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40 weeks online program with experts to advance your interest and skills in emerging sectors, thereby enabling you to have better career choices and earnings

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand the plethora of options our generation has and how we can leverage change for our benefit"
Lisa Doe
College Student

Master Class

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. While in the past most people’s career prospects were limited by economic or social factors, today one can take almost any career path, as most of the traditional industries are getting disrupted. Your careful research and introspection will be worth a lifetime of career satisfaction which is where our Future Ready Program comes in as an aiding agent to make the right choice at the right time.

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How we make you Future Ready

Ten emerging industries

Get in depth information about the top 10 industries of the future, and what does each of those industry offer

Sectoral hotsopts globaly

Get to know about the cities where the future technologies and industries are taking shape

Soft skills assesment

12 soft skill assessments to hep you in understanding and improving skills needed for the future roles

Top employers

Learn about the top employers in each industry and its sub sectors. Know them early on fpr a brighter future

Skillsets & Job overview

Learn about the skillets needed for being successful in each of the top ten industries.

Job readiness assesment

Our proprietary sector assessments help you in understanding your readiness to jump into that sector

You Deserve a brighter future

From students to mid career professionals, there is an unquestionable need to take personal responsibility for lifelong learning and career development. In this 40 week master class, you will learn about the emerging industries and technologies and how you can leverage them to fast track and shape your career.

Self paced online program

Every month, you get to know in depth about an emerging sector and how best you can leverage it for yourself. Over the 40 week program, you will learn about 10 emerging sectors and skills needed to be successful in each of that sector. Our byte sized lessons with videos makes learning easy and seamless. So when you apply for a job in that sector, you know the sector in and out, thereby improving your chances of building a high flying career.

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Frequently asked questions

Future Ready program is a self paced 40 weeks online program that aims to equip with information on top ten emerging sectors that are poised to become multi billion dollar industries in the future. By giving you information and resources about these sectors in an easy to digest format, you can start building your skill sets or network to work in that sector. We equip with information and resources to be prepared for future jobs.

This global program is designed to benefit people who are looking to equip themselves for future job market. This program will be immensely beneficial to students, who are about to start their career journey and working professionals who are feeling stuck in their job roles and want to hop on to high growth industries to increase their earnings.

This is 10 month program and you have to pay US $ 500 for the whole program. The program fee includes 60 online lessons, 10 readiness assessment for different sectors and 12 behavioral assessments to help you in understanding future skills for success.

The program equips you with resources and information so that individuals have clarity, guidance, and recommendations in regards to further studies or career choices. Most of the students and mid-career professionals have a narrow perspective on the range of opportunities available today. The Future Ready Program aims to widen your horizon and gives you the knowledge of relevant courses and options in their field of interest. As you become more aware, the imminent stress of finding a suitable job reduces. No matter how tough the working conditions and job challenges are, you can choose choose wisely from global opportunities.

If you are passionate about making the world a better place and helping people across countries find suitably paying career and jobs that they love, do drop us a line and we will take it forward. We are an impact business that aims to reduce the economic disparity among the working population

We want to build a better world, where people can live to their full potential irrespective of caste, creed, race, color, gender or orientation.