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Global PropTech Time Survey 2019

The HexGn Global PropTech Survey 2019 was conducted across 40 countries. 406 respondents from different segments of the Real Estate life cycle participated in the survey.

About the survey

The survey has helped HexGn reach out to real estate professionals in different segments, collect their views, and put them together for helping proptech segments around the world grow by learning from the challenges and achievements of other ecosystems. Those studying the report will be able to create new learnings within their entrepreneurial journeys based on the findings from the survey.

RoI oF PropTech Not Visible

According to the Global PropTech Time Survey 2019, conducted by HexGn, about 90% of professionals from the global real estate industry sample are uncertain about the returns on investing into proptech solutions.

PropTech Solutions Are Not Time Tested

The Global Proptech Time Survey 2019. conducted by HexGn, pointed out that 77% of surveyed real estate professionals did not feel confident in jumping on to the proptech bandwagon. This is because they felt that the solutions are not time tested.

PropTech is Untapped Goldmine

According to HexGn’ Global PropTech Time Survey 2019, 80% of surveyed real estate players are eagerly looking at proptech as a business enabler. This clearly indicates that the opportunities in proptech segment around the world that are yet to be tapped.

High Upfront cost a deterrent

71% of the respondents of the Global Proptech Time Survey 2019, call out the high cost involved in implementing proptech as a dominant issue hindering the tech adoption rates in real estate.

topics Covered

Global PropTech Hubs

The USA, China and The UK

Emerging PropTech Hubs

India, Bahrain and Germany

Gobal Survey Insights

How to collaborate for success

Action Points for Stakeholders

Where is the opportunity

Global PropTech Time Survey 2019

We believe this global report will help in forming a consolidated global vision for the industry and in making numerous stakeholders understand the current PropTech ecosystem across continents. This report is available for USD 575, book your copy now.

About the survey

Through our 2019 Global PropTech Survey and its results, we aim to help our industry partners understand where and how they can support the PropTech entrepreneurs. Moreover, it also directs attention towards how this cooperation can be mutually beneficial and also intends to bridge the gap between the industry and entrepreneurs by starting a dialogue that will help both sides grow symbiotically.

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