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Tailor made outplacement and career transition process . Focused on helping people build a career in future industries and technologies. We support with expert connections, interview preparation, company interviews and transition coaching.

Future Industries

We help you in decoding 20 future industries, that are creating immense opportunities

Future Technologies

Lean about future technologies and how best you can leverage it and build you career

Interview Prep

Our experts work with you for mock interview sessions, so that you are well prepared

Expert Connect

We connect you with C suite for expert advice and growing your job search network for better opportunities


We schedule interviews for you, so that you are focused on getting the job and not searching for one


We conduct MBTI, FIRO, CPI 260 & Savill’s Suite assessments, so that you are well aware of your growth needs

Get started today to build your career with future industries, we are experts in offering career opportunities in Asia. Go beyond traditional out placement services and discover new you
Jappreet Sethi
CEO, HexGn


Navigating the Venture Capital Landscape Insights for Family Offices
Family Offices

While the allure of venture capital is undeniable, family offices must approach this asset class with a well-crafted strategy tailored to their unique circumstances. A one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to yield favorable results, as each family office possesses distinct resources, risk appetites, and investment objectives.

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The Power of Task Batching Guide to Efficiency
Startup Coaching

Task batching is more than just a productivity hack; it’s a comprehensive strategy that can significantly enhance the operational efficiency of startups. By minimizing context switching, maximizing focus, and employing practical steps and tools, startups can harness the full power of task batching

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Implementing the Eisenhower Matrix in a Startup
Startup Coaching

Consider a tech startup developing an advanced AI tool. Applying the Eisenhower Matrix can dramatically improve their productivity and strategic focus: 1. Urgent and Important:

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The Eisenhower Matrix - A Time Management Tool
Startup Coaching

By categorizing tasks into these four quadrants, startup leaders can ensure they focus their energies where they matter most. Ignoring this system can lead to inefficiency, missed opportunities, and even business failure.

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Mastering Productivity The GTD Method for Startup Triumph
Startup Coaching

By capturing, clarifying, organizing, reflecting, and engaging, you can steer your startup away from the cliffs of chaos and towards the shores of success. Remember, in the startup world, failing to manage tasks effectively isn’t just a minor setback—it’s a direct path to becoming a cautionary tale.

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startup founder to a CEO
Startup Coaching

The transition from a startup founder to a CEO is complex and challenging. It requires a fundamental shift in mindset, from being a hands-on executor to a visionary leader.

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