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Fast Track Commercialization

A 52 week blended program with online modules and on ground classroom sessions to make your research ready for commercialization. We have trained over 200 teams of scientists in the art of entrepreneurship.​

With the help of Hexgn I have been able to successfully raise capital and guide my startup from being just an idea to being a fully developed company. Over the course of a year I was able to both raise for our coliving space development and build a decent size community of interested customers. In a few months we will be ready to take on Southeast Asia as a market maybe sooner! Thanks for your support and believing in our dreams!
John Whatley
CEO DreamHouse Coliving, Atlanta USA

Fast Track

We teach entrepreneurs and scientists new skills or connect them to our network of complementary people and technologies. We empower them to grow their ideas into startup ventures, that may bloom into leading technology companies and create economic prosperity for themselves and others. Having trained over 200 scientists and researchers, over the past years we’ve come to better understand the success factors of science based startups and the PhD’s, doctors, researchers and professors that founded them.

How we make you Market Ready

Ten emerging industries

Get in depth information about the top 10 industries of the future, and see if your research can ride the wave

International tours

Join us for international programs to jointly work with entrepreneurs on product refinement

Global networking

Meet and connect with potential industry partners, Investors and co-founders to build your product

Top players

Learn about the top players in the emerging industries and its sub sectors. You can tap them for collaboration

Entrepreneurial skills

Learn about the skills needed for being successful as an entrepreneur and how to hone them

On site bootcamp ​

Attend our 3 day boot camps to refine and improve your research's potential for commercialization.​

Make Money from your research

There are two pathways, the first option is to train the scientist to sharpen the entrepreneurial competencies. The second option is to find someone that already has these entrepreneurial competencies and have them join forces to launch a venture.

Blended learning program

A healthy mix of 60 online modules and two in campus sessions to help you understand the art of commercialization. We empower you to you create impact by taking your research one step ahead. You will discover hidden opportunities for commercialization and find out if your research can be the building block for an innovative startup. To do this, you can get help from an entrepreneur or explore entrepreneurship yourself!

We work across 23 countries

Frequently asked questions

We support scientists and researchers who are wondering if doing a startup venture is a viable path to take their research further.  Through our Market Ready Program, academic research with high market potential evolves into a market ready business proposition.

This program is designed for PhDs or postdocs, Researchers, Faculty or lecturers and employees in scientific research. A higher proportion of scientists are transitioning or joining forces with industry or entrepreneurs to launch ventures, as it is an excellent medium to impact society and create wealth through their research.

This is 12 month program and you have to pay US $ 1500 for the whole program. The program fee includes 60 online lessons, two boot camps and one international immersion and networking tour. Any travel and accommodation costs will be borne by the participants.

You will work during the program to build a scalable business model, paying customers, complementary team and a working product from your research. As a researcher or scientist, you can safely try out entrepreneurship, find a co-founder or a JV partner to go to market.

If you are passionate about making the world a better place and helping people across countries find suitably paying career and jobs that they love, do drop us a line and we will take it forward. We are an impact business that aims to reduce the economic disparity among the working population

We want to build a better world, where people can live to their full potential irrespective of caste, creed, race, color, gender or orientation.

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