the natural rubber industry.

These ten companies represent the forefront of agritech innovation in the East Asia and Pacific region. Their commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and technological advancement is shaping the future of the agritech industry. Through their transformative solutions, they are revolutionizing farming practices, improving productivity, and addressing critical challenges in the agricultural sector.

As these companies continue to push boundaries and drive positive change, the agricultural landscape in the East Asia and Pacific region is poised for significant transformation.