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HexGn in partnership with Invest India shortlists 111 applicants for Online Startup Acceleration Program

While the whole world deals with the impact of COVID19, social distancing is becoming the norm and normal classroom trainings are getting axed for the time being. HexGn, in partnership with Invest India (AGNIi, and Startup India) has selected 111 applicants from 44 cities across 18 states/ UTs in India for a six-month online Startup Acceleration program.

This is aimed at giving entrepreneurs a chance to pursue their dreams from the comfort of their homes and contribute towards making a new India. It will be launched on 2nd May 2020. Enabled through live online sessions and virtual classrooms, the participating startups will get a chance to be trained by HexGn’s experts and other successful startup founders for refining their ideas and moving to the launch stage. HexGn has trained over 3000 entrepreneurs across 20+ countries in the last three years and today, leads the acceleration programs space through the ‘Startup Ready’ program.

Speaking on the launch of the program by HexGn, Rahul Nayar, Vice-President, AGNIi, Invest India said “Commercializing emerging technology is always defined by risk. Can we help innovation get past the adoption, technology, and business uncertainties that fog up commercialization? AGNIi and Startup India’s partnership with HexGn on the Startup Ready Program is a great way to solve this challenge – helping future-focused tech entrepreneurs and investors get technologies to market, and unlock their value.”

The list of applicants chosen, truly signify the diversity and spirit of Indian entrepreneurship that is pervasive through the length and breadth of the country. 73% of the shortlisted applicants are from non-metro cities, who secured the coveted slots over applications from top metro cities, purely owing to the strength and innovativeness in their ideas and vision.

38 startups of the 111 shortlisted have founding teams comprising women, thereby, giving further impetus to the string of women entrepreneurs in the country working shoulder-to-shoulder build new age enterprises.

At the end of the course, the startups will set appointments to pitch their businesses to leading investors and accelerators to move their venture forward. This program by HexGn endeavours to create an investible deal flow of Indian startups for angel investors, startup incubators, and accelerators.

India has made significant progress in the international startup arena, attracting over INR 1 lac crore in startup investments in 2019; Delhi and Bengaluru, now, rank in the top ten startup cities globally, according to the HexGn 2019 Global Funding Report.

Through these virtual programs, it’s time to take India to even bolder heights and contribute to making a new India.

The list of shortlisted startups is as follows:

  1. Aahuti Green Energy Private Limited
  2. Accwire Innovations
  3. Adis Technologies
  4. Ai Mage
  5. Ai-Genix International Pvt Ltd.
  6. Aks Green Solutions Wonder Plant Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Arcapsis Techno-Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  8. Artyowl Internet Ventures Private Limited
  9. Asier
  10. Astringe Infosystems Private Limited
  11. Autolligent Technologies Private Limited
  12. Aviotron Automations Llp
  13. Belly Cheer Design Llp
  14. Biological Research Innovation Centre And Solutions Llp
  15. Black Eye Technologies Private Limited
  16. Bliscare
  17. Bmarkt Tecamat Private Limited
  18. Byway
  19. Charitymonk
  20. Chimertech Innovations Llp
  21. Cognitive Systems
  22. Comofi Medtech Pvt Ltd
  23. Credlo
  24. Dial4Health Infotech Pvt Ltd
  25. Divine Bonding (Opc) Private Limited
  26. Dour
  27. Dreamziot Technologies Pvt Ltd
  28. Eidikos Business Enterprises Opc Pvt Ltd
  29. Ellish
  30. Englitude Academics Llp
  31. Equiptrades International
  32. Expertrons
  33. Famnutra Milletfoods Private Limited
  34. Farmexa Agri Services Private Limited
  35. Father
  36. Felis Leo Ventures Private Limited
  37. Fireside Technologies Private Limited
  38. Frugal Sphere Private Limited
  39. G Systems
  40. Gaming Olympian
  41. Global Kcloud Infotech Private Limited
  42. Go Caargo – A Complete Online Transportation Solution
  43. Gramworkx Agrotech Private Limited
  44. Happy Minds Healing Foundation
  45. Healthy Fibres
  46. Her Money Talks
  47. Hindustan E Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.
  48. Hivericks Technologies Private Limited
  49. Humonics Global Private Limited
  50. Indiatransportexchange.Com
  51. Indkon Elearning Solutions (Opc) Privatelimited
  52. Intellemo
  53. Iot Aone Iq Solutions Private Limited
  54. Jalopeura Technology Private Limited
  55. Jsm  Energy Private Limited
  56. Kartbites Private Limited
  57. Kaushal Teleportation Lab
  58. Kbn Knockiot Solutions
  59. Kotlie.Com
  60. Kryty Aqua Private Limited
  61. Kvest Eshipping Pvt Ltd.
  62. Kyros Food Bioproducts
  63. Living Brown Private Limited
  64. Losblancos Solutions Private Limited
  65. Luxepower Automotive India Pvt Ltd
  66. Meerananda Foods Private Limited
  67. Mekvahan (Udyamat Ma Viramasva Private Limited)
  68. Molitics Infomedia Private Limited
  69. Mygamla
  70. Natvalcos Beautymedia Cares Pvt Ltd
  71. Nayagaadi
  72. Neuracle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  73. Nutrition Dynamic Foods Llp
  74. Onessys
  75. Oppr Software Solution Pvt Ltd
  76. Pacify Medical Technologies Private Limited
  77. Paradigm Innomed Llp
  78. Passivereferral
  79. Perfeasy Enterprises Private Limited
  80. Perfectremit
  81. Pka Consultants
  82. Pplfy Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
  83. Prodigious Management Consultancy Pvt Ltd
  84. Pryas Sangathan Pvt Ltd
  85. Quickfix Utility & Technology Solutions Private Limited
  86. Quode Rituals
  87. Qwertythoughts.Com
  88. Remoteworks Lab
  89. Saafsuthra
  90. Sanganak Labs
  91. Sascan Meditech Pvt Ltd
  92. Sec Global Consulting And Initiatives Llp
  93. Secondbuy
  94. Securefire Safety Industries Private Limited
  95. Simi Stove Ltd
  96. Stingfly Aerospace Private Limited
  97. Successmetric Pvt Ltd
  98. Systron Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  99. The Big Book Box
  100. Themovos Enterprises
  101. Thoughtbit Technologies
  102. Torus Robotics
  103. Urvyam
  104. Vanwale
  105. Virtual Shipment
  106. Vueron Systems Private Limited
  107. Wealth Bridge
  108. Weekendgypsy Adventure Trips Pvt. Limited
  109. White Gold Technologies Llp
  110. Zen Sustainables
  111. Zepnurhealth

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